Power Team Lures Conviction Craw 6pk

Power Team Lures Conviction Craw 6pk

When money is on the line and the bass are tight to cover, start pitching a Power Team Lures Conviction Craw and sentence those kicker fish to your livewell.  The fluid motion of the Conviction Craw as it’s hopped along the bottom accurately mimics the action of a threatened crawfish.  And on the pause, the claws slowly rise above the Conviction Craw’s head and seals the deal ... slam!  Available in several proven colors, the V-groove running down the center of the body also ensures that you’ll get a deep solid hookset even with a hook as small as a 2/0 EWG.  Grab a heavy rod and pitch the Power Team Lures Conviction Craw into your favorite cover - then you can be the judge.

Length Quantity
4-1/2" 6

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Got bit by the power team bug last year when I tried bouncing these things with a bullet weight and a Bonner stop off the bottom and they kicked ass. Love it! They are big enough to weed out the small fish too... No more 12" fish! That's what the craw d'oeuvre is for. Black n blue or green pump lt blue swirl...$

From: Rob: Cape Cod

Comments: Probably the best crawfish I have ever used.  Power teams has made an excellent soft plastic with the conviction craw.  It has awesome action along with great color schemes.  I use them on a ewg 4/0 t-rigged and have much success on my local water.  They are expensive at almost a dollar a piece.  The durability makes up for it,  you can pretty much use 1 all day.  Have bought 4 bags and will buy more when I run out.

From: Eric: Houston, Tx

Comments: Got lunker in my tournament on this bait with a mega strike e2 shakey head.great bait.

Comments: I used these as a jig trailer, just snip off the back portion and the bass destroy it.

From: Sean: Glenolden Pennsylvania USA

Comments: This is by far the best flippin bait that I have ever used. It has a nice sleek profile and its infused with that hog tonic sent that just drive the fish wild. Pair this bait up with a 3/O or 4/O trokar flippin hook, reins tungsten weight and a denali rosewood flippin rod and you have got a set up that will take flippin to a whole new level.

From: Brock: Decatur, IL

Comments: I do good on most flippin baits. Used these for the first time and will be buying more. Caught about 20 between 2 -5 first time out. Paired with trokar 6/0 and 3/8 tungsten. Tear pretty easy lucky to catch two on one bait. Great action

From: Brian: Plano, TX

Comments: things are amazing, punching thick pads nothing beats them, i just wish they would give more in a package

From: Steve: NH, USA

Comments: Practice fished a new lake with these yesterday for a weekend tournament, These things got absolutely destroyed. They are superb for heavy cover and if your fishing a little deeper water, the fall rate is perfect with a 5/16 oz bullet weight. I went with a 4/0 hook as the plastic is a little thick. Buy more than one package, youll need um.

From: Matt: Iowa

Comments: These things have very nice action and they look cool...I havent caught a fish on it yet...but they absolutely STINK...soooo much garlic...probably a good idea to keep the bag closed indoors

From: Daniel: NC

Comments: Good action when texas rigged. Slow crawl with a 2/0 ewg and 1/4 oz tungsten bullet weight. Stinky bait, the bass love it!

From: Jesse: Visalia, CA

Comments: Got big bass 5.0 and first place 15.0lbs first time out.

From: Bob: USA

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