Power Pro Super 8 Slick Braided Line Aqua Green

$19.99 - $199.99
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Braided Line Aqua Green

Designed to blend into freshwater vegetation, Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line in Aqua Green is ideal for flipping and punching, throwing a frog, or even ripping a crankbait through grass. Anytime you're fishing in or around vegetation, this is your go-to color.

Power Pro Super 8 Slick Braided Line features an 8-strand Spectra fiber construction, which is specially braided under high tension to create a uniform surface that feels as smooth as silk. The super smooth surface reduces friction and line noise, allowing you to make longer casts with stealth and silence. Designed for anglers who demand high performance, PowerPro's EBT (Enhanced Body Technology) process also helps create a stronger, thinner, smoother and quieter line.

Line Diameter 10lb 15lb 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 65lb
Inches .006 .007 .009 .011 .013 .014 .016
Millimeters .16 .19 .23 .28 .32 .36 .41
Equiv. Mono Diameter 2lb 4lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 16lb

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 10lb 150yd Aqua Green $19.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 15lb 150yd Aqua Green $19.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 20lb 150yd Aqua Green $22.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 30lb 150yd Aqua Green $22.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 40lb 150yd Aqua Green $22.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 50lb 150yd Aqua Green $22.99 3
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 65lb 150yd Aqua Green $24.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 10lb 300yd Aqua Green $34.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 15lb 300yd Aqua Green $34.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 20lb 300yd Aqua Green $39.99 3
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 30lb 300yd Aqua Green $39.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 40lb 300yd Aqua Green $39.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 50lb 300yd Aqua Green $39.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 65lb 300yd Aqua Green $43.99 5+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 10lb 1500yd Aqua Green $159.99 10/06
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 15lb 1500yd Aqua Green $159.99 2
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 20lb 1500yd Aqua Green $188.99 2
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 30lb 1500yd Aqua Green $188.99 2
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 40lb 1500yd Aqua Green $188.99 1
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 50lb 1500yd Aqua Green $188.99 2+
Power Pro Super 8 Slick Line 65lb 1500yd Aqua Green $199.99 10/06

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Have had the chance to use this stuff in 65lb & 30lb for a few seasons now & I'm not a huge fan of it. It seems to hold kinks (memory), dig into itself & the strength seems to degrade over time even if the line has been kept in storage.

From: Jep: Ontario, Canada 8/24/16

Comments: Not my favorite. Works well on spinning gear but terrible for casting setups. Sits loose on the spool & gets bunched up on itself if it get brushed uo against sharp stuff. Not even close to the quality of the OG power pro.

From: Zack: New Smyma Beach, FL 6/5/16

Comments: I have tried them all but this line is what I always come back to. It is super quiet and casts like a dream. I use the 20# with a fluorocarbon leader for all of my bass and walleye rods. Super sensitive & strong. Only complaint is the way it lays on my reels.

From: Chad: CO 2/24/16

Comments: Seriously great line. The best braid I've tried yet. I highly recommend. Smooth, casts a mile, strong & doesn't sound like a truck backing up on he retrieve. The diameter is really small on 20lb & I can really load up on my reel.

From: FMCO: Brampto, Ontario Canada 10/8/15

Comments: Long time power pro user so i decided to try the power pro slick. Quiet & casts nice but i noticed it wides up really loose on the spool. I don't have that problem with regular power pro. I usually tie my line to a tree & reel the line in tight on my spool so i know the problem wasn't me. Sometimes newer aint always better. Stick to what works, power pro original!

From: Andy: Louisville, KY 9/26/15

Comments: After using Power Pro original for all of my Salmon fishing, I bought the Slick for my bass fishing needs. This stuff is so quiet. I love it. The green does fade a bit, but that does not matter to me, because I use a fuoro leader. I have bought eight spools of this stuff now for all of my rods. Best stuff I have used hands down. My favorite is the #ten test line. Super sensitive, and I have the toughness to pull fish out from under the branches with my dropshot rig.

From: River Brown Outdoors: Phx, AZ 5/30/15

Comments: slick stuff. Casts good. Rips through the delta slop.

From: Kevin: Delta, CA 12/20/14

Comments: Great line.. super smooth compared to Original #PowerPro. Casts like a dream and super quiet/smooth on a #ShimanoSaros2500FA spinning reel.. Paired 20LB #SuperSlick with a 15LB Fluoro leader because I tend to fish alot of piers and I like to yank the fish up to me because my net does not reach the water lol

From: Corbin: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Comments: This is my favorite braid. I've used 832, SX1 and Performance and this is just a bit nicer. I've never had a problem with knots on any of the braids, no matter what knot I was using. It's mostly silent through the guides, so I assume over the long run this will cause less wear on guides. Don't hesitate to try it!

From: Brad: PA

Comments:  I  got the 20#  for my first bait caster (abu)  combo. I really like the line so far and never had a knot come undone.  Had line break once when unexpected pike  sunk some teeth in it. Only  issue so far is I have a knot  in the line about 15ft  up from the lure.  No clue how that got there.  Love the slick line overall!

From: Larry: Central, WI

Comments: don't let these reviews fool you most of these people don't even use the correct knots and then complain its the lines fault.

Comments: After some extended use of regular PowerPro 20lb and also Sufix 832 I have have to admit this stuff comes off the spool much better. I suspect that the texture of 832 & regular PowerPro is what makes the line "grab" itself when coming off the spool resulting in shorter casts compared to Super Slick. I find that anything above 30 lb has resulted in shorter distance even with this stuff. The ten and 15 are so small in diameter that they do bite into the spool more if your a real stickler about maximum distance the 20 & 30 lb are the way to go and still give you muscle if you wanna snip the flouro leader and moderate hydrilla. The coarse texture of the non slick version certainly cuts the hyacynths much quicker and easier. I prefer the sensitivity and lack of stretch and SuperSlick offers some really impressive castability for my baitcasters. It just makes for a more versatile setup...snip the leader and go topwater, makes flukes come alive or fish bottom with a fluoro leader. Great li
ne definitely the best in all around braid.

From: CJ: Harvey, La. U.S.

Comments: By far the worst braid I have ever used.Its not round, it separates ,windknots and after some use retains water which results in shorter cast. Spiderwire Invisa-braid on my spinning reels and Sufix 832 on my baitcasters.Take note power pro.

From: Jay: Valrico, FL

Comments: this line is great and was created for musky fishing so if you by this line it should be 50lb+ or your not gonna get what its worth, it works best with big spool capacitys because it does tend to jump off the reel, but other than that great streanght and knots are good too

Comments: I put 15lb on my spinning rod and found that it comes unweaved very easy and it is by far the worst braid Ive ever had about windknots. It cast further and better but for the price it makes you sick to throw out a windknot right after you spooled it onto your reel

Comments: I ran the 10lb on my spinning gear, 30lb 65lb and 80lb on my casting. My main problem with this braid is it unravels very easily, when you tying a knot or picking out an overrun. I'ts weaved together with very small strands of spectra fiber, when I straighten the braid back out you can see where I backlashed and that bothers me. It was also rather frustrating to cast in the wind, especially with the higher pound test lines.

From: Brett: Orange County

Comments:  I really like this stuff. Havent had any issues with knot failure unless I yanked on a snag for a while and in my opinion that was the braid burning through the flouro. Very soft to the touch and that helps with sensitivity. I use the 20# with no problems. It does catch the wind so if your working finesse keep the line in front of you.

From: Adam: NorCal

Comments: Gotta make sure those knots are tight, no slippage. I love a braid that doesn't remember. I love a braid that is silky to the touch. Shes nice and thin, but can't stretch. I have two reels spooled with Sufix performance, and two with this. Can't tell much of a difference between the two. I wish TW would stock the marine blue color. I wanna see what it looks like in the water

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: line breakage at knot. broke 3 times on hook sets, and twice on hang ups with not too hard of a pull. put it in the rod box and used reel with regular PPRO and no more issues. used a polymar knot too. usually with any braid you straighten hooks or have to cut your line. it was the 30lbs i used.

From: Chad: League City, TX

Comments: this is the best braid ive ever used, cast a mile and strong for the size

From: Daniel: Bridgewater, VA

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