New to the Quantum PT baitcast lineup for 2009 is the Catalyst PT, in four models. Catalyst PT features 7 PT hybrid polymer-stainless bearings and is available with Quantum's exclusive "Burner" 7.0:1 gear ratio, or a powerful 6.3:1 gear set. Weighing in at just 7.5 ounces, Catalyst PT utilizes the new one-piece aluminum frame design giving it a lower profile while retaining the strength you expect from every PT reel. Micro ACS cast control provides precision adjustment, externally, to fine-tune your cast. Catalyst PT reels also feature MaxCast aluminum spools (V-spool on Burner model), as well as the new powerful ceramic drag. You can also select either a right- or left-hand retrieve to suit your style of fishing.

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Reel Specs
Bearings: 7PTBB
Line Cap: 12/110yd
Bearings: 7PTBB
Line Cap: 12/135yd

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have owned this reel for 3 years and is still holding up. Super smooth, lightweight, and low profile so it fits perfectly in my hand. I use it for just about anything, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, plastics, topwater, and even smaller swimbaits. And for an amazing price you couldn't go wrong with getting this reel. So glad TW put them back on their site, I will soon buy another!

From: Brennan: WV, USA

Comments: This reel is quality period and with quantum when you spend 100 plus dollars your going to get a good reel, I have had my catalyst for a year now on a 7' MH Berkley lightning rod, 15 lb seguar invix, and have caught numerous 3 and 4 lb fish and 3 in the 8 to 9 lb range, had no problems what so ever reel is very smooth and the drag is smooth as silk, I own 8 quantum reels there all i throw, 4 accurist,  1 catalyst, 1 kinetic, 1 energy, and a shaw grigsby 6 bearing, they alol preform flawless, excellent reels!

From: Will: NC

Comments: really great reel. i have this reel on a mojo bass spinnerbait rod and it is the perfect combo. this reel isnt the best at casting light lures..(senko, fluke, ect..) but is amazing for spinnerbaits and paddletails or anything like that. mine is 2 years old and i have used it basically every day of those two years, probably cleaned twice...if that, and it feels like i bought it yesterday

From: Kurt: Annandale, NJ

Comments: This is an awesome little reel! Casts great and handles well under preasure. I have it paired with a Lake Fork Fast action med/hvy rod and its an awesome combo. Hooked into some reds (between 12 to 16 lbs) last summer and I was quite impressed. Drag was flawless and had plenty of power to turn them towards the boat. I own the Smoke, Accurist, and the Catalyst and Im happy with them all. Hard to decide which one to fish with.

From: Charlie: Austin, TX

Comments: A good reel, but I find lacks in the drag system. I can lock into a 3 lbs in light cover, or simply throw a deep diver and lock onto any size and it almost always slips on me. Great casting and haven't any serious problems with professional overrun. I've played with the accurist in the 7.0:1 gearing and noticed similar things. Haven't played with the 6.3:1 model in this one, but can completely rely on the accurist 6.3:1

From: Jared: Boise, Idaho

Comments: just like all quantum pt reels this reel is amazing. i own all quantum and this is the only reel i have had a problem with and the problem was minor. the reel handle was loose all i had to do was tighten the screw on the handle. wish quantum would stay with the one piece no screw handle but its not a huge problem. over all a 4 out of 5 stars for this reel.

From: Jonathon: Mt. Juliet, TN

Comments: I've purchased two of these reels, one for top water and one for cranking. I fish about twice a week and have caught several 5+lb bass on both. This reel does not have the strong gears to run deep crank baits. It feels like it's struggling reeling in anything that dives deeper than ten feet. As for top water, it doesn't really have the muscle to pull bass out of the thick stuff.

From: Wes: Ft. Worth, TX

Comments: i was fishing this reel in the ocean for bluefin tuna in cabo. a marlin hit the line and it was game over. my 6 pound test held up but the reel didn't. i got spooled and the reel blew up right in my hand it was like a fire cracker. well thats all i got to say about that. ps. dont use it in cabo.

From: Derek: Cabo San Lucas

Comments: Well finally my review of the Catalyst, sort of.  So far Sweet reel!! Once dialed in it performs great! Have only locked up a few fish with this one so far but again I haven't been able to get it out too much as I cannot leave my Accurist alone.  I have made a promise to leave the Accurist home and only use my Catalyst with my Powell 702CB glass........excellent set up BTW with 12lb P-Line CXX, so far though got to say Quantum did very well with this model. I look forward to getting another one I have mine through some more paces. I laud the Accurist but for a slight upgrade this reel is excellent! BTW I got the burner.

From: Christian: Mesa, AZ

Comments: This will be my second time buying two of these reels at a time from TW, and they deserve another positive review. Unbeatable customer service, and they always have qualilty products in stock. I own 5 of these reels, and have a hard time justifying buying anything else. They perform flawlessly, have the same body style as the TE and Energy, and are extremely smooth. Adequate drag and easy tuning make this my reel of choice again and again. Thank you TW.

From: Marc: Lake Orion, MI

Comments:I've bought two of these from TW and they're great. Beats paying top dollar for energy reels, and still perform great. Haven't had a problem and likely never will.

From:Marc: Lake Orion, MI

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