The Powell Max Glass Crankbait Casting Rods continue the tradition of sensitivity and quality of the Powell line. These glass rods are ideal for fishing jerkbaits and crankbaits along with some topwater baits. The action on the rods will not get over powered by the larger baits yet the soft tip and parabolic bend will keep treble hooks from tearing out on a hot fish. The 7'0" length on the rods allows for long casts and great fish fighting abilities.

All Powell Max Rods are protected by Powell's Lifetime Warranty. Click Here to view Powell's Warranty page.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Very pleased. Very Lightweight. Quality Rod

From: Matthew: VA

Comments: I just got back from a trip to Lake Barkley in Ky. Cold front hit and the bass seemed sluggish. I used the 703CB-Glass for lipless rattle baits and loved every minute of it. Never lost one fish on this rod and could cast the lure a mile. I am convinced the softer action allowed the bait to get sucked a little deeper by the bass and once buttoned the bass had plenty of give with the rod to not get loose. Love Powell Rods!!

From: Jeff: Hamilton, OH

Comments: Few minutes ago I received in Mexico my first Powell Rod a 703 Glass Crankin Rod. I just want to say that Powell Team did a great job with this rig. I've been using all my life Falcons, Lamiglas, St Croix rods but the look and feel of my new rod is simply amazing. Super light, feels powerfull, the cosmetics are top notch, very well balanced with a Smoke reel or any Revo. Just can't wait to try it on my next tournament. Congrats Powell Staff and Tackle Warehouse for offering such a sweet product!!!

From: Hans: Mexico

Comments: The 703CB-Glass is an AMAZING ROD.  Moderate fast tip with beautiful craftsmanship in the parabolic bend.  Great for CRANKING, LIPLESS TRAPS, some spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and swimming soft plastics (love swimming a full size Paca weightless on 4/0 hook).  I agree you can cast the lightest lures a country mile.  I'm in no way a hoarder but I bought a second one on sale just in case they stop making it. 

From: Adam: Phila, PA

Comments: I want a rod for cranking but didnt want to break the bank.  This rod is light and sensitive.  i purchased it and pair it with a shimano citica 201g and all i can say is it is the best combo i have.

From: Ricky: CA

Comments: The 753 is the " BEST" deep ledge cranking rod.  It loads up when a bass hits better than any grafite rod.  Caught a 5.8 lb last Friday and lost another that size because of the hooks on a d20 luck craft.  Also the lucky craft d20 weight/rattle in the lure does not always transfer from the front to the tail when starting to crank the lure.  It just runs on top of water.  Will be contacting lucky craft fore a replacement lure.

From: Got Fish?: Cadiz, KY

Comments: ï»¿I have the glass crank754 heavy, which tacklewarehouse doesn't have anymore, but I would strongly recommend any rod from this series.  My 754 is kind of heavy at 7.1 oz but when you put a reel on it, it is balanced extremely well reducing the fatigue on my wrist.  I've been fishin hardplastic jerkbaits this spring and this rod is actually pretty sensitive.  I've landed a bunch of smallmouth on this so far and it definitely has enough power to muscle fish around.  I've also thrown some dd cranks and smaller swimbaits, which the rod has handled perfectly.  The tip is soft enough to not rip the baits out of the fishes mouth and huck a smaller crankbait, but strong enough to not lose all its reserve when there is a big crank pullin on it.

Comments: I never knew that a glass rod could be this light and sensitive!  I have the 703 and am absolutely thrilled with how it performs.  Excellent rod!!

From: Bryan: Birmingham, AL

Comments: I have 2 of these and will never go back to my old rods. Love the feel, sensitivity, weight. Excellent cranking rod.

From: Manuel: Wylie, TX

Comments: I have twelve Powell, three of Glass two 754 and one 753. And I'm happy with them.  ÁUn abrazo!

From: Koletas: Spain

Comments: 100% thrilled with my new 754 Rod.  Paired it with a Revo SX spooled with 30# braid.   Today I got to use it for the first time.   Ripped lipless crankbait through grass all day and the Powell 754 was very impressive.  Handled fish with ease.   This is my first Powell rod but I will be buying another Powell soon.   I highly recommend these rods!

From: Lance: Bullard, TX

Comments: I've had the 703 glass cranking rod for about 6 months now and this is by far the best overall cranking, spinnerbait, chatterbait, and jerkbait rod i've ever used. I would get the 754 if u plan on throwing heavy/deep diving crankbaits or ripping traps. Either way u will not be disappointed.

From: Kyle: Buena, NJ

Comments: All my rods are Powell. I absolutely love this rod for cranking; awesome grip, rod sensitivity is top notch. Can not get enough of these rods!

From: Alec: Massachusetts, USA

Comments:Awesome rods!!! I have the 702 and the 703 very light and awesome action!!! I am changing all of my rods to Powell!!!

From: Brian: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments:The Powell Glass 754 is perfect for large crankbaits and ripping lipless baits out of the grass. I would have no other.

From:Dave: Williston, FL

Comments:The 703 glass is an awesome topwater rod. Poppers, Spooks, Buzz baits, it gives you just the right reaction to prevent fish from pulling off. Baits cast a country mile with ease, Braid, Floro, Mono no worries.

From:Roger: Eugene, OR

Comments:I bought the 702 cb glass last july and it is the sickest rod for any spinnerbaits under 3/4 ounce, any crankbaits that dive under 15 feet, most top waters, and all rip baits. this rod does not leave my side in summer when any reaction baits are working, pair it up with a Shimano Curado 200 and you will not be dissatisfied. it is also a killer chatterbait rod.

From:Seth: Villa Park, CA

Comments:The 703 has become my go to spinnerbait rod. I like the slower action of this rod for my spinnerbaits. I also use this rod for shallow to medium diving crankbaits. Does great for my BDSs and Jackall Muscle Deeps. The action is great and makes it really easy to chunk heavy crankbaits and spinnerbaits. I like to use flourocarbon for my spinnerbaits and the slower action gives me just a little delay when setting the hook.

From:Gus: Brandon, MS

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