MSRP: $99.99

Offering an excellent angler value, the new and improved Quantum Kinetic PT Casting Reel features a host of Quantum’s latest Performance Tuned technologies - and it still comes in at an affordable pricepoint. Its eight stainless/polymer hybrid bearing system (7+1) keeps things running smoothly, and its one-piece aluminum frame and sidecovers, complete with a bold, new crimson finish helps reduce weight, while providing a rigid platform. A titanium-nitride coated line guide also delivers long-lasting durability, and its ACS cast control system is externally adjustable for maximum convenience with nine individual brakes. Available in blazing fast 7.0:1 or 6.3:1 gear ratios, the Quantum Kinetic PT Casting Reels do it all for less.

Additional Features:

-Continuous Anti-Reverse
-MaxCast Skeletal Spool
-Quick-release Side Cover
-Lightweight Aluminum Crank Handle
-Easy-access Lubrication Port
-Multi-Stack Ceramic/Composite Drag
-Ultra-Strong Phosphor Bronze Main Gear

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Customer Reviews

Comments: When I first bought this reel, I was a little skeptical about its performance. I rigged it up with 15 lbs Fluorocarbon line specifically use for cranking. It blows my mind of how great this reel perform. Casting was very smooth. Smooth and silent retrieving. Can cast your lure very far if you set it right. I fell in love with it. In my opinion, the reel works better than most of the high price reels out there. For this price, you can't go wrong. I would recommend this reel to all my friends. I am planing to buy a few more myself.

From: Brian: CA

Comments: this really is a great reel for the price. It's my tournament partners reel and was using it last week. The only problem I saw was the fact that it didn't seem to have the pulling power of some of my other higher end quantums ie. tour,energy,EXO,and smoke. But for the price you can't beat it. I just don't recommend it for DD cranks or big spinner baits because using it all day will kill your hand.

From: Jonathon: TN

Comments: I'm hoping to get a kinetic soon and was wondering if it could hold up to the abuse that deep cranking can dish out? 

From: Sam: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Comments: I just got this reel, put 50 lb Test SpyderWire Braid on it. I really like how it feels and love the low profile baitcasters
Good reel for the money 59.99 @ Tackle Warehouse. fished with it a little over the weekend Might just use this for TopWater fishing Frogs, D&M Custom Bait Newts and for Jigging... Great Reel get it and tune it to your liking and It'll serve you well.. It'll backlash a time or two till you tune it to your liking.. Once you do that. no problems will be had :o)

From: Dalton: MA, USA

Comments: I use this for frogs jigs spinners crankbaits plastics, buzz baits and everything. great for 60 bux great reel just not the best

From: Jay: NH

Comments: This reel is junk.  Bought two of them this year hoping to switch over to quantum reels at a decent price, but they suck.  The one good thing this reel has going for it is the gear ratio. I can burn my baits as much as i want with it.  Looking to sell mine and switch back to Abu.

From: Bryce: WI

Comments: a right hand model would be nice

From: Brennan: WV

Comments: This reel is pretty nice, but I recommend for finesse presentations because its kind of small and cant get a firm grip when using heavier baits but I do love it with texas rig and finisse jigging ...also drop shotting ...really light real and it doesnt squeak or make noise ! thats what I love! gonna order some more give em a try ! I know I did and I'm happy!

From: Brian: Lake Forest, CA

Comments: would love to try it out just all there is to offer is a left handend retrieve

From: Frankie: Kingman, AZ

Comments: No wonder quantum finally came out to the public with the right price on this piece of junk.  Overall did not like the two that i had purchased

Comments: I have three of these and have used everything from 10 lb mono to 60 lb braid without a hitch.  My only regret, when I purchased mine they were $115.  For the braid, I place a round of double sided tape on the spool, tie a half knot, then wrap, then a square knot.  With this, I can winch em in with the 60lb braid from the vegitation.

From: Doc: SC

Comments: After reading these patriotic comments (tho, this product is made in China - no problem with me, haha), I decided to give it a try. Well, this reel is small and light - pretty ok for pitching jigs. However, it doesn't worth $100 - and guess what - they just reduced the price to $70, which is about the right price for this reel. If you know BPS Estreme series (these green cheap baitcasters - theyre pretty similar to this one). If you are willing to spend $100, then, you should buy Shimano or Daiwa. They are way better than Quantum. Recommend to my friends? No way.

From: Jeff: westcoast

Comments: Also to those of you who use braid on this reel: it really helps if you put the braid through the holes in the spool and then just tie two overhand knots to secure braid the the spool/reel. Your braid will never ever slip like this no matter what. Hope this helps you guys in the future... Tight Lines

From: Andrew: NW IN

Comments: Super smooth reel,nice size,cast like a dream,got mine from another source though for half the price on here,sorry Tacklewarehouse.Got the 6.3:1,paired up with a Quantum Accurist 6'6" MH rod for throwing my balsa crank's around stump's,It's an AWESOME combo.It's like they were made for each other.Don't think about getting one,just do it,you wont be disappointed!!

From: John: Virginia Beach, VA

Comments: this reel is super smooth i have it for three month now and still perform great. also i landed a couple monster bass  and its brings them in great. i can also launch a senko super far love this reel its great

Comments: i love this reel..get one.super smooth.BUT 1 bad problem is that i dont like the plastic drag,,,,overall this is a really great reel.....and for the $$ youno its hard to get alot of $$ so really good for 100$$

From: Andrew: Dalton, GA

Comments:  to bassmaster below,,, lol i really hope that was not the problem cause i absolutley loved that reel that sounds really logical tho thanks alot man that really helps alot, and i was using braid... it actually happened once then it fixed it self then went out again and never went back but i cant remember if i tried it with the line completly off b4 i sent it back.. thanks

Comments: To Jake the comment below... if your using braided line thats probably your problem, i had the same issue a while ago, i was pissed cuz i thought my reel was broke but the problem is your line is not wrapped around the spool tight enough. So techniquly your spool is spinning but the line is so loosely wrapped around the spool so nothing happens when you reel. The solution is just take all the line off then spool on about 30 yrds of mono on the reel first. then tie your braid to  the mono  and spool it up. The mono will give the braid something to grip. Also you should hold the line tight when spooling up. Hope this helps.....tight lines

From: Bassmaster: MN

Comments:  i loved this reel,it broke so keep reading. i loved it i thought i finnaly found the reel i could could count on, it is so small lol pro and i was amazed how i could set it so easily from throwing tiny cranks to big ones it cast them all great. i want another one so bad but ill tell u i was pitching ok i set the brake to free spool i had my lure by my hip i let go and my lure snaged on my pants as my rod tip went up for the pitch! major back lash.!!!!! so get this im sure you all know the backlash clearing trick were you put your thumb on the spool and crank a little pull out line it doesnt come keep doing it until it does right? so my brake is back to number 1 setting and i go to clear it and i thumb the spool and go to turn it and my handle just turns and not the reel just completey turns like as if the drag was set so loose when it was set tight??? what happened???? i tried everything the reel handle just would not engage the spool with any pressure but take the pressure off and it would, so say i hit a fish i could not reel it in because my handle would just keep turning. tell me what you think happened?

From: Jake

Comments: This is a fantastic smooth reel for the price!

From: Austin: TX

Comments: Ive had this reel for a few months now, and it is the smoothest reel I've ever had in my hands! I went to Cabalas in Pennsylvania and tried out every top brand baitcaster from $50 to $500, and the kinetic is the smoothest of all. Awesome for light baits too.

From: Keith: Cedar Bluff, VA

Comments: Great reel! So smooth,can cast light lures a mile. The braking system is wonderful, just adjust it based on your lure and it matches it perfectly. Rarely even back lashes, it's an awesome addition to any fishermans arsnel.

From: Cobi: MI

Comments: Get this reel! I have had mine for 6 months now and no problems especially after you tune it the way you want. In fact I just bought another for Christmas. Everything about this reel is perfect. This is my go to and I have a Revo S and 2 Energy pt. Good job Quantum.

From: Bryce: Florida

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