Featuring dual cast control systems, the Quantum Antix Casting Reel employs both an external DynaMag magnetic braking system, as well as an internal ACS centrifugal braking system. This provides an astounding ten external adjustments and six internal adjustments, furnishing limitless possibilities and allowing you to precisely tune your reel for any fishing application in any weather conditions.

Anchored by a lightweight, one-piece Aluminum Frame, a total of 10 stainless steel bearings ensure reliably smooth casting and retrieving, and the Antix’s low profile design also ensures all-day ergonomic comfort. A convenient Flipping Switch allows you to engage your reel by simply lifting your thumb off the thumb bar, and the Antix’s Continuous Anti-Reverse virtually eliminates all reverse handle movement, dishing out rock solid hooksets and keeping reel shock to an absolute minimum.

Backed by Quantum’s Limited One-Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: GREAT reel. I've had it for a long time now, cast farther than any reel I've ever had, and I've had SEVERAL "top dollar" reels. VERY SMOOTHE  retrieve and I've pulled in 1-9 pound bass with ease! I was shocked to see these negative reviews.

From: Bass Buster: GA 5/8/14

Comments: I agree with Trey! I have had mine for more than a year(it's my only baitcaster) and it still works like a charm! If you take care of this reel it will last forever. Casts a mile and is super smooth. Works great for anything from flipping and pitching to throwing spinnerbaits. Worth every penny you just have to properly maintain it!

From: Bryon: CO

Comments: I bought a few of the Left Hand models... I've been Bass Fishing for over 30 years and have used everything from top of the line to bottom of the barrel. Before these I was using all Shimano Calcutta and Curados. In my opinion these are just as nice. If you know how to throw baitcasters you don't need the adjustment knobs. I have mine turned all the way down, never backlash, and can throw the lightest baits a mile. In my opinion very much worth $50..... Don't believe all the negative stuff...

From: JI: USA

Comments:  picked up the lefty model. You guys know how shimano for righty they have poweRgrips then lefty technical L grips. Well yea this lefty reel has knobs for right hand. Feels stupid. Other than that. It's pretty good for $50.

From: Dave: Stratford, CT

Comments: when i first got this real i put sufix braid on and it woundnt cast i took the braid of and put sufix mono and i can cast a mile youse mono if you get this reel

From: Hunter: TX

Comments: I agree with Andrew. Smoke is awesome but this reel is complete garbage. I was considering that I got a bad one so I tried to take it apart and clean it. It is near impossible to disassemble and I don't have any problems doing that with any of my reels. I just wanted a cheap reel that I could use for when I wanna pick something up real quick after I notice something but every time I do that I get a birds nest with this reel. I'll hang on to this one and use it for flippin even though the flippin switch does not work.

Comments: Horrible reel...my main gear...was grinding after 3 uses ...you get for what you pay...quantum smoke by far the best

From: Andrew: NC

Comments: I just really want to put this out there, if your reel goes bad over time, its not the reel, its how you care for it.

From: Trey


From: J The Dog Hunter: Garysburg, NC

Comments: A shame to the quantum name. If it doesn't say PT don't bother

From: Jonathon: TN

Comments: This reel is nice I got it last winter and I use it for cranks spinnerbaits and jigs it casts a mile for me

From: Jessie: Lompoc

Comments: I've had one for over a year and have  had absolutely none of the issues mentioned. None. It's smooth, strong and reliable. Period. It has also landed several fish up to 6lbs.

From: Dave: Indiana, USA

Comments: this is the same reel as the quantum kvd sig. thats made for basspro,and the escalade thats made for dicks...and let me tell you,all junk!!! i played with the kvd basspro version of this reel in store and it was already grinding and then i applied some force to test the drag and the reel locked/seized up,ok next...i was given this version of reel from dicks (the escalade hd) the reel looks great BUT same junk,that one reeled fine out of package but was toying with it and again put some force on the spool to test the drag and as soon as i did  i could hear the internals making some not so pleasent sounds.now when i reel it with no line even on it it makes funky sounds.the antix is the same reel as those mentioned above...AVOID ALL OF THEM!!!! heck i even think the code is better then this and thats not even that great of a reel,do yourself a favor if you wanna go cheap and are set on quantum look into the accurist (great flip n pitch reel) or the kinetic.i returned this piece of heap and ended up getting a lews (awesome reels for the money).so fellas,BEWARE of this turd.

From: Steveo: USA

Comments: ive had this reel for over a little more then a year now and at first it worked great but now it sucks it gets stuck every haf handel turn and the flipping switch is stuck in the "on" pisition dont wast your money on this reel

From: Shawn: Ontario, Canada

Comments: Dont waste your money. Easily the worst of all of the baitcasters I have ever used. The bearings erode themselves and the reel loses all castability within months.

From: Alex: NJ

Comments: Don't waste your money on this reel. I am a diehard Quantum user, but I bought 2 of these about six months ago, and they have to be the worst reel I ever purchased. I saw the bearings and thought it had to be a good deal. I bought 5 of the catalyst when they were on sale, and wish I would have bought 10. Stick with what you know works and don't waste your money on this piece of crap. It is very hard to set the tension on the spool without getting backlashes on almost every cast. I can almost freespool the Catalyst in the wind, but not this Antix. It is a pretty reel, if you just want to look at it. The best use I found for it, is spooling it up for my plug knocker.

From: Frank: GA

Comments: I caught about 6 fish throwing a buzz bait this morning at the California Delta. After the 3rd fish the drag started grinding heavily. Now no mater how I set the drag it grinds. Get the Accurist if you want a good reel. Mine has been amazing thus far.

From: RicRoc: Tracy, CA

Comments: Used it once, overall it showed some signs of it being a good reel but no matter how i adjusted it and what lure i threw it got backlash. I'm gonna give it a clean before i go out next time but its not lookin good, which if thats the case ill throw it in the closet and bring it out only for flippin and pitchin. I've had it with all the "antix" it has pulled on me.

Comments: Great reel cast good too. throwing cranks and rigs. The cast control is the best ive used in the pasted usually had problems throwing into the wind not mo more. now well see how it does for the long haul.

From: Jerry: Michigan, USA

Comments: I recently purchased 2 of these one of each gear ratio. So far both are doing grate, cast a long way, Easy to adjust the positive click on the drag is cool. Havent used it yet but the fliping switch is a cool feature. Way better then the Diawa Magaforce I bought last year and sold for $15.00 a peice to a buddy. I still fell guilty over that. Owell good fishing all.

From: Randle: Shandon, CA

Comments: I left a pretty good report on this reel before but it didnt take long for it to fall on its face. the gears started locking up and the drag washer fell apart.Its true you get what you pay for, should have got another energy.On a good note though tackle warehouse refunded the money no questions asked.

From: Kevin: Dover, FL

Comments: I am a diehard Quantum fan, but this reel stinks in overall use. I bought two and wish I would have bought one more Catalyst instead. I bought five Catalyst when it was on sale last year and love those reels. I saw this had nine ball bearings and thought this is a good reel for the price, I was wrong. In most cases you get what you pay for, which is the case here. Buy one quality reel instead of this one, just wait until a quality reel goes on sale. It does cast well and it feels ok, but by no means is it a quality reel. It feels cheap in casting and retrieving when you are already using other nice reels.

From: Frank: Georgia, USA

Comments: Great reel, nice long casts, and they have very good drag, smooth too, great for every fish you can think of!

From: Shawn: Michigan, USA

Comments: Good reel for the price I like the new internal brake system. Long time quantum fan and not dissapointed.

From: Kevin: Dover, FL

Comments: this is a amazing reel for under one hundred $ quantum did it again i recomed it to anyone how whants a reel under a hundred $

From: Tecumseh, Ontario Canada

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