ProCull Conservation Clip Culling System - $34.99

Built to last - the ProCull Conservation Clip Culling System feature a 1-piece "cable through" design, and are guaranteed to hold up under the most demanding of tournament situations. Featuring quality components from top-to-bottom, they might just be the last set of culling rings you ever have to buy.

To Use the ProCull Conservation Clip Culling System: Simply insert between the gill plat and the first row of gills. Extend out through the fish's mouth, and clip the loop to the hook. When removing, unhook the loop from hook and gently push the line along the gill plate toward the back of the fishs mouth.  Then slowly pull the line from under the fish to remove.

For best fish care: It is recommended that you not suspend a fish by the culling ring alone. When retrieving a fish from your livewell, simply find the color float of your cull fish and lift gently. When the fish reaches the surface of the water, grasp the fish by the lower jaw to remove from the livewell.

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ProCull Conservation Clip Culling System

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ProCull Conservation Clip Culling System $34.99

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Comments: James, why would you comment on this product if you have never used it? Im no "biologist" but I have used them aproximatley 50 times or more and have never had any problems. Gotta love arm chair anglers who comment on things they have no clue about.

From: Dr. C: Eidt

Comments: im a tournament angler and a fisheries biologist. i personally have not used this cull system but in my opinion it sounds to harsh to use on bass for tournament purposes. anytime you have objects close to or going through the gill area is a bad idea and is harmful to the fish. as tournament anglers we want to take the very best care of our fish as we can. i would not use this. just my 2cents

From: James: ME

Comments: I have tried many many culling clips in vain to try and find ONE that would do NO damage to he fish yet STAY in place (why go through the trouble of weighing/marking the fish if the clips are going to just fall off...????) These are the ONLY clips I have ever used which do ABSOLUTELY NO damage to the fish at ALL (no holes, noe pinched/damaged areas in their mouths)  and they STAY IN PLACE...I have never had one come undone.  I fish two club tournament trails, along with a BASS open or two and the NY BASS Fed trail, so I compete in a lot of tournaments. I have used these for two years and never had any sort of issue at all - there is nothing to rust and they are as soft/pliable as the day I bought them.  You need to insert the tag end between the gill flap and the FIRST gill raker and no damage will be done - NONE....translation = less dead fish penalties from exsessively stressed fish....These are truely a fish conserving useable culling system.  I highly recommend these if you care about your fish at all.

From: Barb: Upstate NY

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