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The ProCull Original Culling System features quality floats with colored and numbered identifiers to help you quickly and easily find your cull fish in the livewell. Now completely Rust-Proof, each system is equipped with stainless steel clips. Guaranteed to hold up under the most demanding of tournament situations, the ProCull Original Culling System offers quality components from top-to-bottom.  In fact, it might be the last culling system you ever have to buy.

To Use the ProCull Original Culling System: Simply open the stainless steel clip and insert the sharpened point through the fish’s lower jaw - as close to the lip as possible.  Then just close the clip securely, and lower the fish into the livewell.

For best fish care: It is recommended that you not suspend a fish by the culling ring alone. When retrieving a fish from your livewell, simply find the color float of your cull fish and lift gently.  When the fish reaches the surface of the water, grasp the fish by the lower jaw to remove from the livewell.

Customer Reviews

Comments: So far the best culling clips I have owned(I've had several).  Clips are made in china but haven't rusted at all after half dozen uses. All 6 clips weigh the same (Unlike my last system), important for beaming!

From: Dan: Roch. ,NY

Comments: I recently ordered the ProCull Clips and was very pleased with them and the way they were made. I ended up having a problem with one of my clips and contacted them. As with some others that submitted comments here I too had a clip that came from there supplier which was bad. Contacting them and getting a response took less than a few hours. My clip replacement took just over a days time and I was expecting only one clip to be replaced however opened my packaged to see all my clips were. Chris; Thank You for your service and your products. Anyone who is not using these should get a set today! I already have a set and plan to order the conservation system as well.

From: Dan: Wallingford, CT

Comments: I bought this system a few months ago and it has been great! The way it's built is super strong and they don't tangle in the livewell because of the black tubing between the float and clip. I also believe the dark color on the tubing is less stressful to the fish. The loops at the top work good for hanging them on a balance beam. The only problem I have had was with 2 of the clips started to develop some rust. I looked up the company's web address and found their contact info. I emailed them saying that I had a few clips that had rust. They apologized and said they got a bad batch of clips from their supplier. The customer service was excellent and very responsive. They sent out some replacement clips the same day and included replacement instructions. 

From: Frank: San Antonio, TX

Comments: This system looks great, but the cheap China clips began to rust after only 1 use.  Definitely not made of stainless.  Don't waste your money!!!

From: Steve: Johnson City, TN

Comments: These are awesome! The clips that attach to the fish are a little small and a little hard to get open/closed at first, but they are better quality than most clips. The cull loops work well on the culling beam. The only thing I did to the floats were to take a thick permanent marker and write the number of the cull tags so that I could see them easier in the livewell.

From: Russ: Canton, GA

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