The Predator Swimbait Company Weedless Swimbait is perfect for fishing around grass, vegetation, sticks and any other type of cover. Tested and refined over many months, it features innovative colors and a supreme action proven to catch fish. Burn it super fast or crawl it along, the Predator Weedless Swimbait won’t roll over and its tail just keeps on kicking. Handmade one at a time exclusively in the USA, Predator Swimbait Co. recommends rigging it with a 6/0 Owner Weighted Swimbait Hook. Big Bait Posse approved, the Predator Swimbait Co. Weedless Swimbait is the only swimbait of its kind made 100% in the USA.

Predator Swimbait Length Weight
Weedless 5" 1-oz

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: this is my go to when im throwing swimbaits if any of you know shaun he is a swimbait genius try his slow rollers there my favorite in his line up billy and shaun are killing it thanks for the great product

From: Jason: santa barbara

Comments: awesome bait with great tail kick.

From: Jared: AZ

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