Punisher Lures Hail Mary 3pk

The Punisher Lures Hail Mary is the newest and most versatile bait in the Punisher arsenal. Designed to be fished many different ways, you can rig it in almost an infinite number of combinations. Each head is equipped with a split ring that can accommodate any size or style of hook, providing an endless list of soft plastic choices. The Hail Mary can even be complimented with a skirt for an even livelier look. Another great feature of the Hail Mary is that it allows the hook to move freely, making it more difficult for the fish to throw the bait, resulting in less lost fish. Jig it, Carolina Rig it, pitch it, drag it over deep humps, the possibilities are endless with the Punisher Lures Hail Mary!

3 Per Pack

2 Colors

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    Model No. 38HM-01OS
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    3/8oz 5+
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    3/4oz 5
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    Model No. 38HM-47OS
    Green Pumpkin
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Customer Reviews

Comments: Very nice. Holds up in saltwater. Note that it's a 3 pack, but only One head comes with a hook. The other two are hookless. Kinda bummed bout that, but still a good product

From: Dom: San Diego, CA 2/23/15

Comments: I've been buying these for several years and not one of them has ever rusted. These are superior to fixed hook competitor models. The split rings that come stock are adequate or beef them up with Owner Hyper Rings. You can customize with your favorite sized hooks to match any size plastics. One drawback however, is they pick up every piece of weed on the bottom. Use them on clean bottoms and they perform great. Use a Gamakatzu 5/0 worm hook with a Strike King DB Structure Bug and you will catch them big time.

From: Jigman: Dover, NH 11/18/14

Comments: Without a doubt - the most innovative swinging jig on the market ! Not only can you add a skirt or change hooks at will - further experimentation will lead to more bites . I add a short 2 inch fluorocarbon line extension to the ring and then tie on my hook - finally add a creature bait of your choice and purposely bang the Punisher Head into bottom obstacles ...What you get is a nice tight side to side deflection with more "hyper" action than a standard swinging jighead , football jig or carolina rig can provide . A fantastic tool to give bass something new they have not seen before , only limited by your imagination !

From: Chris: Acworth , GA.

Comments: Very versatile head, better than a biffle head because it allows you to add a skirt, this is a game changer

From: Mike: Blountsville, AL

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