Exclusively available at Tackle Warehouse, the Powell Max Square Bill Crankbait Casting Rod was created by Tackle Warehouse Elite Series Pro, Jared Lintner, specifically for fishing one of the hottest techniques on tour - the square-billed crankbait. This particular type of crankbait is meant to be thrown into heavy cover just as you would with a jig or spinnerbait, making it important to have a rod with the right combination of a quick, extra-fast tip and a strong backbone. Jared Lintner and the folks at Powell spent countless hours field testing and perfecting the Powell Square Bill Rod to produce exactly these attributes.

The length of the Powell Square Bill Crankbait Rod at 6'9" is ideally suited for pinpoint casts in-and-around structure. The extra-fast, sturdy rod tip is also extremely sensitive, allowing the angler to feel everything the bait is doing underwater, while also providing the strength needed to help the lure deflect off of structure and attract strikes. Since this rod was specifically designed to throw a square bill crankbait, the power in the rod starts from the tip and continues down the blank. This power is necessary to drive the thicker treble hooks of a square bill crankbait into a fish's mouth, as well as, to pull the fish out of dense cover and back to the boat.

Equipped with premium Fuji Alconite Guides and Fuji ECS Reel Seats for excellent durability and performance, the Powell Square Bill Crankbait Casting Rods also feature Split Grip Handles with High-Grade Cork Grips, providing excellent leverage and comfort. The ability to fish a square-billed crankbait effectively can be a valuable weapon in any angler's arsenal, and the Tackle Warehouse exclusive Powell Square Bill Rod delivers the performance and technique-specific features to take you there.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Had this rod for three years now and it is awsome.  Ive caught hundreds of fish on this rod.  Square bills, Trap baits, Spinnerbaits it does it all.  Great sensitivity and i have lost very few fish on it.

From: Clay: MI

Comments: continue to love this rod. two years with it now, and i use it every trip. i spent the weekend tossing chatter baits with this rod, and it did an outstanding job! i was easily able to pop the bait out of scattered grass clumps of hydrilla which in turn triggered strikes. i even caught a choupique with it.

From: TheHawgLord: LA

Comments: Very quality rod, I have been using it for Rattle Traps more lately and caught quite a few with it. I paired this with a Curado 50E which is a little small for the thick butt of this rod but a light setup. I fish a lot of shore so I need to get it out there and only problem I get is not enough distance. Used both 12 lb floro and mono and same results. Same with light square bills a problem with distance and looses accuracy because the rod is heavy. Maybe a heavier reel might balance it better.  If you are using a square crank from a boat for short accurate casts in heavy coverage this is what it's designed for. Plenty of backbone if you need it in heavy cover though and is sensitive with the extra fast tip.

From: TA: Ohio

Comments: I love square billed cranks over most techniques I use.  When I get up on flats with sparse grass cover I immediately switch to this rod.  Paired with a Chronarch 201e7 it is very light.  This rod casts very accurately and loads up bass big or small like a freaking boss.  Total control from hook set til they get in the boat.

Comments: Very impressed with this rod. I can't believe how sensitive it is. I can feel every little bump with this rod. Unlike just about every other rod i've used for cranks, it's very easy to tell when you're squarebill is hitting structure as opposed to getting bit. Highly recommended!

From: Dan: WV

Comments: I just took this rod out for the first time today. There wasn't a square bill bite at all even though I threw one for a while. However it ran them really well. I found myself flipping wood with a jig and this was the only rod that had 20 lb flouro on it. I can tell you it's got plenty of power to pull a 4 and 5 pounder out of a tree top. It has tons of hookset power but still loads up to help fight a good fish. Another great rod from Powell.

From: Kevin: Auburn, AL

Comments: oddly enough, after a full season of use I never caught a bass on this rod while using a crankbait. instead, It landed 50+ bass using soft plastics texas rigged and weightless, and a number of others on spinnerbaits. this rod is great for a number of techniques.

From: Bayou Basser: LA

Comments: Ordered my 2nd. one these are an awesome rod for the money and they work like a good rod is supposed to with plenty of sensitivity and backbone.

From: Happy: Gonzales, Tex

Comments:  I caught probably 30 fish on this rod in one day. When Jared said Òcatch them allÓ on the video he was not lying. I landed every single fish but one with this rod. It is light, sensitive, nice backbone and casts accurately. I would definitely recommend this rod.

From: Adam: NY

Comments: great rod. i throw cranks and found that this rod is great for throwing spooks in tight areas (docks, tully clumps).  

From: Del: Stockton, CA

Comments:Very sweet rod not only for square bills but a awesome blade rod. I have many powell rods. I really love the 734 casting 703 glass the 734 is very sweet from pitching to throwing jigs in deep water very versatile. Keith Bryan has very good products.

From:John: Owasso, OK

Comments:I love this Rod it is very easy to use all day an the Backbone was better than i thought which made me very happy the fit an finish on this rod is great too . When fishing i could tell what i was running the crankbait into , over etc. I would recommend this rod to anyone who wants to Crankbait Fish to me it was well worth the money.

From:Mark: Columbus, OH

Comments:This is one of the best rods I've had in my hands. If you don't have one you need to get one, they are awesome.

From:Wade: Atmore, AL

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