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Heavy duty techniques require heavy duty rods up to the task of fishing in and over thick, gnarly cover. Don't let the brute power of this series fool you, because like all MAX rods they remain light in hand. Walking frogs in open water or pulling them over moss mats, pitching creature baits to wood, punching heavy weighted baits through lily pads - you will find a Max Heavy Duty rod suitable to your application. With responsive tips for precision presentations and backbones as powerful as a turbo charged diesel, you will be able to pull the largest fish out of the nastiest cover. The rods come in various lengths and line ratings suitable for many different scenarios.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought of one these rods and it is heavyand unbalanced. putting it on ebay and putting my money towards something better. there are 80 dollar rods out there that are lighter and more balanced

From: Pat: Bentonville, AR

Comments: Powell Max and Powell Endurance rods are the best. I have fish every kind and brand of rod made as a guide for 15 years this is the best balanced and best action rods I have ever fished. I currently own 14 and will be ordering 2 more soon.

From: Jansen: Houma, LA

Comments: Sorry, Mitch.  They are imported for the company which is located in California.  Made in China per Keith Bryan's specs.  Still the best line of rods out there at this price point IMO!

From: Dean: OK

Comments: Finally I«ve got the 7105 telescopic!. Man, it«s incredible. I think it«s better than 765, because the taper isn«t extra fast. I think I«ve got the Flipping titular rod. ÁUn abrazo!

From: Koletas: Spain

Comments: They are made in the US. Near san fransico

From: Mitch: So Cal

Comments: I love the look and sensitivity of these rods, they come with very good components too. I bought the 765 and it weighed about 5.5 oz. on my scale at home if anyone is wondering. I'm kind of a beginner, so I haven't fished that many different rods, but this worked great with some 65lb. braid for flipping, pitching, and frogging. Hopefully be able to have a full arsenal of rods like these some day. Just wish they were USA made.

Comments: Nice rods but a bit tip heavy.  Wish I'd gone with Dobyns or kept my Veritas rods.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: I've used the Powell Max 7105 MH for three years and I feel it's the perfect flipping/punch rod for weights up to 1 1/4oz.  It's balanced perfectly, light, and powerful.  At $170 it's a smoking deal.  Get yourself two of them!

From: Kevin: Guntersville, AL

Comments: The 765mh Is the first Powell rod I ever bought. It is the lightest,  most sensitive, strongest and best jig rod I've ever used! I was so impressed I have since bought 3 more Powell rods! I am in the process of ordering the 735 frog rod right now! Screw Loomis rods! These are your best bang for your buck and you will not be disappointed! Well done Powell!

From: Ski: Boston, MA

Comments: Powell that"s all i can say there great i fish a various amounts of cover and the rods are great sensitivity and the back is wow i would gladly buy and tell people how great these rods are cause there outstanding....

From: Josh: 

Comments: I have one of the discontinued 765MH telescopic rod . And I'm crazy to find a telescopic 7105MH too. Personally at the flippin ' rods of this brand, I miss less powerful tip.

From: Koletas: Spain

Comments: i have been a G-loomis fan for a while, recently I picked up 2 Powell rods and have decided to get a few more. I'm very pleased with the strength and the sensitivity. semper fi

From: Rick: Camp Verde, AZ

Comments:The 766 is the best Flippin stick out there for the 3/4 to 1.25 oz weight. Very light, sensitive, and gets the hook in them every time.

From:Dave: Williston, FL

Comments:The 7105 MH is the best flippin/punchin rod there is hands down. Out here on the CA Delta you need a rod that can pull donkeys out of the weeds and this rod does it and more. You can also throw good size swimbaits on it as well: Waker Jr.s, Ospreys, the list continues!

From:John: Alamo, CA

Comments:Light and powerful. I have yet to be unable to detect bites. When the fish is hooked they have all the fighting power you will need. Line ratings are a little low on some but I have had no problem with heavier lines on them. I have many of the rods now and plan to add to the collection soon.

From:Gus: Brandon, MS

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