Sport fishing often requires the ability to stop your boat and work an area quickly and quietly as you spot or find your fish. The Power-Pole Sportsman Series Shallow Water Anchor fully deploys in just 4.8-seconds with the push of a button - stopping your boat exactly where you want it.

No loud splashing of a traditional anchor, and no muddying up the water or scaring the fish away with a trolling motor either. The smooth and quiet Sportsman Pump allows the poles to slip quietly into the water without disturbing what's going on below the surface. Even in fast currents and high winds, the amazingly strong Power Pole with Ever-Flex technology and ample hydraulic pressure lets your virtually lock your boat down in gravel, rocks, sand, grasslines, oyster bars, etc.

The Power-Pole Sportsman Series also mounts easily on your transom or on an adapter plate using your existing motor bolts, staying conveniently outside the boat and out-of-the-way. Perfect for saltwater or freshwater fishing, the super stealthy Power Pole Sportsman Series Shallow Water Anchor also won't damage sealife or rip up grass and underwater terrain - helping to keep our fisheries intact for many more years of productive fishing.

Mounting Brackets Not Included

Power Pole install tips with Jared Lintner

Power Pole durability and torture test YouTube Video

*Designed for Smaller Boats
*Backed by 3-Year Warranty

Power-Pole Recommended
Boat Size
Time to
Max Depth
Max Depth Power Supply Weight
Sportsman 6ft 17ft/2000lbs 4.8sec 6ft Sportsman Pump 29.5lbs
Sportsman 8ft 20ft/2600lbs 4.8sec 8ft Sportsman Pump 34.5lbs

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Comments: You wouldn't believe all the uses this thing has. You can use them for holding yourself on a bedding bass, sitting on a school of fish, holding yourself at a dock, or waiting in the water before a tournament. One gets the job done although you will need to use your trolling motor, two holds you no matter what. I use two and if you have the money buy both!

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