Molded in the likeness of a California Delta Smelt, the Prime Target Shaky Fins Swimbait delivers a profile that accurately imitates a variety of baitfish species found in lakes and rivers across the US. The thin, lifelike fins are a huge reason for the effectiveness of the Shaky Fins Shad, as well as, its name. Attached in strategic positions, they are designed to quiver and shake as the bait is retrieved, and they even wave back and forth on the pause - like a live fish holding its position. Extremely durable as well, the thin fins are designed to resist tearing, and a larger spring-lock on the hook (included) ensures the Shaky Fins Shad won't tear loose easily.

Bassmaster Elite Series angler and Tackle Warehouse pro, Jared Lintner teamed up with Scott Garman of Prime Target Baits to design a swimbait that anglers could easily fish with standard tackle, and that would also be extremely effective in tournament situations. Garman brought his considerable molding and design experience to the table, and Lintner thoroughly tested and helped refine the bait for over a year - throwing it, and catching fish from coast-to-coast. The result was the Shaky Fins Shad. Like no other swimbait on the market today, the Prime Target Shaky Fins Shad is available in six proven color patterns. A slow retrieve in the spring works great, and as the water warms up don't be afraid to burn it - the Shaky Fins Shad won't roll over on you.

Includes: 1/4-oz Wide Gap 7/0 Hook with an oversized screw-lock baitkeeper.

Length Quantity
5.5" 2

If you want to see the Prime Target Shaky Fins Swimbaits in action make sure to watch pre-fishing Vlog 91 and Vlog 92 with Jared Lintner.

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Customer Reviews

Comments:Just tried these things out at Lake Piru today and they are legit! This is a swimbait that is not only durable but something the fish have never seen before and they love it!!

From:John: Oak Park, CA

Comments:I just received these baits in the mail today, and I must say I am very impressed. The finish is nice and they feel very durable. I already have confidence in them. Can't wait to get them wet!

From:Sam: Chicago, IL

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