Quantum Accurist Casting Reels

Beneath the Quantum Accurist Casting Reel's new, cool black-and-white paint scheme is a low profile frame and gear side cover made of industry leading light and tough aluminum. The Accurist also makes casting an effortless black-and-white issue thanks to both an internal ACS centrifugal cast control and external magnetic settings, which provides an astounding ten external adjustments and six internal adjustments. This gives you all the precision you’ll ever need regardless of wind gusts or the weight of your lure.

Furthering Accurirst's smooth casting qualities is a hard ceramic coating of titanium-nitride on the line guide. And when you’re ready to retrieve, seven PT bearings will pull in line with a polished feel. Quantum’s unique Flippin Switch can also be used to engage the gears instantly every time you take your thumb off the thumb bar, so that you're never out of hook-setting position when pitching a short string into heavy cover. And don’t worry once you power home the hookset, the PT ceramic drag system is there to handle the heat with plenty of lockdown power. New and improved, the Quantum Accurist Casting Reel is an advanced fishing machine - at a reasonable price.

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
AC101HPTA..BX3 Left 7.0:1 8.2 6BB + 1RB 12/125 In Stock: 3+ $99.99
AC101SPTA..BX3 Left 6.3:1 8.2 6BB + 1RB 12/125 10/28 $99.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have had this reel for about 1 year and it preforms great I couldn't ask for a much better reel for only $100. Which is good when your on a budget like I was. Quantum makes great reels but I have run into some issues with the handle on the reel.  it gets loose sometimes, besides that it's okay. Shoot I've even dropped on hard concrete walking to a local pond and it still works great. 

From: James: Pass Christian, MS 11/5/16

Comments: I really liked this reel, wasn't light at all, but it casts very well. While I was throwing a frog the braking system broke & all the brakes & springs were out of their place.

From: Quinn: Edwardsburg, MI 5/26/16

Comments: This is probably the best budget reel I've purchased so far. I use this reel strictly for flippin and it performs 100% every time. Great drag and can also really crank on those big ones in heavy cover. Have caught numerous fish on this reel and still thoroughly impressed with it.

From: Tyler: Sebring, FL 3/29/16

Comments: I thought this was a good reel & I could whip cranks 60 to 70 yards. But then out of the blue the whole magnetic system blew out and burst. Guess we will see if quantum will fix it. Just save your time & buy a Lew's

From: Payne: Gretna, NE 3/6/16

Comments: This reel was real nice for about 3 months of hard fishing I was able to throw everything in my tackle box on it and it would perform flawless. But recently I haven't been able to throw the reel for anything. I have to set the spool to "0" and then the outside brakes to "10" and play with the drag knobs to even get a 30 foot cast w/out a backlash. I wish I would have saved my pennies and bought a better quality reel a little later, rather than wasting $100 on a reel that won't throw... on the other end of the deal... I had to buy a new reel and the 13 fishing concept "A" is by far a better reel. It's light weight and fits nicely in the hand. I would highly recommend you to spend the extra $70 and get the concept "A" by 13 fishing

From: Dylan: Chipley, FL 8/1/15

Comments: I love this reel I use 15 lbs mono with a 7 foot rod I with fish a worm on it with the gear ratio I can pull him out of the brush

From: Matthew: Denison, TX 6/12/15

Comments: I am very impressed by this reel. I was casting a 1/4 lippless on #10 mono, and the reel was handling the light weight flawlessly. The dual brakes are wonderful. I can barely tell the difference between the Energy, and this reel. If your budget is tight, and you need a quality reel for less money, this is your reel.

From: River: PHX, AZ 5/21/15

Comments: I don't know why everyone does bad reviews on this reel. I bought the older model at a hunting and fishing expo for $40 new in July and love it. The dual braking works perfect, it casts a country mile, and it's really smooth. I love it, it doesn't feel cheap, and it performs spectacularly. I would suggest it to anyone.

From: Forrest: Tanner, AL 8/3/14

Comments: I picked one up to pair to a Veritas and they work well. Pros: The size of the reel makes it easy to palm and the flipping switch is great. Dual breaking works as it should. Cons: While it's a smooth reel, it's very noisy, the handle is small and the knobs are poor. There are better reels out there for your $100 but non looks as good on a Veritas as this reel.

From: Daren: IA 6/7/14

Comments: After two days of use the bearings sound horrible. Everything works fine but the bearings are VERY NOISY. This thing is not dependable go get a Lews speed spool or an Abu Garcia orra sx.

From: Hayden: CA 3/28/14

Comments:  This reel is great for flipping and pitching very smooth and easy to use

From: Chris: Ohio 3/2/14

Comments: I am new to bass fishing and bait caster's. I picked one of these up because of the flipping switch to learn to flip. Extremely easy to set up and great distance. Also own a couple Lews reels. The 100 dollar speed spool and the new pro z. And this reel is as easy to set up and I am actually casting further with the quantum. And since I also picked up the tour mg. The same smoothness as this one but so much lighter and more distance. Would definitely buy more quantum products. And I would have to say Lews would be my second choice.

From: Joe: Eubank, KY

Comments: I have Chronarch reals, Revo Winches, Quantum Smoke, Bass Pro Qualifiers and this real when SET UP PROPERLY will not disappoint you. I would not hesitate to purchase another one. Due yourself a favor and purchase one, and pay no mind to the bad reviews.

From: Bud: TX

Comments: I have the older model and really have come to love Quantum's reels.  Smooth, handles the abuse I throw at them and continue to perform.  I do have other brands, but I don't understand why people bash a product and say switch.....give it your review and why you don't like it. As for these, let's hope they are the same quality as the older model.  Just remember to keep them lubed and oiled.  ALL equipment will fail if you don't take care of it.

From: William: Long Beach Ca USA

Comments: Not what I expected from Quantum I've had it 4 months and it feels like its going to fall apart in my hands when I reel.

From: Tyler: Taylorville,IL

Comments: great reel got one a few years ago its all scratched up but it works like new im gonna buy another one i love the amount of line it holds

From: Quincy: Noxon, Montana United states

Comments: Picked up the 6:3:1 for squarebills - thing is junk. Looks great and I had high hopes for it - my reel came with faulty tension and centrifugal brakes. It is utterly a toy, the handles are a joke and vastly undersized. It is pretty heavy in the hand, which I guess can be expected for a cheap reel - casting is NOT smooth, I will be throwing this in the garbage promptly... hope I can save some of you some frustration and money.

From: Bud

Comments: Jonathan, it sounds to me like you haven't held one of these new reels in your hand. I got the new energy a couple weeks ago, and though it feels very light, it does not feel cheap. It reminds me of a 100 series smoke with a little different profile. It actually feels a little more sturdy than my exo as well, which i enjoy very much. I also strayed from quantum and purchased a curado. It's a pretty nice reel, but i still love all 20+ quantums i own. It's your money and your opinion, but if you're happy with quantum's performance, stick with these new reels. They're the real deal.

From: Dan: WV

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