Featuring the latest in micro guide technology, the Quantum Accurist Casting Rods deliver premium performance and components at an incredible pricepoint. Lightweight QX48 IM8 graphite blanks offer an excellent blend of sensitivity and power, and premium PacBay micro guides help reduce weight and increase casting distance and accuracy. Perfectly balanced as well thanks to genuine PacBay reel seats and lightweight split grip EVA handles, the Quantum Accurist Casting Rods have everything a bass angler needs in a quality rod - and they do it for a price that is hard to beat.

-Backed by Quantum's Limited One Year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Ok, now I understand why this rod is on sale. This is, by far, one of the worst rods I've ever used. I ignored the negative reviews and decided to give it a try anyway. TIP HEAVY? Are you kidding me. The balance on this rod is Terrible, it's extremely tip heavy! One of the worst features is the handle. The area where the foam handle meets the butt end of the rod is so sharp, it began rubbing and cutting my finger. I realize thaT you get what you pay for, but man, what a terrible designed rod. I gave this rod away and ordered another Powell rod. If anyone is thinking about taking a chance on this rod, please, don't bother.

From: Tom: North Charleston, SC

Comments: Just purchased this rod a couple of weeks, I got the 7' medium action rod, mainly used for crankbaits, worms and spinners, Love this rod and has a very strong backbone to pull the big fish in the boat.

From: Carl: ME

Comments: I have two of these rods, both 7 foot, one is medium and the other is medium heavy. I have not used the medium action model yet but I have enjoyed the medium heavy model. I have used this rod mainly for buzzbaits, wakebaits and propbaits. It performed more like a $150 rod rather than an $80 rod. It is worth noting that this rod is fairly unbalanced with many reels and is tip heavy but I have found it does not have a negative impact.

From: Derek: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I got the 7', MH.  This rod is powerful - maybe a little more heavier than a MH - but extremely sensitive.  Ive owned it for a little longer than a year now and have fished consistently through some pretty tough conditions down here in Florida (heavy cover, hard hook-sets, ...and monster bass) and haven't had any problems so far- very durable!  Great for throwing Texas rigs over brush piles, dragging Carolina rigs over shell beds, or even pitching heavy cover.  The only problem is that the rod is a little tip heavy and slightly unbalanced; the butt of the split grip doesn't even out the rest of the rod.  Other than that minor flaw, which doesn't really bother me too much, the rod is well worth $80... maybe even $140.  Great rod - get one

From: Jon: FL

Comments: Nice rod:

From: Andrew

Comments: I hate to say anything bad about a quantum product but people should know. First impression with this rod was that it was very tip heavy "7'0 med. heavy" after looking over the rod for a while I realized that it was just unbalanced. The back part of the split grip is hardly anything but a small foam handle. And I wasn't a fan of the design of it either. To fix this problem I took a washer the size of the butt of the rod, put it on and used black felt hockey tape to attach it and make the whole thing even and add more weight. The tape kept the grip and matched the Eva handles color perfect. I did this to both rods I had ordered and both are much better. Over all after the fix it is a great rod but feels more like a heavy action rod and was not what I was expecting. Getting a strait medium action next time I get one. Good rod just needs balanced.

From: Jonathon: TN

Comments: Awesome rod,very nice quality.Got the 6'6"MH paired with the Quantum Kinetic Pt reel.It's an AWESOME combo!!

Comments: VERY NICE ROD, I purchased the 6'6" M Casting Rod. What a deal for $80.00. Very light and micro guides. I havent had it out yet but I am hoping in the next month or so. Just an all around good looking rod; it feels like quality in your hands.....GREAT JOB! BUY THIS ROD! 

From: Gary: Ephrata. PA

Comments: awesome rod very powerful. get one!!!

From: Lance: Hawgsburg, FL

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