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Featuring new ultra-realistic, hand-painted colors, the Power Tackle Lateral Perch Naturals Casting model delivers the same versatility and killer action as the original casting version.  It comes equipped with a slightly smaller 5/0 Owner hook and a slightly thinner weedguard. The dimensions remain the same, and so does it’s tremendous action. Not a swimbait - it’s the most realistic jig ever created.

Made to sink on its side like a wounded bream. On the fall with a slack line, the Lateral Perch sinks in a dying spiral, and on a slightly tight line, its specially designed head causes it to glide back and forth, making it irresistible to predatory bass.

It's soft plastic tail trailer is also extremely realistic, complete with thin, lifelike fins - for subtle added action, and the Lateral Perch is constructed using only the finest components available, including a 5/0 Owner hook, as well as an innovative weighting system in its artfully designed head.  Available in multiple sizes and colors, the Power Tackle Casting Lateral Perch is proven to fool bass - with a deadly action all its own.

Power Tackle Lateral Perch Replacement Tails

Power Tackle Length Height Weight
Lateral Perch Naturals 3-3/4" 1-3/4" 1/4 to 1-3/4oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These lures are beautiful, and with practice can be used extremely well, but certainly were not what I expected. I bought this thinking that it would spiral down to the floor with a slow, stunned look of a dying or traumatized fish that would kick a little on the way down. But instead it weighs a little too much and zooms to the bottom, great for fishing deap, but not so much for shallow. Good size, durable, and a very realistic lure that does get bit but it takes practice.

From: Braedyn: Middlebury, PA

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