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Offering new ultra-realistic, hand-painted colors, the Power Tackle Lateral Perch Naturals Flipping model delivers the same versatility and killer action as the originals. Made to sink on its side like a wounded bream. On the fall with a slack line, the Lateral Perch sinks in a dying spiral, and on a slightly tight line, its specially designed head causes it to glide back and forth, making it irresistible to predatory bass.

It's soft plastic tail trailer is also extremely realistic, complete with thin, lifelike fins - for subtle added action, and the Lateral Perch is constructed using only the finest components available, including a 6/0 Owner hook, as well as an innovative weighting system in its artfully designed head. Available in multiple sizes and lifelike new colors, the Power Tackle Lateral Perch Naturals is proven to fool bass - with a deadly action all its own.

Power Tackle Lateral Perch Replacement Tails

Power Tackle Length Height Weight
Lateral Perch Naturals 3-3/4" 1-3/4" 1/4 to 1-3/4oz

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: i thought these baits sucked too but you have to know how to use them. once i figured out the action i started catching more fish. people just aren't willing to put in the time and give up because it's not a dummy bait. i've had a lot of success with the natural casting blue gill and green sunfish models

From: Parker: IL

Comments: Wish the jigs were made in lighter weights,I use these on beds! I try to ease the jig on shore and then pull to the bed. The fish do hit with aggression thou!

From: Bryan: Newport News, VA

Comments: Yes, this is a jig, a jig immitating an injured perch.  This is a very specialized lure and has it's own applications.  Technique is to put the bait into an environment and work it in a way immitating an injured perch.  It works.  If you have ever seen a perch get eaten by a predator, I am sure you will like the hit this bait will get when presented in the right circumstances.  Can't wait to see what Power Tackle puts out next!

From: Stephen: Ft. Worth, TX

Comments: This bait is not the hype i thought it was. It has little to NO falling action and rips very easy. my recomendations.... stick to jigs.

From: Cody: Hilliard, FL

Comments: This is a jig, after all.  The fall IS the action, and that is great.

From: Dean: Minnesota

Comments: Been out on two outings and cant see what the hype is on this bait. Cant tell that it has any action besides the angle it falls at. No action at all from what I can tell. Put a normal jig on and caught fish out of the same structure I just placed this in. Bought a couple and they will be in the back of the tackle box.

From: Justin: Devol, OK

Comments: Each jig comes with one replacement body.  Also they recommend using plastic surgery glue to attach the body to the jig head.

From: Seth: Spokane, WA

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