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Featuring all-new styling and a new design, the Quantum Catalyst Casting Reel still delivers exceptional angler value. A dual cast control system, consisting of an internal ACS system and external magnetic system, provides six internal centrifugal control settings and ten external magnetic control settings - for the ultimate in casting precision. Its solid, lightweight Aluminum frame and gear sidecover also keep all moving parts in perfect alignment, and a 10 bearing system ensures fluid functioning. Quantum's unique Flippin Switch even allows anglers to engage the reel by simply lifting their thumb off the thumb bar, instead of using the other hand to crank the handle and engage the reel. Perfect for a host of bass fishing applications from flippin to tossing rattle traps, and everything in between, the all-new Quantum Catalyst Casting Reel does it all for a reasonable price.

Packed with a host of Quantum's advanced Performance Tuned features and a 10 bearing system, the Quantum Catalyst Casting Reel is redesigned, and sporting a whole new look.

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Comments: I bought this reel and had problems at first with power pro braid on it but finally got it tuned on my St. Croix mojo bass 7" thowing a jig will be picking up a 7"11 pole for flipping great reel now..

From: Blake: Bridgeville, DE 5/4/14

Comments: Picked this reel up in January. I waited to submit a review until I could really put it through the paces. I use this really primarily on my swimbait rod, although in a pinch I used it for some skipping docks when another reel had a problem during a tournament. This is a VERY smooth casting and retrieving. It has a very well designed cast control system and was very easy to dial in for it's intended purpose. This is a very good sub-$150 reel.

From: Mike: Lakeland, FL 4/15/14

Comments: Purchased this reel at the beginning of the summer to put on my frog pole and love it. I run 50lb test braid through it and it casts no problem. I've also used it pitching and flipping and it works like a charm. Would definitely recommend it for the price!

From: Kendall: Mansfield, TX

Comments: amazingly smooth i can compare it to my MGXtreme its light durable and good quality

From: Dane: ktown Pa

Comments: I use this reel for punching and with jigs and I love but I really wanted to use braid so I put some power pro braid on it and I can't get it tuned right. I'm hoping its just the type of braid. Because it just doesn't wanna cast no matter how I set the magnetic drag or cast control

Comments: I finally did something which I wish I had done weeks ago now. I bought this amazing reel a couple days ago. I decided to pair it with a seven foot medium heavy Abu Garcia Vendetta and it does not disappoint. Together they perform excellently, and the combo is very good for using with sensors and punching. Although if you want to crank with it, it still performs well and when you get the cast control and drag system dialed it casts a mile. I'd highly recommend this reel to anyone, especially for the price. I've had reels that I've bought from Shimano and Abu Garcia for $160 and upwards that don't perform this well.

Comments: Best reel I have owned.  I have had the Curado and citica, and have used my buddy's chronarch, and this out performs all of them.  It casts a miles, I can even cast a weightless plastic decently far.  Once you tune in the brakes you will have a flawless reel.  Works very well with my St. Croix rage. Thanks Quantum.

From: Cody: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I have used Quantum reels since about 1999 without any issues or problems.  I bought the Catalyst near the ens of last season.  I spooled it with 30lb Power Pro Slick and it would cast a mile.  Once I got the brake and drag all sorted out, it never birdnested once, ( and I intentionally tried).  Quantum hit the nail right on the head with this real, especially for the angler on a budget.  It's definately worth the price.  I have used Pfluger, Daiwa, Shimano, and Quantum reels in both casting and spinning and I always reach for the Quantum's.  I combine them with Fenwick and St Croix rods and that set-up works the best for me, especially during tournaments.  Well done Quantum.

From: Jeff: Canada

Comments: Great reel. Bought it for flipping, but casts so well i switched my $200 Abu Garcia to a flipping reel and used this (Catalyst) for casting. Plan on buying more.

From: Aaron: Lake Kissimmee, FL

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