The Quantum Code Casting Reel boasts an impressive list of features at a price tag anglers can appreciate.  A total of 8 ball bearings provides consistently smooth casts and retrieves, and the Code’s lightweight, One-Piece Aluminum Frame and Metal Sidecover also deliver the strength and durability to resist flexing and keep the reel’s Magnum Gears in perfect alignment for a more fluid transfer of cranking power.

The ACS-II Adjustable External Centrifugal Cast Control provides excellent cast control, and you don’t even have to remove the side cover to access it.  Also equipped with a Flipping Switch, you can flip and pitch without having turn the handle to re-engage the reel, allowing for instant hooksets and more landed fish. Available in a speedy 6.4:1 or a blazing fast 7.0:1 gear ratio, the Quantum Code Casting Reel is a stellar performer at a great price.

Additional Features:

Continuous Anti-Reverse
Backed by Limited 0ne-Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought this reel at a discount and am very satisfied.  Using it to flip with braid line and it has worked nicely.  High end reels are great but for fishing on a budget this is just fine.  All manufacturers have products that come from the factory less that satisfactory and not just in the case of fishing.  Test your product before taking to the lake and send it back for a replacement if there are issues. 

From: Functional over fancy: Akron, OH

Comments: This reel worked good for me for 1 month after i bought it, then the gears inside would grind like crazy. Eventually it would cast anymore. Do not get this reel its garbage.

From: Alexander: NJ, USA

Comments: this is a follow up to my first post in which i said this reel was improperly made. i have fished with the reel a few times and it actually quit grinding inside so maybe the gears had a burr or something that wore off, i dont know, but it does actually work. its still a super cheap made and poor casting reel but it will function.

From: NC

Comments: this reel is a rag, bottom line, end off story, period. i bought it on sale and thought how bad could it be... um awful, it grinds inside like its ten yrs old. im no stranger to cheap reels i bought this reel to replace a $30 bill dance special, but this reel is simply not made correctly. five dollars is too much.

From: NC

Comments: I did not buy this from TW. It is a great reel I have the combo set up and use it for big worms and frog fishing. I take care of the reel and it will last. Buy this if you don't want to spend too much and want something that will get the job done!!!! You will not go wrong when you buy a quantum.

From: Grant: Auburn,Al,USA

Comments: I can't see why there so many negative reviews for this reel. I've been using this reel, on, and off for the last 2 Bass seasons, and it's performed wonderfully, No issues with it whatsoever. I have it paired w/ a 6'10" Abu Garcia Vengeance rod, and it's one tough combo to beat. I primarily use this set-up for Smallie's, but it's pulled in quite a few large Pike in the double digit range, and it brought them in with ease. I'm not into "flippin'", so I can't comment on that feature, but everything else is A.O.K., I have this reel spooled with 30lb braid, and I can cast light spinner's almost out of sight, as far as others complaining about the mag control not having the full 10 setting's, I suggest you practice your thumb control. Good Luck, and Good Fishin', Andy.

From: Andy: Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

Comments: GREAT REEL FOR PRICE! I love the flipping switch which really comes in handy for flipping trees, stumps etc: It cast a mile if you know how to adjust a bait-cast real unlike half of the other people who reviewed it. The color and look is awesome! it reals in line very smoothly. totally recommend it!

From: Alexander: Mays landing, NJ USA

Comments:  I mean I havent had problems with it at all. Casts smoothly, good drag, reeling is smooth. easy to take apart and clean. handles braid well too. i have the 7:1 gear ratio and i use it for frogggin primarily. however for $80, go with a lews. those are really the best reels at all price ranges.

From: Scotty: VA

Comments: I have 2 of these and I haven't had any problems with them, but then I take care of my equipment.  Good reels for the price, couple drops of oil on the bearings once a month and good to go.  Handles braid just fine, no issues with the drag as they are smooth since I fish lighter drags due to no line stretch with braid.  I would recommend these but if you can afford a bit more also have 2 of the Accurist PT's and they are a great reel as well.  Both quality products from Quantum.

From: William: Long Beach, CA

Comments: I have the KVD Signature Series of this reel and like most reels, it has its ups & downs. I do plenty of flippin' & punchin' so the flippin' switch comes in handy for me. It has a strong drag and I love the wiffle spool on it. I don't like how it only has 3 brake settings and the handles are a bit too small for my liking. Other than that, it's a solid reel and I would probably buy a couple more.

From: Justin: Lakeland, FL

Comments: The reel is okay,  I bought it for 85 bucks I wouldnt do it again. Its not the best casting reel you really have to baby it to get it to cast well. loves to backlash. you would be lucky if it would last you a year without junking out. Don't go cheap on your reels you will regret it in the long run.

From: Matt: MN

Comments: I see there are mixed reviews on this item.  I have 2 of them I picked up on sale and I don't have any problems with mine.  But then I keep my tackle maintained and I'm sure if I didn't oil my reels every month and let them be they would probably get a bit rough.  If you know how to cast and have an educated thumb then casting isn't a problem once you get the settings right.  If you expect the reel not to backlash and expect it to make you look like KVD, sorry it's not gonna happen.  Plenty of cranking power to pull fish out of cover and the drag could be a bit

Comments: This cast horrible and the drag is very weak. It's so bad I don't ever use it anymore. Stick with Abu Garcia revo line of reels.

Comments: i wouldn't classify this reel as junk, but don't form an opinion of quantum by this reel alone. not near the quality of any of the pt reels produced by quantum.  not too bad for a cheap backup reel, but surely not an everyday user.

From: Dan: WV

Comments: I own 2 of them now the 7.0 & 6.3 and wouldn't trade them for any other brand. For those of you who can't throw the code because of the 3 adjustment break dial I'll send my mom over to teach you how I know 9 year olds that can whip the code with no problem. Quantum doesn't help me catch better fish it helps me catch fish better.

From: Blake: Columbus

Comments: JUNK!!!! Never again will I buy a Quantum Reel, I'm going to stick with the Lews!

From: Andy: Waycross, GA

Comments: This is a very good reel I haven't had any problems what so ever with my reel I have a smoke and a Devi and this is close. I have mi e on a code rod as well and it's great for tube and flipping jigs, easy to adjust and fits the hand well.

From: Mike: Duluth, MN

Comments: Don't waste your money, got one of these for christmas this past year put it on a rod and used it for three or four weeks and in those weeks it managed to make me more mad than any other reel I own.  First of all if you throw a backlash there is a good chance the line will get caught between the spool and frame and it will knick your line up.  More than that though after replacing the line, I went out to fish a tournament and hung about a 7 or 8 lb fish on a crank bait and when she made her last surge the drag stopped and broke her off.  Needless to say it's been sitting on the shelf since that tournament.

From: Jake: Greer, SC

Comments: Six months ago I ordered a Quantum Code and a Quantum Kinetic. I love the Kinetic. I get great casting distance and a nice smooth retrieve. As far as the code goes  ... Worst reel I have ever used. It has absolutely no casting distance what so ever. I ordered it thinking I could spend a little less money and get a decent reel. I've found even with baits weighing up to an ounce I still get no distance on my cast.. I decided to try to find a use for this reel and use it for pitching soft plastics.The line does not come off the reel smooth enough to even do that. Like stated before you can either set your drag to free spool and backlash every time, or you can cast about 10 feet if you throw overhand with some serious effort. This reel should not be for sale, big waste of money. It has no place on my boat or anyone elses.

From: Matt: Pasco, WA

Comments: Not exactly what i was expecting. I bought this reel over a year ago and did not like it from day one. It's not very smooth and has had a nice since the first cast. The advanced braking system was a fail. You either have to sling the mes out of your lure to get it to go anywhere or you can loosen the ABS and backlash everytime. I would spend the extra money on the energy. By far the best reel on the market.

From: Sam: Savannah, GA

Comments: Add on to previous review:  After a week long bass fishing trip I found this rod is best suited on a 6'6" Medium rod.  I was able to throw texas rigged 5" grubs, worms, and even small shallow water cranks with ease and accuracy.  It may not be the best reel on the market but with some tweeking, I found a good home for it.  It does squeak sometimes but some sewing machine oil lubes it up and it gets quiet.  I would buy again.

From: Kirk: Roscoe, IL

Comments: I snagged this reel for a 4th of July trip I was taking. I got it as a combo with a Code 6'10 rod, I absolutly LOVE this setup. I was using Abu Garcia Ambassador 6600's until I snagged this baby. Its super light, and I love the low profile. I havent had any problems with drag or feel during retrieve... My guess is people expect 200$ quality even in the 80$ range. This reel, really is amazing for this price range.  NOTE: as someone said, the only flaw is the fine tuning brake only has 4 positions, free, 3,6, and 9. It would be sweet if it had all 10.

From: Kyle: Ocoee, FL

Comments: Ive used this reel(code Red) for pitchin and flippin thick cover as well as deep water structure, and havnt had a problem with reeling or casting. reels smooth cast smooth lightweight. only issue is the line guide is loose but no problems thus far. anti reverse is even better than the code black and other reels of similar price. good reel.

Comments: great reel I have landed countless 3lbers with it

From: Chance: Rockdale, TX

Comments: I have had this reel for a little over a year now and I have not been that impressed with it. The line guide pawl has messed up on me and now the reel sticks on one side on the retrieve. It is an 8 bearing system and is not even close to as smooth as my Accurist which is a 5 bearing system. I am looking at going with a Revo for my next reel.

From: Cody: Atoka, OK

Comments: Smooth at first, but this reel cannot handle the stress of even occasional fishing. Just as some of the other reviewers have stated, it is all over once this reel gets a little wet. My other baitcaster is a quantum catalyst and I would strongly reccomend spending the extra money for it. It is an amazing reel. With the quantum code, its so hard to lock in a decent setting, and even if you are able to, nothing about it feels smooth after repeated use. Get the catalyst.

From: Frank: New York

Comments: Unlike others, no issues with the casting ability of this reel.  Smooth and get great distance with accuracy.  I run mine with the brake in first setting and the spool almost completely free-spooling.  Use thumb control and no issues. Do wish that the brake control had a full 10 brake positions but personal thumb control works.

From: Kirk: IL

Comments: P.O.S  Drag stripped out when I hung up on a stump with 17lb fluorocarbon. Backlashed often. There are better reels for a few bucks more.

From: Danny: Milan, TN

Comments: i got the code last week and it was great... out of the box. and then i took it fishing, and it was all down hill from there. the line guide broke, it screaches when you cast, and it reels that there is sand in the gears. i have took it apart, greases, fine cleaned it, and it STILL reels rough. i will say, it looks great, and feals good in your hand. but othere than that, this reel is not what quantum i sknown for. i have fished them for 15 years, and this is my first "lemon". i have gone through 2 in the last 6 months and im done trying. i recomend spending just a little bit mor money and getting the accurist pt, or... the abu garcia orra in an amazing reel as well. way better than the code by a long shot. but quantum code.... sorry, but youre sh$%!.

Comments:  I love this reel.  You can not beat it for the price.  I use th 7.0:1 for spinner baits paired with a Skeet Reese rod and have pulled several big fish out of the weeds including a 15lb pike on the CT river with no issues.

From: Bruce: East Hartford, CT

Comments: I love quantum, but this reel just isnt what you want, hard to crank and kind of week. save up and buy a pt.

Comments: I had one of these for two weeks before it started to whine upon the cast. Even if it needed some oil, after only two weeks of moderate use? I don't think any manufacturer makes a good reel for $80. Save your money and buy a Revo. You won't be sorry.

From: Joe: Wisconsin, USA

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