Punisher Lures Float & Fly Duck Feather Jig 1/16oz - $1.99

Extremely effective in cold water, the Punisher Lures Float-n-Fly combines craft hair and duck feathers in a time-tested, compact design. The line tie is set at a 90-degree angle, forcing the jig to hang horizontally. When the water temps get below 40-degrees, plastic and silicone materials will lose a lot of their action, whereas the craft hair and duck feathers of the Float-n-Fly retain their flexibility and motion. Also equipped with a tacky-sharp #2 Mustad hook, as well as, a durable custom painted head, the Punisher Lures Float-n-Fly was designed to help you put more fish in the boat when the temperature drops.

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Punisher Lures Float & Fly Duck Feather Jig 1/16oz

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  • Blue Chartreuse
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  • Rainbow Trout
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  • The Duck
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  • Thread Fin Shad
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Comments: great in small rivers throwing in current for big winter smalies

From: Seth: VA

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