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An environmentally friendly method for culling your catch, the ProCull No Float Conservation Clip Culling System eliminates the need for harmful lip puncturing with its 1-piece “cable through” construction. The ProCull No Float Conservation Clip Culling System is designed without floats, so there’s more room in your livewell, and it still allows you to attach custom floats if you choose. Made from quality components, the ProCull No Float Conservation Clip Culling System offers anglers a straightforward, color-coded culling system that will reduce stress and damage to fish.

To Use the ProCull No Float Conservation Clip Culling System: Simply insert between the gill plat and the first row of gills. Extend out through the fish's mouth, and clip the loop to the hook. When removing, unhook the loop from hook and gently push the line along the gill plate toward the back of the fishs mouth.  Then slowly pull the line from under the fish to remove. The color-coded

For best fish care: It is recommended that you not suspend a fish by the culling line alone. When retrieving a fish from your livewell, simply find the cull line of your cull fish and lift gently. When the fish reaches the surface of the water, grasp the fish by the lower jaw to remove from the livewell.

Customer Reviews

Comments: Best cull tags I have ever used. Fish come to the scales healthy and fresh. Best part is NO HOLE PUNCHING IN FISH and NO CLIPS COMING OFF FISH. I have used these for over 2 years now and just bought a second set for co-anglers to use. I personally use the non-floating system because I run a Bass Cat and the non-floaters allow the fish to stack properly in the wells.

From: Bill: WI

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