Waterproof Onboard Battery Chargers

The Powermania Battery Chargers are the safest, most user-friendly, and most power-efficient waterproof onboard chargers on the market today. Both the M and ME series are fully epoxy-potted for true, long term waterproof use. Each series is also shock-resistant, making them perfect for recharging and maintaining 12V DC batteries in marine applications and other harsh environments. Offering the fastest recharging capabilities available, the Powermania Battery Chargers are a compact, waterproof solution for keeping your batteries charged and ready to go at all times.

The Powermania Turbo ME value series (M212E) is a true 3-stage, automatic charger. Featuring Adaptive Loading, the ME series intelligently allocates more charging power to weaker batteries resulting in the fastest recharge cycle compared to other chargers with the same output ratings. The Turbo ME series also has three dedicated charging profiles for recharging Flooded Lead Acid / AGM, GEL, or High Power AGM (AGM+) batteries.

The upgraded version of the ME Seriesthe Powermania Turbo M Series (M220, M330) is engineered for tournament anglers and mission critical applications. Featuring added Power Factor Correction (PFC), the Turbo M's deliver unparalleled performance in the waterproof category. Highlighted by its ability to charge dead batteries, pump out full output even at 90V AC input, and also warn users in advance when there is a connection fault or battery fault.

Turbo ME-Series (M212E)

-Fully epoxy potted for true, long-term waterproof
-Fully automatic 3-stage smart charge
-Adaptive loading (more power to weaker battery)
-Battery type selector (Lead-Acid / AGM, GEL, AGM+)
-2-year warranty

M212E Box Contents:

-Turbo M212E charger (pre-wired with two 5ft DC output cables and one 5ft AC power cord)
-Four Mounting Screws
-User Manual/Registration Card

M-Series (M220, M330):

All features of ME-Series plus:

-Full Range (100-240V) AC Input
-Full Output @ 90V AC
-Charge O-Volt Batteries
-Advanced Warning Features
-84%+ Power Efficiency
-Power Factor Corrected
-Best-in-class 7 LED indicators
-Spare replacement fuses and matching mounting screws included
-Built-in safety fuses on output cables

M220 Box Contents:

-Turbo M220 Charger (pre-wired with two 6ft DC output cable and 6ft AC power cord)
-Two Spare Fuses
-Four Mounting Screws
-User Manual/Registration Card

M330 Box Contents:

-Turbo M330 Charger (pre-wired with two 6ft DC output cable and 6ft AC power cord)
-Three Spare Fuses
-Four Mounting Screws
-User Manual/Registration Card

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