The popular Energy PT casting reel is totally new for 2009 with a new sleeker body and weight reduction of 2.1 ounces. The weight reduction and sleeker design are most noticeable on those long fishing days, translating into added comfort and performance. That goes a long way to keeping you out on the water, focused and catching fish.

Even though these new reels are significantly lighter than before, they don't lose a step with regards to power and durability. In fact many of the improvements that made the reel lighter actually made it function better. Quantum took a look at key reel parts and improved the materials and engineering to make the reel as strong and smooth as it ever was.

With 3 different gear to chose from (the 'Burner' 7.0:1; the 'Speed' 6.3:1; and the 'Power' 5.1:1) there is an Energy PT that fits your style of fishing. Quantum packed as many features as it could in their new PT series, including a new powerful ceramic drag system:

CNC Machined aluminum frame, side cover and front support - The one-piece design provides a solid foundation for the PT drive train and means less wear and tear on the moving components for less maintenance.

ACS II externally adjustable centrifugal braking - the external dial allows you to adjust the centrifugal brakes to perfectly match your fishing situation, without having to disassemble the reel.

Ceramic drag system - special ceramic coating provides more consistency and dissipates heat much more quickly. This translates into better wear and less maintenance.

Dual PT-bearing Continuous Anti-Reverse - provides a fail-proof, rock-solid hooksets with absolutely zero backblay

Super Free Spool pinion design - allows the spool to "float" on the drive train, which creates less friction and contributes to the smoothness of the reel.

Easy Access lube port

Light-weight aluminum handle

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Reel Specs
Bearings: 9BB
Line Cap: 12/135
Bearings: 9BB
Line Cap: 12/135
Bearings: 9BB
Line Cap: 12/110

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have got to say that this is by far the easiest reel I have yet to tune in. Seriously, it only took a couple of drops of the lure to get the tuning knob just right. And also, when retuning after switching lure styles, it was just as simple.

From: Todd: Phoenix, Az, USA

Comments: I received this reel as a warr replacement for the previous model, so I purchased a few more.   It works well for now, but I have been having problems with the quantum brand here as of late. Also had to return a smoke that was sent to me as a warr replacement that also had to be returned for repair. I own a lot of different brands, with my. Corados being this best of all. Out of the 6 energy pt's I own 3 have been ok.  Hope they can get it right, when they work they work well.

From: Gene: VA

Comments: Just received my new Quantum reel from Tackle Warehouse. By far the best and fastest shipping I have had from ordering gear online. Ordered on Friday night and received it Tuesday morning. Came packaged from shipping wonderfully. Will be using T.W. a lot more.

From: Todd: Phoenix,AZ,USA

Comments: This was the first casting reel i bought and i am sure glad i got it. smooth as butter! casts a country mile and rarely back lashes on me. i would recommend this reel to anyone for sure.

From: Travis: RI

Comments: Feels nice in your hands. I have a 6:3 model and it casts a mile! The retrieve is smooth as butter. The first quantum I ever bought. It also looks very nice. Overall, a good reel. 

From: Evan: FL

Comments: Great reel! I own Shimano, Lews, other Quantums and some Bass Pro Shops models and this is one of my favorites. Casts great and nice brake system. If I had the money, I'd buy several more of these while they are still available.

From: Larry

Comments: This is a very good real but does not cast as far as the Lews Pro speed spool. With that said the real is worth the sale price.

From: Les: Lx Texas

Comments: Looks like I may be one of the only ones who opened the box and did not like what I found. If it felt as good as it looked it would be nice, and I might let nice go if it worked. Not a great first impression of the Quantum brand. I will be sending this reel back for a Shimano.

From: T

Comments: I own 4 of these (3 of the 7:1 Burners and 1 of the 6:3) that I use exclusively in salt water to fish Calico Bass, Sand Bass and Spotted Bay Bass. These reels are effing outstanding! They cast like a dream and the drags work great not that I use the drags much as I usually fish them pretty hammered down so the Calicos don't get a chance to turn their heads and break me off on structure. I fish swimbaits and creature baits exclusively so accurate casting is absolutley necessary and these reels fit the bill for me in every conceivable way. That guy that stated they feel cheap is an idiot as these reels feel great in your hand, perform flawlessly and wont destroy your wallet! Buy one today and you'll be very happy I guarantee it...

From: Bob: San Pedro, CA

Comments: This reel is amazing. I bought it at a local bait shop for 99 and i couldnt be any happier. This reel has been by my side since the day i got it

From: Tody: AL

Comments: i dont know why this reeel doesnt get more credit. All people talk about or Revos or Speed Spools or Shimano but this reel is as good as any if them for 130

From: Jake

Comments: If I had to choose a ONE word for this reel and how it works.. I would say EFFORTLESS. I have less problems with this reel than any other reels I have. I have Lew's, Abu Garcia, and Quantum... This reel RARELY ever backlashes... it has longer casts, and is more smooth (amazing for pitching/flipping).
Normally with a reel, I have to dial in per every lure (obviously).. and if its too tight or too loose, you tend to have a little bit of issues. This reel has none.
I will be purchasing more of these. One negative -  My handle came a little loose one day. It had a little wobble to it. Just had to tighten it up. Never had that with a reel though. GET THIS REEL. I would expect $250 for retail

From: Michael: Rochester, MN

Comments: I have a couple of these reels, and have never had a problem from either one and I fish 3-4 days out the week and a few tourneys a year.. They are my work horses!

From: Andrew: Wellford, SC

Comments: Won this reel in a bass/trout derby I would never think about buying one but from winning this reel really opened my eyes I give it a 9/10 great reel to add with the rest

From: Bryson: B.C. Canada

Comments: I love the 5.3 cranks effortlessly .I aam buying a new reel this weekend for my dobyns jig rod. And I think I might get one of these in 7.1 after reading all you guys using the for frogs I guess it should be good for jigs too .Always read the reviews people....

From: Barry: Lowell, MA

Comments: Great reel. It was my first casting reel and I have 0 issues with it. I never touch the spool tension and just set 6 brakes and NEVER have to worry about a backlash, no matter what size lure I'm throwing. My only complaint is it is a little light on the drag, but still, it's enough to get the job done. For the price, its a great buy!

From: Steve: Sylmar, CA

Comments: Traded for one of these bought a month ago and sold it about 2 weeks ago. Its a good reel really smooth casting and reeling, my problem with it is it feels really big in your hand. Casting and fishing the reel just seems bigger in my palm than my Abus and Daiwas. As far as the reels performance ill give it 10/10 but I just didnt like the way it felt, maybe you will.

From: Will: Tuscumbia, AL

Comments: Great reel easly competes with my lews speed spool tournament pro its soo smooth i love it for all my frogs

From: Louis: Baton Rouge

Comments: This reel is amazing, ive fished several different Quantum baitcasters and this reel casts so much farther with such ease too. I personally love the 7.1 burner ratio.

From: Tyler: Old Hickory Lake, TN

Comments: Have fished an Energy E760PT for about 5 years, and its been great, no.. (excellent) for me. Honestly I think its got better with age! Caught most of my big fish on it, and its been through ALOT! Used in every application. Gettin a little old and now she's retired to a crankin' reel.. Still works and cast like a Dream.

From: Lake Texoma, TX

Comments: doesnt feel cheap if it makes noises that means oil it!!!!!

Comments: your wrong its awesome!

Comments: reel feels cheap, and makes weird noises when casting, also doest have much drag.  get a revo sx or a lews

From: Ryan: CO

Comments: This reel is absolutely outstanding! I own the 7.0:1 and i use it for frogging. It has enough drag power that it doesn't slip when cracking a hookset on the big ones in the junk, and you can horse them out with it. Its super smooth, and it casts a mile too. would recommend this reel to anyone.

From: Cole: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I got this reel for my birthday and it is amazing. I put 50lb sunline fx2 braid on it and it is so good. it is light, smooth, and casts a long ways out there.  It is a very slick looking reel and I personally love the grips. Some people think their too skinny and thin but they aren't.  The only bad thing is that the spool tension knob is hard to turn, but that is a very minor issue. I could care less about that. But otherwise the performance of this reel is great.
From: Jason: USA

Comments: well I have a lot of different quantum reels like the accurist smoke and tour an this one. This reel is definatly one of the best iv ever used its smooth, a solid weight, its versital and can do any technique you throw at it and lets face it, this reel is down right sexy. I got it on a 7ft MH smoke rod for throwing Texas rigs, jigs, spinnerbaits and swim jigs. If your in the market for a new reel.  Get this one. You'll love it

From: Matt: MN

Comments: all around good reel. very fast and smooth retrieve, and a perfect frog reel

From: Vin: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Comments: bought this reel in 7:1 gear ratio to throw my war eagle finesse spinnerbaits, and i love it. the only baitcasters i use are quantum. this reel is super smooth and casts great. i somewhat agree with dave who commented below me. i bump up to a 150 size reel (reax for me) for all of my 1/2 oz and 3/8 oz w/ colorado blades. just another quality product from quantum.

From: Dan: WV

Comments: This is a great reel. I have had the Energy 5.1:1for 3 months now as a crankin reel, and with the acs brake I have made bomb casts INTO the wind. small 1/4 oz baits cast well plus without adjusting anything I tied on a 1/2 oz bomber model B and it casted without even an over run. I also have a 7.0:1, but it just feels like it struggles for spinnerbaits. it also casts diffently than my 5:1. Just make sure you oil it with Quantum hot sauce prior to use. the noises you may here will go away and casting distance will increase. 

From: Dave: MI

Comments: This is probably the best low profile baitcasting reel i have ever used besides the smoke. It is well built and casts like a dream!

From: Nick: Canada

Comments: This thing is the deal. I use mine exclusively for froggin` with 50 lbs braid, it'll chuck a croaker way back into the thick stuff. More specifically what I really like about it is the design of the spool. The contour allows for not only more line to be reeled onto it but it promotes for an extremely even transfer of line, thus reducing the chance for backlash, knotting, etc. This aids with further casting. Beyond that this thing is tough - I've applied oil once in 2 arduous seasons of casting and this thing still performs like new. The look is great with the oil slick, I have not tired of it. Easy to tune and responsive to slight adjustments.. if you're considering this reel I can give a monks honesty in telling you it should be a no brainer. Great price point doesn't hurt.

Comments: this is the best reel i own. I have two brownings one citori and one midas and my quantum is hte best one smooth casting great drag all around great reel for the money

From: Cori: Omaha, NE

Comments: I had bought this reel and only had it for 2 months and it started falling apart,  First, the button would stick and eventually get stuck down.  Second, the reel would slip.  Third, the magnetsnand drag setting is all messed up and this all happened after only having it for 2 months. Worst reel i have ever bought. To this day i cannot and will not trust Quantum and i will never buy their reels again!

From: Grant: Dillsburg, PA

Comments: Wonderful cranking reel with the 5:3:1 gear ratio.  You can crank any deep diver with little effort.  This thing also can huck light and heavy baits great distances with few backlashes. Adjust the cast control accordingly and go to work.  Not enough is said about drag systems on reels anymore?  Quantum has the best,  smooth as silk.

From: Tom: St. Joe, MI

Comments: great reel. i use mine for crankbait.super smoooooth!

From: Seth: Iola, WI

Comments: Wow, thats all i can say. This was my Christmas present from some of my family and it is just an amazing reel. It took a few minutes to get it dialed in right, but now i dont even have to thumb the spool and i can cast a mile. Set your mag brake one above the lowest setting, and then adjust your cast control to make it so your lure barely falls when you freespool. Thats what i found works the best to start, when you have that down, start letting off your cast control if you want to.

From: Ryan: North Carolina, USA

Comments: this reel is awesome. I suggest you add this one to your gear, you will not regret it.

From: Chris: Chattanooga, TN

Comments: This reel casts better than my Curado200e. All metal and still less than 8oz. Really smooth retrieve, on par with the Curado. Overall really solid reel, I would recommend to anyone !!

From: Choke Canyon Boy: Texas, USA

Comments:If you want the Quantum Tour and can't spend the money, get this, its almost the exact same thing. I have both and they feel the same.

From:Sonny: Massachusetts, USA

Comments: All I can say is, WOW!! I already own 12 PT reels (5 TE, 5 Energy, & 2 Accurist) all 2008 models and didn't think I would ever be happier than with what I already had. Well..... I finally decided to break down & buy a newer model Energy and am very impressed. I didn't think the weight reduction would matter but they feel EVEN BETTER than before - lighter, lower profile, 2 more bearings, and still look great!! Excellent value & excellent product!!!!!!

From:Regan: Mitchell, IN

Comments:These reels are worth the $, if not more. I recently purchased 2 Revo STX reels and after a long week of fishing them, i was NOT impressed. I returned them and got 2 of the quantum energy reels and could not be happier. The braking system is great, they cast further than the revos, and the retreive feels better. also, the thumb tab is set lower on this reel, and makes for easier thumb control when casting with brake and backlash settings dialed out! I have both the 7 and 6 geared versions....paired on St Croix rods...you will not be making a mistake with this reel!

From:Louis: Mississippi, USA

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