Often nearing a foot in length and weighing several ounces, swimbaits require highly specialized rods. When you're after the biggest Bass with the biggest of lures, reach for a MAX Swimbait rod. These rods give you the ability to feel the lightest of bites, yet they'll load up and fire a shoe-sized swimbait across a main lake point with authority. The Powell Max Swimbait Casting Rods are designed for comfort also as they are light in weight and will not wear you out after a full day of throwing the "Big Baits". These rods will give you the confidence to land the trophy of a lifetime because of the power and control that you will have over the fish.

All Powell Max Rods are protected by Powell's Lifetime Warranty. Click Here to view Powell's Warranty page.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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    The Powell Diesel Casting Rods have every angler and every budget covered. They deliver the premium, non-compromising performance that anglers have come to expect from Powell Rods for over 100 years - at a great price.

  • Featuring advanced, ultra sensitive 36-ton Maxumfiber blanks with Powell's new Mini Matrix technology, the Powell Inferno Casting Rods burn up the competition on pricepoint and performance.

  • Delivering the perfect actions and tapers for fishing crankbaits and jerkbaits, the Powell Inferno Crankbait and Jerkbait Casting Rods burn up the competition on pricepoint and performance.

  • Blending the best attributes of Powell's popular Endurance and original Max series, the Powell Max 3D Casting Rods are loaded with fresh, new technologies to create a whole new high performance rod series.

  • Delivering technique-specific performance perfectly suited for crankbait and reaction bait applications, the Powell Max 3D Crankbait Casting Rods continue Powell Rod's tradition of excellence.

  • Powell blended the best attributes of the Max and Endurance Series with fresh, new cutting edge technologies to create the all-new, heavy duty Powell Max 3D Mag Bass Casting Rods.

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    Combining an outstanding price point with unbeatable performance, the Powell Nusance Casting Rods meet the demands of anglers, without putting a dent in the pocket book.

Customer Reviews

Comments: just heads up to tw staff and potential buyers, 765 cb/sbr showed up as 765 sbr/wakebait rod with 14 inch handle and fast action, not 20 1/2 inch moderate fast as shown on tw. However, rod itself is sick and quality up there with 200+ dollar sticks I've fished.

From: Unknown: USA 4/13/14

Comments: Quick follow up on my review of the 765cb. great rod like I stated but I forgot to mention handle length. They say 20 1/2" on the 765cb and this rod has no foregrip, but I measured 14" from the tip of the reel seat to the tip of the butt. 20 1/2" takes you from the tip of the butt to a little past the MAX logo. Handle is a little shorter than I like on a swimbait stick but I find it easier to work topwaters with the shorter handle. maybe the 7 11" is 20 1/2" and its a typo? still good though

From: William: MI

Comments: I own rods from a lot of different companies. I was looking for a versatile swimbait rod that I could throw anything from 3" paddle tails to big 5"and 8" multi joints, etc... Check out the tackle tour review on the Powell Max's (9.25). I gave it a shot. Im impressed. I will admit I was skeptical about buying a rod assembled in China but let me tell you, give it a chance. for under $200 you simply can't beat this rod. Great combination of sensitivity and power. as far as sensitivity it's not a $500 loomis or a $400 Croix but I prefer swimbait sticks that have a good balance of power and sensitivity anyway because ultra sensitivity usually means hm graphite which is not ideal for big swimbait rods anyway. 

From: William: MI

Comments: Powell Is a great company and I own many of their rods. I just got the 711 and holy cow i can tell you this, monster stripers and bass have no chance. I can use even 1oz lures and cast them just fine. I have caught 40lb stripers out of some local areas and this rod handled them like they were nothing. I also use this rod to go rock fish and ling cod fishing. works so good out there also. And the occasional shark. Powell over anyone else! price and quality you can not beat. Strongly encourage anyone who is a swim bait fisherman to get one.

From: Joe: Livermore CA

Comments: This is a good rod no doubt about that.  I do have to say that I have some buyers remorse.  After I bought this rod I decided to splurge and get a Dobyns Champion 807, since I started to fish a lot of swimbaits.  The Dobyn's is an amazing rod and I now wish I should have just went with a Dobyn's from the beginning.  All that being said its a good rod, its just not as great as the dobyns...if you can afford the extra 80 bucks for the dobyns get it, you won't regret it. 

From: Jaime: Clovis CA

Comments: I have the 7'11 H paired with a Shimano Cardiff 300A and love it. It is so light compare to my cheap mojo bass SB rod. I had 2 bites with this rod with the 8" hudd but lost both when they jumped. I can use this rod all day with no problems. Give it a try and you won't regret this rod at this price.

From: Tou: Walnut Creek, CA

Comments: this rod is awesome rod, the action of this rod is great, i took it to catalina for calico and halibut fishing it performed well worth the money, i paired it with a shimano 300e reel, you gotta get one, thanks powell and tackle warehouse 

From: Kris: Moore: Bakersfield, CA

Comments: this is a great rod i just got it today and love it and it is very cheep.

From: Jake: Antioch, CA

Comments: I have paired 711MH telescopic rod with a Cardiff 301 and I thik is the best combo for 2 to 4 oz. Swimbaits.
ÁUn abrazo!

From: Kolteas: Spain

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