Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Lube - $7.99

Properly lubricating your reel with Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Lube will add years of use to moving parts and extra yards of casting distance. The engineers at Quantum worked with lubrication specialists to develop an oil specifically for reels and called it Hot Sauce. Super low viscosity allows the reel spool to ramp up to much higher speeds than with thicker oils. Tests have shown that reels lubed with Quantum Hot Sauce accelerated to speeds in excess of 20,000 RPM and will spin up to 30% longer than the same spool with inferior oils. Special additives in Hot Sauce molecularly bond to metal surfaces providing a level of permanent lubrication and corrosion resistance, even in saltwater environments. Hot Sauce's hydrophobic formulation pushes water away from bearings, further reducing corrosion. The bright red color lets you know Hot Sauce oil is where it belongs and is doing the job you intended.

Approx. 1fl oz

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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Lube

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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Lube $7.99

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Comments: Bought this product a little over a week ago and have used it on my reels on two consecutive trips.  The oil is very slick to the touch, BUT when water is introduced, it turns into a "pink foam".  This "pink foam" actually reduced my casting distance.  I wouldn't recommend this product for this reason.  Unfortunately, I've got a big mess on my hands cleaning this oil off a bunch of bearings and worm gears.

From: David: Winnsboro, LA

Comments: By far, the best bearing oil ! This product makes your reels turn and run so smoothly, and even better than they were new !! Try this oil, you won't ever buy another !! For the reel gears, prefer the ABU lube grease, the hot grease is is not so good.

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