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Please Note: Baits and Jigheads not included.

Now offering a smaller, finesse version for clearer water and finicky fish, the Power Tackle Finesse Get 'Em Going Rig measures only 4-inches in length - including the head. A great way to target suspending bass, stripers and other gamefish feeding on baitfish, it features five durable wires equipped with split rings, as well as, a lifelike painted head complete with 3D eyes. It also features .035 Super Stainless Steel wire and Coastal-Lock Snap Swivels, rated for #30 test. Available in 1/4oz and 1/2oz versions, it is very versatile and can accommodate a wide range of baits, including flukes, swimbaits, grubs, spinnerbaits, jigs, etc. Simply cast the Power Tackle Finesse Get 'Em Going Rig out, count it down to your desired depth, and get ready. There's always the chance of catching a limit with one cast. This smaller version can be cast into smaller areas with a quieter entry into the water, just like a spinner bait.  For instance, lay downs and boat houses.

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged umbrella rig is illegal in some States.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Just bought one, and just by the look of the swivels you can tell that the swivels are cheap. just change them and they are ready to hit the water. im on a tight budget so losing this is not an option. instead of putting on open style jig heads. i put 3 Falcon Lures Bait-Jerk Superline Hook in the 1/16oz 2/O with Keitech Easy Shiner. I would catch alot of smaller fish but hey when the big fish arent biting the little ones are a blast!

Comments: definitely change the swivels, mine were so bad they snapped while I was changing them reassuring their poor quality, otherwise food bait

From: Kevin: CA

Comments: Snaps are pretty small. I would replace the swivels with something that can actually get through hook eyes. They are not the ones pictured that come on the rig.

From: Adam: NorCal

Comments: I didnt like the larger size of all the different umbrella rigs and this one is the answer to my prayers. Its smaller size makes it great for producing multiple bites a day, not just that "one big bite". Caught many 3-6 pound fish on it on Amistad.

From: TX

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