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As far a low profile, lightweight baitcasters in the ultra popular $100 - $200 price range are concerned, you'll be hard pressed to find one loaded with 11-bearings, and as many pro tour level features as the Quantum Energy Casting Reel. Housed in the Energy's rock-solid one-piece aluminum frame and gear sidecover, its dual cast control system includes both an internal ACS system and an external magnetic system for ten external and six internal adjustments.

Quantum's Flippin Switch, also found on the Energy, allows Gary Klien and other avid short-line anglers to engage the reel by simply lifting their thumb off the thumb bar, instead of using the other hand to crank the handle and engage the reel. Serious shallow water flippers and pitchers won't need to fear a drag failure when they slam home the hook as Quantum's exclusive Performance Tuned ceramic drag system will be there to endure the fight. Taking it to the competition, the new Quantum Energy Casting Reel is here.

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If you're looking for a reasonably priced reel packed with more features and technologies than the competition, look no further than the Quantum Energy Casting Reel. Flippin Switch and dual cast control included.

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Quantum Energy Casting Reels

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
E100HPTA..BX3 Right 7.0:1 6.9 10BB + 1RB 12/125 $159.99
E100SPTA..BX3 Right 6.3:1 6.9 10BB + 1RB 12/125 $159.99
E101HPTA..BX3 Left 7.0:1 6.9 10BB + 1RB 12/125 $159.99
E101SPTA..BX3 Left 6.3:1 6.9 10BB + 1RB 12/125 $159.99

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  • If you're looking for a reasonably priced reel packed with more features and technologies than the competition, look no further than the Quantum Energy Casting Reel. Flippin Switch and dual cast control included.

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Comments: Amazing! I love this reel. I have a few bait casters, most of them being in the $60-$80 range and am pleased with them but when I seen this I had to get it. its the first reel I have bought over $100 and it's well worth the money. If anything it should be more because it's so smooth and 11 bearings make it feel like you're not evejng reeling! definitely worth it for the low price. Couldn't be happier. I had trouble casting with it at first but as stated in previous reviews, you will want to take the side plate off and turn the Internal Brake to 3 or 4. Once you do that it will cast perfect and farther than you ever have before! I love this reel.

From: Danny: NC 3/22/15

Comments: This Quantum Energy reel is next level. You wouldn't believe the casting with this shimmied up sly dog, never seems to not get me going. I get a special feeling in me when I pick up this one deep down inside me it makes me tingle. My odds of catching fish go 0 to 100 real quick.

From: Gerald: Crivitz, WI 1/5/15

Comments: I have this reel and the Catalyst and the internal breaking dial works awesome. I actually get more distance out of Catalyst it seems and this one takes a little more time to get dialed in but it may have been just different weights on the other rod compared to what I had on this one. I can throw a weightless KVD finesse worm with a decent cast with no backlashes. You cant do that with the older Smoke and KVD tour reels without going through line. Their new design is a huge improvement. This reel is really really smooth on retrieves. Really this is all you need and offers as much as what a higher priced Exo or MG would offer with just a tiny bit more weight that you can't really notice

From: TA: Akron, OH 10/25/14

Comments: This reel is amazing and what I mean by that is it's lightweight and casts like new money son! If you're having trouble casting and getting back lashes take the side plate off and tighten the gear from 0 up to about 3 or 4, 6 being the tightest. If you do this you won't have a problem casting this joker. For the money this is by far the best reel I've ever owned. GO GETCHA ONE!

From: Collin: Donalsonville, GA 8/11/14

Comments: Very nice reel at this price point. I have been replacing some of my older reels with these for 2 years now. I have 5 of these at this point. I have used them all over the years. Revos, Daiwas, Shimanos, Lews, and of coarse Quantum and honestly they are all good and it really comes down to personal preference. sometimes you get a lemon and then you wont buy that brand again, that doesn't mean they are junk. If you spend $150 on a reel it is going to be a nice reel. That been said I do own 5 of these. Smooth, casting, drag, feel, weight, style, looks, fast retrieve speed and flippin switch all are pros. are there better reels on the market? Of coarse. But in this price range it is very nice reel.. 

From: Mike: CT 8/11/14

Comments: got this reel for a hundred bucks about a year ago very light and cast very well but after a couple of months has became very noisy even after cleaning and oiling hasn't effected performance just irritating prob wouldn't buy another will stick with my revos and lews in the future

From: Bubba: Sylacauga, AL 6/28/14

Comments: Wow this is the best reel I have ever used. I have been catching some nice sized largemouth and it is not a fair fight. The drag on this thing is so nice. I also love the texture of the grips that Quantum has used. In conclusion I love this reel and Ps: Quantum rocks!!!

From: Jacob: TX 6/6/14

Comments: This reel is outstanding! I have the KVD tour signature series and this reel performs just as well. I have had this reel for a while now and I am very impressed, absolutely no problems what so ever. I would recommend this reel to everyone looking to buy a reel in this price range, it is absolutely worth it. Great job Quantum!

From: Jacob: La Crosse WI US

Comments: this reel is fantastic! right out of the box the reel is extremely smooth, super light, and the color is just plain out awesome. i got a chance to fish it tody the drag is smooth, and it is an amazing caster. the only thing about this reel is you better make sure you have some internal brakes on.Quantum must have really put high quality bearings in this reel because on mine the spool floats so well it's almost unnecessary, just make sure you have a couple internal brakes on. once a couple internal brakes are on the external brakes can be left off and you won't even have too thumb it too cast into the wind. believe me this reel once it's set up is an amazing caster and definatley outcasts my lews and shimanos.

From: Cole

Comments: The un-named review below is by me and I want to re-iterate after taking this reel out on a trip---the thing is AWESOME...it casts SOOO far and SO easily and needs very little adjusting from lure to lure...just an AWESOME REEL. Smooth, easy casting, great-looking...etc.

From: Tanner: Southeastern, Massachusetts

Comments: Wow!,  i thought previous energy and tour edition were great but this new model is so smooth and cast like a charm.  Turned magnetic brake off and left only 1 ACS on, little adjustment on spool tension knob and no birds nest.  I've used Abu, Smoke, and Shimano Curado/Core and let me tell you, this reel is better.  For the guys who complain about color, no left handed reel, and having to remove side cover to adjust,  stop being baby's and post realistic comments.

From: Eduardo: CA

Comments: Having several Quantum reels varying from a old school Profile to a KVD, this is a very nice reel. Took no time to get set up and casts great. The flipping switch works easily and comes in handy if you need a general purpose reel.

From: Nathan: Taylorville, IL

Comments: Quantum has seemed to really step it up with the new exo, energy, and the (not so new) smokes...They're good solidly made reels. They've finally got their reels weight down to compete w/ how light today's reels are...and impressive price points...I'm sold on this reel and/or the exo...They just looks DOPE. And the reviews seem as impressive as the look so far. Thanks my TWH PEOPLE!

From: Tanner: S.E. MA

Comments: I got this reel for 119.99 brand new and thought I had a good deal but I was wrong. The flipping switch is hard to kove and its very noisy. I oiled and greased it, still the same problems. I gues Im going to have to stick with my Lews (best reel made).

From: Mike: Norman Park, GA 

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