Power-Pole Blade Series Shallow Water Anchor

$1795.97 - $1895.97

The Power Pole Blade Series 2012 Shallow Water Anchor is in a class all by itself. The fastest, strongest and deepest anchor available today, it delivers extreme performance and stopping power. Featuring a brushless motor and high flow pump, stealthy deployment is guaranteed, and the Blade is also thinner and more aerodynamic than any Power Pole - ever.

The Blade Series also features Power Pole's new C-Monster Control System, which includes an advanced wireless dash switch and standard remote control. This means you're ready to fish from anywhere on your boat right-out-of-the-box. Now available in a 10-ft model, as well as an 8-ft model, the Power Pole Blade Series 2012 Shallow Water Anchor delivers Elite performance.

Mounting Brackets Not Included

-Fastest, Strongest & Deepest
-Installs in about an hour on most boats
-New aerodynamic pocket design locks and holds Everflex spike in upright position
-C Monster Wireless remote & dash switch included
-5-layer American Marine powder coated finish
-All stainless & brass hardware (free of electrolysis)
-All new heavy-duty bronze bearings for smooth and quiet performance
-Includes smart phone app
-Dual system ready
-5-Year Warranty on all hardware
-2-Year Warranty on all electrical and hydraulics
-Lifetime Warranty on Everflex spike

Don't forget to check out the Power Pole C-Monster Foot Switch - purchased separately.

Please Note: Power Pole recommends mounting the 10-ft Blades in one of the following ways ONLY: (1) to the transom or (2) to the side of a jack plate, utilizing a brace side-mounted adapter plate.

Power-Pole Recommended
Boat Size
Deployment Max Depth Power Supply Weight
Blade - 8ft 28ft/4500lbs 3-speed 8ft 12-V Brushless
Hi-Volume Pump
Blade - 10ft 28ft/4500lbs 3-speed 10ft 12-V Brushless
Hi-Volume Pump

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    10' 2+ $1895.97
    8' 2+ $1795.97
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    10' 2 $1895.97

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've had an 8' Blade on my boat for quite some time now - over a year. The only thing I've regretted about the purchase is the fact that I didn't buy two of them! The blade on my boat has seen plenty of use this tournament season, and has held up beautifully. At the time of purchase, I was somewhat on the fence on whether I should go with a Talon or Power-Pole. I have no regrets! It doesn't seem to spook fish - I.e. it is quiet. This has been, hands-down, the best upgrade on my boat! There's a reason you see them on the pro's boats - they flat out work. They are durable in extreme use cases. I'm not proud to admit that I've forgotten it was down while trying to get the boat on plane at least once. Didn't phase it one bit. Love it, and will purchase another one as soon as the boss gives the OK. I also need electronics on the boat, but will hold off on them until I get the second pole, as I feel that will pay more dividends in my tournament fishing activities. Get one, you won
't regret it.

From: Shawn: Tampa, FL USA

Comments: The Talon system is much easier to use and maintain,you should look into buying one or two of those instead.

From: Tom: Plant City, FL

Comments: these things are amazing

From: Alec: MA

Comments: Also, the video seems to imply that this blade comes with the wireless foot control...This control seems to be OPTIONAL as well as it did not come in my box.  Again, it is not pictured or listed but the video seems to imply that it is included.   Just another FYI.

From: Pskirner: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: To be clear, if you watch the video, it seems to imply that the power poles come, included with the box, the jack plate mounting bracket.  I know it is not pictured nor listed, but that is what seems to be implied on the video.  They DO NOT come with said bracket.  Other then that...can't wait to try them, as I got my 2 10' poles today.

From: Pskirner: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: :Just had a 10 ft. installed on my Triton. Pump motor is a little load running wide open but can't hear it at all on slow.  It was worth the wait for the new one...the extra 2 ft. is the ticket!

From: Curt: GA

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