Offering lightweight sensitivity without sacrificing durability, the Quantum EXO Casting Rods feature Quantum's exclusive EX4 Carbon Blanks. The unique EX4 construction process allows Quantum to produce lighter and thinner blanks with exceptional performance, and the new Fuji Reel Seats are also 54% lighter than standard real seats, which combined with a split grip handle configuration and EVA grips further reduce weight and ideally balances out each rod. Helping to facilitate longer more accurate casting, the premium Fuji Alconite Micro Guides are also 84% lighter than conventional guides. Lightweight, sensitive and durable - the Quantum EXO Casting Rods deliver.

Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: i have this rod in 7 2 med. Hvy. Paired with the exo 100 & by far is the lightest setup i've got. The exo rod is by far one of the best rod i've owned. I also have the exo setup in spinning as well & it works just great. I can't see why there's anything wrong with these rods.

From: Mr. Xiong510: Fairfield, CA 4/4/15

Comments: I have the 7' m paired with an exo 100 reel,  perfect balance, extremely light and sensitive, and it has a nice tip and backbone, I would recommend this rod to anyone, beginner or pro. There is only one rod that i prefer over this one, a hammer rod, they aren't offered on tw but I would highly, highly recommend at least trying one, it's a family business housed here in ms that makes an amazing product, what more could you ask for?

From: Connor: MS 1/5/15

Comments: I own the 7' med. rod and this thing is great. I use it for swimbaits and texas rig and it is the perfect balance with EXO reel (100 size). The micro guides accept 12lb. flouro very nicely and would definitely handle bigger. Some of the negative reviews are probably of those who are loyal to other brands, which is their choice. But these rods are superb and with the warranty and great customer service at Quantum you can't and wont go wrong..I know I wont with the next 4 I get.

From: Mike: Blair, NE U.S.A.

Comments: I bought this rod 3 weeks ago and have since used it twice. can honestly say that its light weight,thin blank and perfect balance have sorted out my skipping issues and really is comfortable and strong. i fish jigs on the 7' MH rod. do yourself a favour go and get one

From: Shiraz: Cape Town, South Africa

Comments: I bought the 7' MH, fast action rod about 4 months ago and am ecstatic by its performance.  I've already read many of the negative comments and don't agree with most of them; at least the individual rod I purchased had practically no flaws and performs flawlessly.  I especially appreciate the balance and sensitivity this rod achieves. Its also the perfect MH, fast tapered rod I think, and works especially well for throwing light plastics here in Florida (flukes, senkos, speed worms, skinny dippers, light Texas rigs, etc.)

From: Bill: FL

Comments: I bought three of these rods with high hopes.  All I can say is wow in a bad way if you can't find the spline of a rod you probably shouldn't make rods.  So yes I would agree this is a "JUNK" rod priced way too high.  I love quantum reels thats all I use, no other brand so I am not brand bashing I just think certain brands should stick with what they are good at.

From: Andy: Medford, WI

Comments: This rod is really great, good 4 many applications and surprisingly light..  nothing bad to say bout it! and btw, Mark ur talking about u, feeling sorry 4 anyone who spends hard earned money on this "junk" But did u just mind how feel the people that help to design, create, and develop this rod when they see ur reviews! You know, u dont need to tell these kind of things when ur not satisfy, I also talk about saying like: Try the shimano crucial or whatever...  u dont even need to let us know so.. be quiet next time ;)

From: Billy: Texas, USA

Comments: sick rod! so lite and super sensitive,great for feeling the Carolina rig bites in 45 feet of water. Thanks quantum!

From: Ron: Northern MI

Comments: Well I saw the mixed reviews, but took a shot. The rod fishes nice, light, decent sensitivity, but the craftsmanship kinda sucks. Excess glue pretty much everywhere, poor guide alignment, and I question the guides used. We will see. Thinking about returning it.

From: Russ: Medford, OR

Comments:  Please, nobody listen to Mark he has no idea what he is talking about. These rods are amazing, plenty of backbone. Extremely light and sensitive, while providing plenty of power for pulling big bass out of heavy cover. I have the 7'4 heavy, which is the best rod out of the line-up in my opinion, very versatile. Overall this is a great rod, especially paired up with a Quantum Smoke. Ohh and Mark please stop commenting on rods you have never used!!

From: Tanner: CA

Comments: Please try to keep the comments solely to the product at hand Mark. And if you havn't fished with it don't post.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: Just tested out my EXO and I gotta say it's pretty amazing!!! Light Weight paired up with my Smoke Deadly COMBO!! Micro Guides are pretty sweet and the design of the rod is Excellent as well! You won't be disappointed!!

From: Peng: WI

Comments: Read the topic under forums at Tackletour. Quantum EXO rods WTD. Not so good.

From: Jaxson

Comments: I think its hilarious when people write reviews on a product they have never actually used. They pick it up in the store, look at it for a few seconds, and write a review acting like they are kvd and know everything there is to know about how a fishing rod is supposed to be. Mark you have never fished with this rod. Why are you wasting your time writing a review on a product you have never tested? Further customers.....please disregard Mark Spokane's review on the product. Stick with listening to a guy who has actually product tested the rod. Not someone who walks into a store, picks up a rod, and writes a review on it. Again, these rods are amazing! Definitely agree with the first review of this rod.

From: Luke: AL

Comments: I own 2 Dobyns champion rods. Now those are quality rods. Typical Zebco fan boy response. They may be light, they may be strong, but the quality control sucks.....obviously. I feel sorry for anyone who spends hard earned money on this junk. So many better sticks to be had at this price point. Funny how the 1st review was on spot with mine...weird!

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: Mark Spokane has apparently never felt a quality rod. The quantum exo rods are amazing. They do not feel cheap in the least bit. They are ultralight, strong, and extremely sensitive. By far the best I have ever had. I can tell you from experience that these rods are far better than the competition. Yes Mark, that does include the Shimano Crucials. I have tried them both.

From: Luke: AL

Comments: I was so excited when I saw this rod in a local retailer. After spending extensive time looking it over I can conclude that this rod would be a huge waste of cash. Upon examining 6 of these sticks all the guides had massive amounts of excess glue on the blank around the poorly set guides. The labels were all crooked and looked like stickers that had been ripped off. It felt cheap and the quality was crap. Comparing it side by side with the new Shimano Crucials it felt like a 30 dollar rod. Save your money or spend it on a different rod. Typical Quantum garbage. I would stay away from the smoke reels too unless you wanna get burned.

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

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