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Exclusively available at Tackle Warehouse, the Powell Max Swim Jig Casting Rod was designed with BASS Elite Series Pro, Jared Lintner, specifically for swimming jigs. Recently, swim jigs have accounted for some substantial winnings on both professional bass fishing tours. While many jig rods will suffice, until now there hasn't been a fishing rod dedicated to the technique, and equipped with all of the characteristics needed to fish swim jigs at their full potential. Featuring the ideal length, taper, and power specifically suited to the task, the Powell Max Swim Jig Rods also benefit from Powell's new MaxumFiber blank technology. The new material allowed Powell's rod design team to utilize less material in the overall rod design, greatly decreasing rod weight, while increasing sensitivity and durability. The combination of this material and Powell's technique-specific design tapers allows for a smoother transition in overall rod performance, while keeping you more connected to what's happening with your jig.

Also equipped with a premium Fuji Reel Seat for direct access to the rod blank and a solid base, super-hard Fuji Alconite Guides at Concept Spacing help reduce friction, increase casting distance and maintain optimum rod curvature. Powell has been making quality fishing rods for over 100 years. Their extensive expertise and understanding of rod design, combined with significant input and testing from Jared Lintner has imparted the Powell Max Swim Jig Rod with the ultimate technique-specific Feel, Control and Power that only Powell can deliver.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: You really can't beat this design for fishing swim jigs.  Light, nice tip and action, throws a 1/4 oz jig a long ways.  I like its sensitivity when slow-rolling.  The only thing I'd change is all the epoxy at the reel nut -- looks good, but I'd prefer the feel of unfinished graphite there.  Worth the money, glad I bought it.

From: Brian: Los Gatos, CA

Comments: all I got to say about Powell rods are there awsome I've used Dawia megabass they can't touch Powell Rods great job guys

From: Wade

Comments: I use this rod for fishing chatterbaits in grass beds on the Potomac. It is well balanced, I can cast it all day, strong back bone for turning bigger fish. We reel the bait right into grass clumps and rip it free to trigger bites, the rod handles this perfectly.

From: Mike: Hollywood, MD

Comments: Awesome swim jig rod--VERY light weight, well balanced, handles braid or flouro equally well and very sensitive.  Can't imagine there's a better technique specific rod out there.

From: Gary: Ca Delta

Comments: Fishing partner has one and let me first say this is the best swim jig rod out there. Great back bone extremely light. Flat out gets the job done. Soon as it goes on sell im getting one.

From: George: Alabama

Comments:  Terrific rod for the money, light and balances great with my PT energy! Throws 1/4 oz jigs great even in the wind.

From: Ed: Graylake, IL

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