Power Team Lures Hog Tonic Fish Attractant 2oz.

Power Team Lures Hog Tonic Fish Attractant 2oz.
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When Power Team Lures set out to create a superior bass formula, they focused on the only to important factors - what bass want and what bass need.  By loading their already proven scent with a heavy dose of specific amino acids, Power Team Lures has developed an attractant that not only convinces bass to strike, but more importantly, keeps them holding on long afterwards. 

Power Team Lures knew they nailed it when they were able to fish with baits soaked in the formula, and gently reel bass back to the boat without ever setting the hook.

So if you are a little slow on the hookset or worried that the bass are going to feel you before you feel them, you now have that extra time because Power Team’s Hog Tonic has your back.

Directions for Use: Shake gently then spray a generous amount into your favorite bag of soft plastics prior to using. Reapply if necessary - or if you just like it extra stinky.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This product seemed to help when the bite was slow. Scent is very strong so a little goes a long way which helps with the sting of such a small bottle at this price point.

From: Donald: Hayden, AL 1/15/16

Comments: When I first tried out hog tonic I was flipping and pitching fallen timber. I had a sample pack of it that came in my diesel craw package. That day I had caught no bass and I was flipping the same stretch over and over again because I knew fish were holding in the timber. I added some hog tonic on my rage craw and the first cast caught a 5lber. I put a new rage craw on and added the rest of the sample pack to my rage craw and caught a fish on everyone of my next 4 casts until I changed out my rage craw again and I was out of hog tonic. I fished the rest of the day without having any of hog tonic on my craw and caught no more fish. This stuff will change how you bass fish. If you know where the fish are and they are just not biting add some hog tonic and I promise you that on that next cast you will catch a fish. This stuff has helped me win 3 tournament last year when all the fish where not biting. No one could get bites except me! All because of hog tonic! If you want to catch fish that you thought did not exist you need to get hog tonic. People say that there is no bass attractant that actually catches fish but this stuff will blow you away on your first cast! GET SOME!

From: Jim: Traverse City, MI 1/24/15

Comments: This scent is a game changer. For the 1st time ever PTL has used organic materials and amino acids in this powerful powerful scent. All of our soft plastics can absorb this scent directly into the rubber, including hollow slop frogs. The acid soaks into the rubber and therefore no more putting a spray or jelly on the outside of your bait. This stuff lasts a summer and will be the most potent stuff you have ever tried but bass don't let go. It's natural and works give it a try.

From: Mike: Durham, Ontario 4/27/14

Comments: Been testing for a month now and...YES. Like "High-five a stranger" good. You gotta put it in a bag and rub your bait in there, a little goes a long way, so dont complain on the price. If you try to spray directly from the bottle, you will be wasting a bunch. It stinks, yes, but it stinks GOOD. Pure fire.

From: Jay6: USA

Comments: Good casting reel. I let my brother used it once and he said it has a pretty smooth cast. He uses a lot of Quantum bait caster.

From: John: Los Angeles, CA


From: Brown: WEST MONROE, LA

Comments: Best scent ever! I use this on all my plastics including PTL and fish hold on forever...... just be aware of how you store it because it stinks up everything. I used my school backpack for fishing one time and a little bit spilled out of a lure bag and now my whole backpack reeks. Now I have to get a new one for school haha. I would recommend that you store the bottle in a ziplock bag along with any lure bags you have squirted it in.

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: The stuff smells nasty, but fish will not let go of plastics with this stuff on them. Best on the market today.

From: Mark: Thomasville, PA

Comments: Wow, this stuff stinks.  Each bottle should come with a box of rubber gloves.  If you use this with bare hands you will clear an area of one square mile.  And the stench lasts for days.  It does catch fish though, but definitely don't even think of going out and fishing some plastics during your work break with this.  They'll have to evacuate the building. 

From: Matt: Chelmsford, MA

Comments: Just bought a bottle after catching some nice bass on a very slow day.

From: Matt: Castaic, CA

Comments: awesome product, extremely powerful and effective

From: Lot: Italy

Comments: Try this with PTL Diesel Craws, you will never buy another craw again.

From: Eric: Everett, MA

Comments: Best scent on the market. This stuff is so so strong... Fish bite and dont let GO! Try it you wont be sorry! T.R.L

From: Sonny: Wareham, MA

Comments: This stuff is WICKED, almost knock you down its so powerful. I think if you jammed a piece of garlic up your nostril it still wouldnt compare. WOW

From: Jeremy: PA

Comments: I've caught more bass in the last 3 months using PTL Hog Tonic then I did all of last year. This stuff is amazing!!!

From: Mike: Pottstown, PA

Comments: Hog Tonic is amazing... Most potent scent I have ever used... We have been hammering smallies, largemouth, walleye, perch and pike using it for the past year. Won't go fishing without it!

From: John: NY

Comments: I love this stuff,quit using smelly jelly because it's the real deal. If you don't catch fish with it it's not the Hog Tonic's fault maybe it's the placement of the bait...

From: Stacy: VA

Comments: I've tried all the other attractants out there and Hog Tonic is by far the best. I've caught more Bass in the last 3 months using PTL Hog Tonic then I caught all of last year not using it! 

From: Mike: PA

Comments: Hog tonic is amazing, I became a fanatic of power team lures a year or two ago and used their attractant (this) on my old plastics until I used them all up. If it wasnt for hog tonic I would have thrown all of my other plastics away and wasted alot of money because it is key in getting strikes and fish holding on.

From: James: Downingtown, PA

Comments: I haven't caught anything with this attractant..smells like sriracha...I like Bass pookie and megastrike the best

From: Brian: USA

Comments: Best attractant on the market! This stuff works much longer than any other scent I have ever used.

From: Mike: VA

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