Equipped with Quantum's Performance Tuned technologies and a price tag under $100, the Quantum Accurist PT Casting Reel is an exciting tool for flipping and pitching techniques. Featuring Quantum's unique Flipping Switch, the Accurist PT is perfect for making the quick one-handed hooksets often necessary when flipping or pitching into cover. The Flipping Switch allows anglers to engage the reel by simply lifting their thumb off the thumb bar, instead of wasting valuable time using their other hand to crank the handle. Legendary professional bass angler, Gary Klein, is one of the top pros at flipping and pitching and he relies on his Quantum Accurist PT in every tournament he enters. With nearly $2 million in winnings, Klien wouldn't use the Accurist PT if it didn't perform and help him put fish in the livewell.

Offering a great balance of value versus cost, the Quantum Accurist PT is built around a solid one-piece aluminum frame, which is machined with computer-guided precision to keep all critical components in perfect alignment. In addition, five (5) customized Performance Tuned Polymer-Stainless Steel Hybrid Ball Bearings minimize vibration and friction to impart consistently smooth retrieves and functioning. Though the Accurist PT does excel at flipping and pitching, thanks to its Micro ACS Cast Control System, the reel can be fine-tuned to accommodate a variety fishing conditions, baits and lures. Performance Tuned, inside and out, the Quantum Accurist PT is ideal for targeting fish in close cover and provides anglers with a quality reel for an excellent price.

Additional Features:

*PT Ceramic Drag System
*Durable Multi-Coat Finish
*Lightweight Aluminum Crank Handle
*Continuous Anti-Reverse
*Titanium-Coated Line Guide
*MaxCast Skeletal Spool
*Easy Access Lubrication Port
*Quick-Release Side Cover

Reel Specs
Bearings: 6PTBB
Line Cap: 12/145yd
Bearings: 6PTBB
Line Cap: 12/145yd

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this is a awesome reel for the price,cast rattle baits a mile!!!real smooth! nevermind the hateful comments,those clowns probably can't even use a baitcaster.awesome reel!!

From: Tracy: Fennville, MI

Comments: I absolutely love this reel!! i have 2 of them and ive never had a problem with them! they winch fish for their day job, cast like a dream, and is super smooth! i plan on buying 2 more before next season!

From: Bass Assasin: OH

Comments: I bought one of these on EBAY a few years back for more than TW is selling it now. One of my favorite reels, and a bargain art the current sale price of $69.00.

From: Ed: Astoria & Roscoe, NY

Comments: to the guy below me. YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND!!!. thank you

From: Alex: Panama City, FL

Comments: Alright, gonna blow some minds now! Ready? For the Quantum guys that have baitcasters without the flippin' switch and think they have to turn the handle to engage the reel; YOU DON'T!  Click the thumb bar down with your thumb, make your pitch, flick the thumb bar back up with your thumb; BOOM reel is engaged! AMAZING!  Works with all Quantum and Daiwa baitcasters.  Use it all the time.

From: AC

Comments: Just bought an Accurist, I am mainly a Quantum guy and I have Energys and Tour Editions, and I like this reel more than my Tour Edition, which is 2.5x the price, the flipping switch makes it so comfortable and saves time, I was pitching craws and creature baits with this, switched to my jig which was the TE and i got annoyed having to engage the reel by the handle, I hear allot about Quantum not being good reels, try this and you will be glad u did

Comments: I just got this reel, first off ill start with the few things i dislike, i personally like the bent handles better. but thats not a big deal at all. the next and last is the external braking system. my johnny morris starts at 1 and ends at 10 and the accurist only has four so its more general it doesnt has an ass defined braking system but it is still an amazing reel. it cast very smoothly with distance. and is great for flipping n pitching. i have the 7.0.1 gear ratio to pic up my slack quicker and i use 15 pound flourocarbon , because i need more stretch when setting the hook, because i set the hook harder than i should haha but its an overall good reel and i would recommend it to most people.

From: Littleton, CO

Comments: I have a couple of accurists, and they are great reels. They are just workhorses and i haven't had a problem yet after using them for 3 years now. I would highly recommend this reel to anyone who wants a top of the line reel, but doesn't want to drop a bunch of cash on a reel.

From: Cole: Ontario, Canada

Comments: These reels are the real deal..I have 3 of these and love them all..I am a quantum man and always have been..I have a few tours and a few energys as well but for the money these are hard to beat..Get one and you will see..tight lines

From: Brandon: Kingsland, GA

Comments: I reviewed this reel once before...and after using it for two seasons I'd have to say I very happy with it. I was able to pull some monster Smallies and sizable Largies off the bottom, out of weeds and around old broken docks. It has the pulling power to really get the fish out of the messy stuff. Smooth casting, nice drag and easy to use. I bought BPS baitcaster, although its a good reel....I wish I spend the extra few $$'s and got a second Accurist PT. Lesson learned. Bottom line...this is a fantastic reel.

From: Joseph: Liverpool, NY

Comments: This reel is at the upper end of what I would spend on any reel. But I will say, it is an excelent buy. It looked small when I placed it on my rod, but after a few cast, it was love at first crank. Quantum has a winner in this one. As with anything it must have care to last. I have the same reels of other makes, that I have fished with for years.

From: Fred: TX

Comments: AWESOME reel for the price.........enough said. Seriously do not listen to the people who say it break because it doesnt. trust me

From: Bassmaster

Comments: This reel is horrible it works well for the first 2 months then from that it just goes downhill. After a year the thumb bar just cracked and the reel was making a grrrr sound when reeling

From: Tyrone: Cape Town, South Africa

Comments: Great reel, man winch so many fish out of slop, and throws senkos like nothing. Jus need the right set up, for me its a 7'3 Lamiglas excel medium

From: Smiles: San Jose, CA

Comments: this reel was only good for five months then broke DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

From: Austin: Columbus, OH

Comments:  Love these reels!!! Probably the best casting reel available at this price level. Exceeds my expectations for the price. Casting is superb!!! I have more expensive reels but I actually prefer to use these. Love having the flippin switch. I have an older version of this reel too and 2 of the new models, and ive never had any problems with any of them. I use the flippin switch for practically everything I cast and Ive never had a worm gear failure despite using the flippin switch for long casts all day with heavy baits. If your considering buying do it! Guaruntee you wont be disappointed. 

From: Matt: IN

Comments: I love this reel, it is so smoooth! I was looking for a quality reel for a low price, and man did i get it right with this reel! I was out fishing yesterday and today, yesterday was cold and rainy and my hands would not slip when holding this reel, today  was super windy so i was on a heavy braking system but could still make long casts, i am a big fan of quantums ACSII system. Do not let the price tag fool you, this reel is awesome you got to get 1.

From: Matt: Minnesota

Comments: I haven't used any of the older ones but I found these for 70 online so I bought two.  If I would have paid 100 each for them I would still think these things are amazing but to get them for 70 is just unbelievable.  I might just have to order more! hahaha. Quantums flipping switch is the best in the market just flip a switch and use the same thumb bar as normal just make sure you hold it down when you cast a long ways.  The only gripe I have is the spool is level not inclined with holes drilled in it.  If they drill some holes in the spool they could lose a lot of weight even though its a pretty light reel already, but why not make it lighter

From: Andy: Farmington, MN

Comments:  This is my all time favorite baitcasting reel ! I own 5 of them and they never let me down .I disassemble them every year, clean and lube them and their good too go . They are perfect for flipping and will cast a mile .They are easy too fine tune for whatever you want to use them  for. Most of my other baitcasters I have worn out in less than 2 seasons , but cant ware these things out.

From: Dave: Michigan

Comments: Just recieved my 2 accurists today. I have the older version of this reel as well and i will say that the older version is considerably larger than this new version. The new version is built well for the price of the reel, but i can tell it has been cheapened up a bit. The spool button is not as solid as my older version. The overall build is not as solid as the older version ( which cost approx 30$ more @ 130$ back then). However, I will say that compared to other reels in this price range, (100$) this reel by far excells beyond them and is definitely very acceptable at this price, and actually exceeded my expectations for what I spent. After purchasing my first accurist approx 3 years ago, I have grown to love the flippin switch. Its nice for flipping jigs and texas rigged plastics like I love to do. I paired one of the new accurists with an angel ex 2 piece 6'6" MH rod and will say it balances quite nicely. (balances at the threads just below the hood)(in between the reel seat and the foam hood) Im gona use that rig for the small ponds i fish in my area as my car travel rod. The other one will be paired with a 7'6" flippin rod for the boat. Am in the process of finding a good flippin rod that balances nicely with this reel. Its a must for me to have a balanced rod and reel. Overall a nice build for the money. Great deal especially considering if you order from tacklewarehouse you pay no sales tax and get free shipping. Great reel for 99$!!! I will do new review after I have them out fishing for a bit, but in my experience with lots of reels, im sure these will do just fine out on the water pullin in big bass.

From: Matt: Indiana, USA

Comments: The Flipping switch was the deal catcher for me when buying a flipping/pitching reel. All my other setups just don't compare when using this technique. Again I like the ease of control and the ability to set the hook with one arm. Great job Quantum.

From: CVang: MPLS, MN

Comments: This reel is top of the line for pitching and flipping. It handles braid really well. For under a $100, this reel is a must have for the avid bass angler.

From: Patrick: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I have 4 late model accurists that ive been happy w/ for years so when i needed a reel to match w/ a 7'2'' cumara i went w/ the new version.  SWEET, lighter and stronger than the older models and kept an extra 100 bucks in my pocket

From: Jeff: New Jersey, USA

Comments: great reel caught a 7 pounder with my 3rd cast it is super light and cant even be compared to my abu garcia promax.

From: Nathan: Bremen, KY

Comments: I now own 7 Quantum Accurist bait casting reels and use them almost exclusively because I prefer to make virtually all of my casts, not just those for flipping and pitching, in the flipping switch mode. This way, my spool is always engaged immediately upon lifting my thumb from the thumb bar rather than having to engage the spool by cranking the reel handle. This is a convenience that saves time which might be lost in setting the hook. The only exception to my using the flipping switch mode is when I want to draw extra line from the spool by hand after the lure hits the water for situations where I want the worm to free fall as vertically as possible. Since the switch is easy to flip from flipping switch mode to regular mode, I prefer that all of my bait casting reels have the same capability.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ

Comments: I purchased this reel early this year (2010). Being new to casting reels I wasn't sure what to get. After doing some research I went with the Accurist. I've been very happy with it so far, but still learning how to use it best. I have it on a 6'6''  Damiki Angel EX, and have had fun pulling a few fish from the weed beds down by the Old Erie Canal. I'm looking at the Accurist spinning reel for my next setup.

From: Joseph: Liverpool, NY

Comments:Everyone seems biased on Shimanos. I am pretty new to the BC world and like anything I take reviews and opinions into consideration, but I always like to blaze my own trail when it comes to equipment. After a really good word put in from a guy I know that works at the Local Outdoors shop I went for the Accurist. I have to say for the price this reel is a steal, but it looks to be catching on as it seems to be hard to find them. So far I have to say Quantum got it right with this one taking into consideration that there will be an occasional lemon with any brand I would think. I trust this reel, it is smooth, casts crazy far, haven't had a back lash since I dialed it in after about 8-9 casts. Once I got the drag all set up, the pike here in Lake Mary were easy to tame. I have this on an old Fenwick HMG as the burner, a sweet model and hooked it up with 12 lb CXX P-Line. I am going for the Catalyst next as I can't seem to lock in the lefty Accurist. Quantum is for me for sure.

From:Christian: Mesa, AZ

Comments:I have my Accurist on a 7'11" G Loomis heavy flipping rod. The reel is lighter than most flipping reels but there is no need for it to have the amount of line capacity that it does. A spool of good 65# braid is high also, it could have a higher poundage on the drag than it does cause i`ve had mine slip on the hook set.

From:Bill: Leesburg, GA

Comments:Very sweet reel! Im very satisfied with this product, my first quantum reel on a berkley lighting rod shock series with 30 lbs spider wire, jerks pigs straight out from under the dock flippin jigs! Im totaly stoked this reel is a steal for $99. Im getting 2 more for my carrot stix!

From:Will: North Carolina, USA

Comments:Very nice reel, really smooth and very low and small, easy to palm. Casts wonderful, this is a reel you just can't let sit and not be used. Its by far my go to reel when I want smooth and accurate casts.

From:Lil Joe: Lakeland, FL

Comments:Probably one of the best Quantum designs thus far. Caught a nice fish, pulled it in quick and used the flippin' switch all day.

From:Ric Roc: Tracy, CA

Comments:I've been a quantum fan since I started using baitcasters. I've also been a user of the accurist for a few years now. when I heard quantum was going to start producing the accurist again, I became very excited. these reels are awesome for under $100. you can't beat 'em. they are light, smooth, tough, and cast a country mile. my only problem is that this has absolutely no resemblance of the old accurist at all. it's still a great reel, though, especially for the price.

From: West Virginia, USA

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