Weighing in at less than 6-ounces - the Quantum EXO PT Casting Reels shoot conventional reel design full of holes with their revolutionary EXO-skeletal hybrid construction. By combining special, ultra-rigid aluminum alloy in load bearing areas with lightweight composite that reduces weight in non-critical locations by 50%, Quantum was able to build the lightest possible frame with absolutely no sacrifice in strength. In fact, it’s 38% stronger than magnesium and 6-times stronger than a graphite composite frame. Even the EXO’s aluminum drive gear is ported to remove excess weight.

The reels' EXO Cast Control, a micro-sized version of Quantum's exclusive ACS cast control system, also offers a wide range of centrifugal brake settings that can be fine-tuned with the turn of a dial (easily accessed under a removable side cover). Factor in the low start-up inertia of the Exoskeletal Super Light Spool, and it all adds up to longer casts. The reel’s exclusive EXO CSC Drag System also features a series of carbon, stainless steel and ceramic disks for an extremely smooth drag that can take the heat of any fishing situation. Addition by subtraction, Quantum shaved weight from the EXO PT Casting Reels in every place they could afford for a difference you'll feel on the water.

Tackle Tour Innovation Award
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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought 2 both have had issues one started grinding right away bought new gears for 30 bucks which fixed it but had same problem with the new smoke also have energy pt reels which the thumb bar broke on one mind you I haven't had any of these Reels over a year think I'll go back to lews


Comments: Great Reel, Incredibly smooth casting & retrieve, so don't worry about the price it's a little spendy but well worth the money

From: Tanner: Rudd, IA 2/21/16

Comments: I just picked this reel up on black friday & for the sale price it was definitely worth the price. Kind of upset there isn't a left handed version of the reel but I think I can deal with the right handed retrieve. Overall the drag is powerful & the reel is so smooth. A lot of people have been complaining about the backlashes that they get constantly but I haven't had that problem at all. I would definitely recommend this reel if you can get it dialed in quick.

From: Logan: Berlin, CT 12/15/15

Comments: It is incredibly smooth, casts like a dream, and has excelled in all conditions and applications. Knowing what I know now I should have ordered more of them. If you are looking for a great reel do yourself a favor and give this one a try. Don't let the negative reviews scare you, you won't regret buying this great reel.

From: Zach: Manitowoc, WI 8/5/15

Comments: I bought the exo 100hpt at a very very low price from another site without doing any research on the reel. While waiting for it to be delivered I started reading reviews for the reel and thought I had really wasted my money. Everywhere I looked people complained about the riveted reel seat and the "horrible" pt bearings. Well it arrived and I spooled it up with 10# yozuri hybrid, put it on a 6'8" clarus rod and headed out to the pond. This reel will straight up launch a 3/8 oz jig. It outcast my lews tp and my tdz big time using the same rod, line and jig. I have now had it over a month and have fished it every day with no reel seat or bearing problems. It's still super smooth and out fishes my other reels. If your thinking about getting one, don't let a few bad reviews turn you away. I know if I would have read reviews on it earlier, I would not have bought it and would have missed out on one hell of a reel.

From: Michael: NC 1/3/15

Comments: I just naught one of these and all I can say is wow light, has power, and most important puts fish in the boat. I paired with a duckett 7' 3" heavy action rod and it is the lightest combo I have ever felt and the most sensitive totally worth the money

From: Aric: Siloam Springs, AR 6/30/14

Comments: Just got one of these and this thing is amazing. Very smooth, no grinding noises, and I love how this reel free spools, sorry I don't like a reel that doesn't spin, have a thumb that works great to slow the spool down, so dialing it in for me is get it as free flowing as I can without the spool shifting back and forth from it being too loose. It's a great reel, love Quantum products and have had no issues with any of their reels.

From: William: Long Beach, CA 3/5/14

Comments: all the bad reviews are true this reel sucks u back lash until u get it Dialed in the post the holds the reel to the rod is loose and the reel jiggles a lot and after a couple casts the reel makes a terrible grinding sound

From: Marshall: FL

Comments: love these reels! I see a lot of bad reviews on here about this reel and can't understand it, I have 3 exo's and love each one, they are super lite, smooth as can be & seem pretty tuff. I have braid on each of them and have hauled in up to 30Lbs strippers on them. Im hoping they go on sale when the tour MG comes out so I can fill out my line up with another 2,  maybe a 201 & 301.

From: Jon: pa, USA

Comments: Okay guys.. Notice how everyone that has a bad review on this reel is an old review.. My theory is that the exo had issues when first released. But now this reel is so freaken dialed in its unreal.. Incredibly comfortable to palm so smooth.. And all that and 5.9oz. Im not gonna say this thing outcasts a core it doesn't lets be realistic. But in my opinion its a better reel. More comfortable and smoother. Listen all you shimano fans time to come to the other side  qauntem. Don't get me wrong i own many of shimanos. But i will buy another exo. And this thing still casts far the core can outcast it by much.

From: Peter: NH

Comments: One of the best reels in my lineup. I haven't strayed too far from the Curado or Chronarch since I've started fishing but this has been a Great! Investment. Why buy a super light rod and bog it down with a clothes iron. It makes no sense to savor an additional 15 ft of casting distance from non 1,000.00 Shimano. Dude if your like me and hate the weight this is it man. This reel won't give you the extra 15 ft at the end of a 50 yard cast like a Core. But it is so light and comfy its unreal. Flat out Stallion! A solid 10. Tackletour has a review of them catching friggin Peacock bass with this thing handling them like perch. Superlight and Solid. Do yourself a favor and lighten up that expensive rod for a day of really cushiony comfy fishing. Throw like a Pro "F" the Shimano. This thing is unreal and seriously if your trying to cast 17 lb fluro for all those 4 lb fish your catching ...expect backlash on any reel not to mention a very short cast. I like to anchor down and mow down some
fish from as far back as I can get and this is way to do it!

From: If I fish I Catch: Gretna, La. U.S.

Comments: I have used quantum products for years. I have also tried other reels by other makers.  When it comes to the EXO I can tell you they are the best reel I have used.  The negative reviews are from guys who love another brand and not giving honest review. I own the 6.3, 5.3 and 7.3. I will continue to buy them and continue to rely on them. The EXO is lighter and stronger and for those that are having them break must be pounding on them with a sledge hammer. I have banged mine on the boat, docks, rocks and concrete. it looks like heck but its works like new. Go ahead and buy one. You wont regret it..

From: Mike: Blair, NE U.S.A.

Comments: you have gotta love haters that put people off of buying an excellent product, but go ahead and listen to them so people that own them can outcast, outperform, and flat out out fish you with a very light, very strong reel with smooth casting, cranking, and drag, the quantum exo. Ps. The easiest way to get the side plate off tho get to the acs cast control is to slide the spool sideways with your thumb and catch the side plate with your other hand

From: Connor: MS

Comments: I have owned revo stx, revo winch, ardent, lews, shimano curados, Daiwa zillion, and pinnacles and the exo outcast and out fishes any of them. I'm going to h2o express from academy now though

From: Larry: meridian ms

Comments: once you get the reel dialed in to what your throwing, it can't be beat, but until then, good luck casting. Only had the side plate fall off once for no reason thankfully I caught it otherwise it would be at the bottom of Bartlett lake. Used the 7.3:1 on my 6'9" duckett and 14 lb sunline and went to work catching them on a spider jig. Bottom line, if you have the money and time to dial it in this reel is for you.

From: Tommy

Comments: JUNK! I bought a brand new quantum smoke and exo the same day and was thrilled when I got them. Spooled em both up headed to the lake and what a disappointment. Both reels sounded like old coffee grinders when retrieving. Also what's up with the aluminum bearings really quantum? The smoke wasn't as bad as my exo was but IMO there not worth there hefty price tag when you get a Chronarch or Revo Premiere which are better reels for much less. Shimano 4 life!!!

From: CJ: PA

Comments: my reel seat also has come loose, it jiggles a slight bit in the rod/rod connection, i love the reel and hope i didnt waste my money on this, does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix the problem???

From: Uriah: OK, USA

Comments: Demo'd one of these bad boys back in January. Paired with a Halo Daylite series casting rod it was the lightest combo I've ever felt. I put 50# braid on it and ran a Gambler Big EZ over some flooded kissimee grass and it performed better than I expected.  What I liked most about this real was the ultra fast gear ratio that allowed me to quickly retrieve those long casts after a missed strike and get another go at the fish. My Partner and I took first place that Boat US College tournament hosted by the Florida College Bass Trail. Thanks for the support with college fishing Tackle Warehouse, love the reel and the Demo program!

From: Joe: MO

Comments: So i head to my fav bait shop to buy a new Revo but he doesnt have them only carries the round Abu's which is what i have always used. then I saw the Exo and i loved it.  So i get it home and go to the pond by my house. It cast great for the first 15-20 cast's then i cast again and the side cover fly's off and into the pond. Lucky for me it was only 2 ft of water about 3 ft off the bank. So i put it back together and try again. Same thing 15 or so cast's and there it goes agin. In about an hour it flew off many times each time bird nesting. The problem is i cast with my left hand and it pushes the lever that locks the side case on forward and off goes the side along with the spool.  I landed a few smallies so i was happy with that and the reel worked great but i left the pond that day went to that other shop in town and bought a revo premier. The exo is a great reel and so is the revo. I cant cast one any farther than the other. The revo feels more solid and it doesnt come apart when i cast it. If i casted with my right hand i would be happy with either reel but i don't so with that said i now have a exo for sale.

From: Riverdog: Columbus, OH

Comments: I am not completely sure why quantum created this reel. They already had a light real with the smoke that got terrible reviews due to the unsmooth feeling of the aluminum bearings. Now they took the same concept of the smoke and put it in a different frame that really only dropped about a half oz. I would encourage buyers to check out the revo sx. I literally switched over to these from smokes and it felt like it was a $500 going back to a reel with regular bearings

From: Josh: IL

Comments: I am surprised to see any bad reviews...this reel is amazing...5.9 ounces, ULTRA smooth, casts wonderfully, pitches very light rigs...great grips, swept handle...fits so well in the palm...I guess some ppl complain about cast control. I think all these different cast controls these days are over-rated...reels with the cetrifugal, and the outer magnetic, and some other braking with "37 settings!" are non-sense...they r for show and only the centrifugal does anything...not all 3...why would u need more than 4 or 5 settings to cast along w/ the tension knob? The cast control is perfectly great IMO...but I never touch it. The reel's a workhorse for a great price. Ur buggin' if u don't think this reel is great. I also fish and own high end Shimano, and Abu Garcia so i'm not a "Quantum Guy" or nething.

From: Tanner: Southeastern, MA

Comments: I have the 5.3:1 for cranking and it is the perfect reel for the job. It is obviously very light which helps for those long crankin days. But what impressed me is how strong this thing is. I think the drag is up to like 17 pounds or something and the gears are very strong. It also seems to cast better with the heavier things from little 3/8 ounces of lipless crankbaits all the way up to those heavy, hard pulling deep divers. And with 11 bearings it is extremely smooth. Great reel.

From: Matt: TX

Comments: This reel is OK but for the money i would buy a lews BB1 and save 75$, then again it wobbles on the reel seat. Save your money and buy LEWS!

From: Sam: FL

Comments: Last winter I got 3 of these. Lightweight? Yes.  But the cast control settings requiring removal of the siteplate sucks.  Sent 2 of them back to Quantum - one the connector plate on the bottom came loose, causing the reel to wobble uncontrolably, the other the handles literally fell off of.  Maybe I got 2 bad reels? Quantum did replace them no questions asked, so their customer service gets a thumbs up. But this winter I sold all 3 on eBay at a loss and switched to Daiwa Zillions.  Night & Day.

From: That Guy: Chicago, IL

Comments: sold mine, bought an shimano alderbaran bfs xg , win for me

From: Chris: Nashville, TN

Comments: this reel is not worth anything they wobble on the reel seat, handles fall off, free spool sticks. Etc. I have owned a lot of different reels this one stinks. You are better off with anything else

From: Marc: Baton Rouge, LA

Comments: its ok i guess the only problem ive had with it is the braking sytem moves by its self so you have to reset it all the time. somtimes it backlashes for no reasen too

From: Morgan: US

Comments: I Got my Exo in the mail and was able to really put it through its paces today. Right out of the box the reel felt solid and sturdy, not sure why people say it feels cheap,all I could feel was a smooth retrieve and the lightest reel I have ever fished. I was able to really test it out, I spooled it with 15lb line and tried multiple techniques such as flipping/pitching,cranking,and jig/Texas rig. I was able to land multiple fish on different methods including a 4 pounder on a swim jig. It's held up great so far and once you get used to the internal breaking it is very easy to use, especially since you only need two setting "free" and the middle setting. My only complaint is that there is one kinda sharp edge under the handle that can cause discomfort when casting. Overal great reel, will be buying one or two more.

From: Jonathon: TN

Comments: I own all quantums and can out fish and outcast anybody. Thanks quantum

From: best fisherman on this review page

Comments: casts very nice, does feel kinda cheap, side plate fell off out of no where and is at the bottom of old hickory lake. will quantum replace that?

From: Chris: Nashville, TN

Comments: Using the 6.6:1 as an all purpose reaction bait reel. Set the cast control to about the middle setting and haven't had to change it, just the spool tension. Casts my swim jig a mile and the foam grips are comfortable. Was leery of Quantum but glad I picked up this reel

From: Matt: NY

Comments: bought 2 early spring used it for jigs and a the other for shallow cranks. 1 the reel foot came loose and no is moving around on my rod (fix this my adding a bit of tape around the reel) 2 the srews on the handel broke in two while fighting the fish on one of the reels and lost the handel in the lake. and finnaly the exo skeleton desing was not built right on both of my reel and after 2 weeks of fishing my hands looked like i went crazy with a dull knife. do your self a favor dont buy this reel or if you did already send back

From: Shawn: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I AGREE WITH JIM..didnt like it...but i love my 2 mgx i have...i hope to get 2 more MGX..

From: Big John G: Stafford, VA

Comments: This reel is deffentily not something that actual fishermen would use, it is cheap plastic and is very difficult to tune a bait, it is also way over priced, if you you are looking for something that is lightweight and good quality you shold most deffenitly give the revo mgx a try.

From: Jim: Austin, TX

Comments: I have a lot of quantum reels and when i first seen the exo come out i jumped on it and bought and after fishing with it nearly everyday it is not holding up worst quantum ever ill stick with shimano.

From: Nic: IL

Comments: I won this reel in a raffle thank god i didnt waste my money on it. Quantum should be ashamed of themselves for producing junk like this and at 250 bucks. Nightmare to tune as well!

From: Jason: So Cal

Comments: Ive had a Smoke 100 series reel ever since they came out and have loved it.  Ive never been a quantum fan but figured i would try them again and get a 5.3 Exo for a new cranking setup. After one day of fishing i decided to send the reel back.  This reel may be super light but it has some serious quality issues.  The brake system would randomly "adjust" to a different settings after a handful of casts and then the thumb button would try springing back "up" every so often and would grind the gears terribly.  If this reel was in the $100 range i could live with it.  Quantum need to make some serious changes to this reel.

From: Jeff: Glen Ellyn, IL

Comments: What a PIECE of $&$&$&$, after owning many different brands I can not belief I spent the money on such a poor product. I to have many of the same problems as other posting i.e., loose reel seat, unexpected engaging of thumbar, etc. Quantum I know you review the post how about I send you back the reel and you give a refund or another reel. DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!

From: Billy: Nashville

Comments: I got 2 of these over the winter, and had an opportunity to give them a good workout already this spring.  Both are falling apart.  On one, the foot on the bottom that connects to the reel seat is loose - its rivited onto the body - so the reel moves around considerably.  On the other, both of the keeper screws that hold the handles on fell out, causing both handles to come off in my hand while fighting a fish.  I've been a Quantum guy for years, but as of today, I'm selling all 8 of my reels on eBay and moving to Abu.

From: WB: Plainfield, IL

Comments: This is a great performer but, not really my cup of tea. I bought this reel because of the light weight and the hype. I have had this reel on several rods and every time I get a new reel this one seems to take another step back. It casts great and has never failed me but, for some reason it just doesn't feel right for me and I don't even know why. I do like it a lot better that any Quantum reel that I have by a long way. The only way that I would buy another is if the price was in the $100- $125 range for a new one. Not a bad reel at all, just not for me.

From: Dano: KY

Comments: This reel is absolutely insane. Won't be phasing out all of my reels because of the price - but I sure wish I could. I bought the 7:3:1 for my froggin duties, matched it with a 7` heavy gloomis GL2... what an unreal combo. Extremely light, smooth as silk. Not a huge fan of the location of the centrifugal brakes - but if you're spending 250 on a reel, then you probably don't need your training wheels anymore (I hope).

From: Bud: Swan Lake, NY

Comments: Finally Got to use this real today, and it performed absolutely amazing. Some of the other reviewers that said the drag was weak, but i beg to differ. I was flipping the nastiest wood cover and had it paired with an 8' Dobyns champion flippin stick, and not once did it slip or seem weak. I was able to horse them out. And it was a very smooth reel too. Do yourself a favor and buy a quantum because the new shimano reels are just absolutely awful in my opinion. The Exo PT is a great reel.

From: Cole: Ontario, Canada

Comments: Just bought two of the 5:3:1 EXO's for all my cranking. I have never been a Quantum guy before, I love my Revos, but this reel is awesome!! I have three Revo Winch's and two Shimano E5's and this reel is far superior to both of these hands down. I was a little leery at first in spending this $$ on a brand that has had their issues in the past, but personally I feel like they finally turned the corner and have something to compete with the "big boys" with this reel. I also own two of the new Revo MGX reels and this reel is every bit as good. And that is something that I NEVER thought I would say when comparing a Quantum to a Revo!!

From: Matt: Turlock, CA

Comments: Best reel ive had so far.  From what i have seen from alot of peoples comments and reviews is either people that do not actually own the reel, or either die hard shimano or garcia fans.  People that say that break and are cheap obviously do not own the reel, but are jus bias.  I fish around 2 to 3 tournaments a month and i have to say this reel paired with duckett rods could be sweetest combo i have come across so far.  So if your in the market for a high performance reel take it from someone who owns several of these reels and defiantly invest in the Quantum EXO!

From: Travis: MS

Comments: WOW....I enjoy hearing people say that this reel feels cheap. O it feels cheap because it is one of the lightest reels on the market. This reel does not feel cheap at all, if you like fishing with light stuff all day that works great go with this reel or the smoke. You could also go with a Shimano because they are made in Japan. Who cares if they are made in Japan or China same thing to me, all that I care about is having a good reel that will performs great. If you want to buy the name, quality and place its made buy a Shimano, if you want to buy an outstanding reel and a great name buy a Quantum. GREAT REEL!!!  

From: Tony: CA

Comments: Great reel light and cast smooth abu garcia has the mgx shimano has the core but quantum has the exo!  Im normally not a quantum guy but ive got a smoke and exo reel and im impressed and it looks way cooler then the mgx and core pick one up there great.

From: Tyler: U.S.

Comments: Feels cheep. Base of reel is riveted on and the rivets came loose on mine within a couple hours.  Never had to send any other product back but Quantum stuff. I highly recommend a different reel. Also, thumb bar is cheap and has a gap between it and the reel allowing line in everytime you get even a slight backlash.  Unimpressed. And I'm not making it up because I'm jealous I don't own one as some person astutely suggested.

From: Jason: Irmo, SC

Comments: EXO didn't even have one single magnet!!!  I own 2 EXO, and they are great reel without a doubt. Light, smooth, and cast great The only downside is that it need to open the side plate to get to the cast control.  But who's care when Shimano, Abu, and some Daiwa require you to do so as well.

From: Tan: FL

Comments: sweet freaking reel hands down the best rep quantum has came out with yet. Came in the mail last week and I've been flipping in my backyard with it ever since (due to the ice covered lakes)  super smooth strong and seams reliable so far and did I mention its under 6 ounces? AMAZING!

From: Fish Boy: WI

Comments: ive been interested in this reel since icast and finally had the opportunity to check it out at bass pro in FL, 12/15/11.  the first one we opened the spool tension knob popped off and the insert that holds the threads in just fell out.  it seemed to be pressed in and not designed well.  we pushed it back in and it wouldn't stay in. the very next reel we took out of the box, one of the magnets were falling out out of the holder, binding up the reel.  this reel needs better quality control!

From: Steve: NY, NY

Comments: O my gosh! Quantum has done it again! I haven't used this reel but at basspro they reel guy let me pick it up and this thing felt like a freakin watch! I couldn't believe how light it was he let my reel it and it was so smooth! If I had the money I would get one!! Great job quantum!!!

Comments: Just picked up this reel in 7:3 and man is this thing light. I started out a Quantum guy, with Accurists and PT Energies. This is by far the best reel quantum has come out with to date. Light but still has that solid feel that quantum is known for. Perfectly palmable smooth drag, grips are unique and functional.  To answer your gear ratio questions, you want to go with the 5.3 for deep cranking,  6.6 is the all around (rattle traps, plastics, spinnerbaits and 7.3 for flipping, pitching, jerkbaits, topwaters/frog.  IMO (of course)

From: Eugene: Wheeling, IL

Comments: Impressive looking reel. Very refined build from what I can tell. Smooth retrieve. Casts effortlessly and seems very able to cast light baits. Size and light weight make it very comfortable to palm. I dont mind the EVA foam handles but dont like the cheap plastic thumb bar. Still testing, so far happy with the purchase.

From: BP: Ohio

Comments: wow!! outcasts some of my other reels costing much more. Quantum is on to something with the skeletal design super light smooth as glass. Seems to be very strong. The drag system in this reel is super!! Of corse I had to take apart to see how it's built and to check factory lube very well built!! we will see how it holds up but so far I love it! 

From: Tim: Lykens, PA

Comments: Just got mine in the mail, fresh out of the box i can tell this is the best reel quantum has ever made. Light as a feather yet feels very strong.

From: Chris: Escondido, CA

Comments: i am a right handed person but use only left hand reels because i feel it makes for more fluid motions and quicker reaction time. I love quantum reels and think its a shame they cant make some of there reels in left hand. oh well i guess my money will have to go else where

From: Big Smallies: MD

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