Hand-poured in the US, the Predator Swimbait Company Umbrella Rig Swimbaits are the perfect addition to any umbrella rig. Featuring a very soft yet remarkably durable composition, the Predator Umbrella Rig Swimbaits also come equipped with extra-large paddle tails and rigged bodies for maximum water disturbance. Extremely versatile, they are also a great choice as chatterbait or swim jig trailers. Available in variety of proven colors, the Predator Swimbait Company Umbrella Rig Swimbaits are the perfect compliment to your A-rigs, and one Predator that doesn’t mind being at the bottom of the food chain.

Length Quantity
4" 5

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome bait AWESOME!! Tons of tail kick durability is excellent..fish these however.. But swim jig trailer is my preference..price seems high but once you see how it looks after a couple fish 11 bucks isn't that bad.. I have caught roughly 15 fish on one go orange belly on the back of a 3/4 oz OK craw hack jig..

From: Joey: USA 7/2/15

Comments: There is no wrong way to rig these. I love them on spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, bama rigs, oh. swim jigs esp!!! The thump that tail puts out in the water is the deal. It get's chewed! They are very durable as well.

From: Ryan: Evansville, IN 4/28/14

Comments: best swimjig trailer on the market these have a wobble to them thats unreal n the fish choke them i dont commit much onbaits but shaun n billy knocked it out of the park on this one

From: Jason: santa barbara ca

Comments: Awsome baits! They are great for the A-rig, all the way down to a trailer for your chatter bait !!!!!!  Big thumping tail, it has lots of vibration!!!! They also come in the best colors!!!! Thanks for another amazing product!!!!! I will be getting more!!!!!! Everyone has to try these!!!!!!!!!!

From: Andrew: Saratoga Springs, Utah

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