Quite possibly the smoothest casting reels in Quantum history - the Quantum Smoke PT 100 Casting Reel weighs in at only 6.2-ounces - providing lightweight, fatigue-fighting performance you can count on.  A solid, lightweight, one-piece Aluminum Frame with Aluminum Side Covers, rather than Magnesium, also ensures that the Smoke PT doesn’t sacrifice on durability like similar lightweight reels.  The reel’s rigid aluminum construction not only helps keep all the internal components ultra flush with no sloppy play, it also provides a solid base under heavy winding pressure. 

A Micro ACS nine-position Cast Control System also allows you to fine-tune the amount of centrifugal braking to match exact casting conditions, and whether you choose a lock-down Tommy Biffle-tough setting for pitching heavy cover, or a looser KVD setting for treble hook baits - the patented, layered Quantum Ceramic Drag System can take the heat.  It doesn’t warp like lesser quality drags and stays smooth for years.  Featuring seven Performance Tuned bearings for excellent corrosion resistance and fluid, reliable functioning, the super lightweight Quantum Smoke PT 100 Casting Reels are available at a low price and packed with Quantum’s Performance Tuned features.

Match the Quantum Smoke PT 100 Casting Reel with a Quantum Smoke PT Micro Guide Casting Rod for a lightweight combo weighing in at just 8-9 ounces.

Additional Features:

-Titanium-Nitride Coated Line Guide
-Lightweight Skeletal Handle with EVA Knobs

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have had this reel now for a couple years and it is an okay reel not the best nor is it the worst. Casting and retreiveing is a bit loud but it performs well. I won't say I'm disappointed in this reel but for the money I'd rather spend an extra 50 bucks and get a revo, sry quantum.

From: Rob: NJ 7/20/14

Comments: this reel is a waste of money, bought one at dicks and it was good for the first year after that the reel started to brake down. the handle bar started sqeaking and everything, the line guide started to stop moving. i took it back and got a new one, just had it for a week and the handle bars are sqeaking again. this is why I'm trying to tell you guys to not get the pt and go for something else.

From: Pheng: MN 7/7/14

Comments: I just purchased a KVD101hpt, that needed a cast control cap. I went to Quantum's website, and they apparently do not support many of their reels for parts, even new reels. ( I'm hope some of the part cross over from model to model.Than I can actually give Quantum a fair try.) I also understand that they now use Boca bearing. I sure hope the Boca bearing they use are better than those they sell to the public for Abu, and Daiwa reels. I live in an area with crystal clear water, and have actually sent samples back to Boca, with the response that, " The bearing were abused." I maintain my reels per use. Abu ABC7, and Daiwa Orange, never had the same issues. As far as the fella who thought the CI+4, Curado, and Citica reels are superior to Quantum, God I hope you are wrong. The fact that shimano has been so successful at selling plastic junk at astronomical prices is a testament to the fact that America consumers will buy any kind of hype. The Daiwa is well built, and the Pfluegers were awesome during the gen 1 Patriarch era. I really would like to test a Quantum, and tell people it's good, but 1st the test.

From: Gary: New Ringgold, PA 3/9/14

Comments: This reel reminded me why I never cared for Quantum bait casters. I fell for it based on the weight, a seemingly smooth feel, and a good price at a fishing trade show. Then I used it and went "Oh yeah. Fooled again." Within a few uses, the smoothness disappeared, there was grinding in the gears, and a knock in the handle as if the entire thing was engineered and/or manufactured poorly. Then there's the casting control system: immensely limiting compared to the highly versatile options offered by so many manufacturers. After one season, I couldn't stand to pick the thing up. I sold it to a friend for less than half of what I paid for it. I warned him, but he too regretted his purchase. I use the following reels, and in this order (best to worst), every one of them has performed superior to the Smoke in every way: Chronarch CI+4, Chronarch 200E, Lews Tourney Pro, Curado 200G, Pfleuger Patriarch XT, Citica 200G, Daiwa Viento, BPS Carbonlite. I won't be fooled again, Quantum. 

From: Brian: Oak Forest, IL

Comments: For a quantum these reels are pretty solid. I had used quantum a lot when I first got into bass fishing, finding they did not hold up well over time. Decided to try these after hearing good things.. I've used two of these for a few seasons with only a couple small issues. The 7-1 I mostly use with braided line frog fishing. After a lot of use and expired warranty, set the hook and heard a snap inside the reel. Seemed to still work ok, but took it apart later and found anti reverse sleeve cracked. Nice thing about quantum, you can get parts online. This was a cheap easy fix. The 6.3-1 was noisy like many others have said, so I decided just to use it for the 1st season and then sent it in to quantum. They sent me a brand new replacement that was perfectly quiet. If you get one that's not working right, send it in. They will make it right.

From: Joel: MI

Comments: I love this reel. Cast super smooth and far. Drag is very strong and smooth as well. The weight is unreal. Paired up with my 6'9 duckett I can feel the slightest bite which I love because I primary jig fish. One and only complaint is out of the box this thing is LOUD! It's very annoying on the reel in but does not affect the performance at all so I can deal with it. Good job quantum. In the future I plan to acquire both energys and a exo.

From: Hayden: Old Hickory, Tn

Comments: I have the SL100SPT and I love it. I have thrown weightless wacky worms, 3.5" swimbaits, and 1/2 oz. spinnerbaits. This reel has performed flawlessly and not thrown me one fit. The Smoke casts further and retrieves smoother than other reels on the market. I have used Quantum products for 22 years and will continue to do so. Thanks Quantum.

From: Mike: Blair, NE U.S.A.

Comments: I have Tried almost every reel in this price range over the past year and half and out of the box this reel is my favorite. It is smooth as silk. cast a mile. it is my first Quantum and if it holds up I'll buy all Quantums great reel so far

Comments: Have owned the SL101HPT..BX2 for one year now. Obviously you must of received a defected one Jeremy (MN,because I hadn't had a spool bearing or anything of that matter go bad yet. I fish at least 3 times a week from the banks so if you know banking fishing I put my combo through some HELL from falling down to hitting trees. The only complaint I have is that is scratches to easy and it's loud as you cast but by the end of the day I thank Quantum because it gets the job done.

From: JustAbout51Hobos: Fresno,ca

Comments: Worked great for about four months and then the bearings ground to a halt. I'm gonna try putting boca bearings in for a fix. If that doesn't work its going in the yard sale pile.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: I have 2 in the 100 size and 1 in the 150 size.  Paint scratches really easily.  The 150 has held up ok and casts well enough.  Both of the 100's didn't last a single season before the spool bearings went south.  I purchased 3 lews tourney pros at the same time that I got the smokes and the lews still perform perfectly.

From: Jeremy: MN

Comments: I manage the fishing department at a major retail chain and I have Personally have owned/tested just about every brand of reel this is the best one I have used. It has more drag power than you will ever need its lighter than most reels  it's smooth as anything else out there and it cast better than anything ive ever used the only thing I've ever had gone wrong with mine ( I own 13 of  them  ) is occasionally  while running in Rough water the cast control moves up or down a notch. this reel or the 150 size Paired with a st. Croix legend tournament can't be beat

From: Kyle: WI

Comments: I bought one of these reels three years ago and all i can say is SWEET MOTHER OF GOD THIS REEL IS DA S*** its still my go to reel. Its held the test of time and its casts the farthest reels the smoothest and holds so much line but i got mine at bass pro so i got to change the spool size. 100% worth every penny and i would never trade it even for a shimano stella.

From: Jeremy: On, Canada

Comments: bought one when they first came out.  I have had very good luck w/ it the past 2 seasons, reel smooth, light as a feather and casts pretty good.

From: Jeff: jer z

Comments: what was I smoking when I ordered this slab o' garbage? I have 2, and tell ya what...if you offered me 2 more for free, of course I would take em, but I'd sell em or throw em in the lake. Quantum makes crappy reels.

Comments: this is a great reel if you are second guessing don't best and furthest casting reel I have ever owned!

From: Steve: MD

Comments: I have of these I used all summer as my main reels and I love them.  No problems at all.  It has a centrifugal anti-backlash, which is subtle, but cast a lighter lure far and easy.  I lubed mine lightly with Quantum lube after about 15 uses, and now they are broken in perfect.  Wispy smooth.  The main good quality though is the lightness.  Even casting 1 ounce or heavier lures on medium-heavy rods, you feel the lightness.  I am a light reel guy, and this is a great alternative to a magnesium reel for the price.

From: Zack: Bellevue, WA

Comments: This reel is loud on both the retrieve and on casting which is a deal breaker for me. Take my advice and do yourself a favor, buy a Lew's.

From: Mike: Pittsburg, KS

Comments: Paint chips off, little screws on handle fall off and get lost. Not worth the money. Anything I have ever owned Quantum has been garbage. I have two Smokes and they both are junk.

Comments: Bought a 100, this is my 2nd year with it.  Fishes well, may be a little noisy on retreive, but man can this thing cast!  The brake is set on 3rd posion, slight tweak her or there on the spool setting, and good to go.  And the drag? Forget about it, you can pull a 5 to 6 lb. bass easy, no getting away.  But one, then buy another.  It's that simple!!!

From: Dan: Milford, MA

Comments: Superb lightweight and smooth reel! can cast very far with the Quantum PT Bearings (without having to upgrade to ceramic bearing) as my others baitcasting reel. smooth drag and ergonomic design.

From: Joseph: Sabah, Malaysia

Comments: I do not have a reel that casts better than the smoke.  However, the aluminum bearings do not offer an angler a very smooth retrieve.  I make jokes how it is good for frogging bc it makes the perfect frog noise.  I actually own two the 701 and the 631 ratio in the 100 series.  I do take alot of lube.  you cannot beat the weight of the reel for the money which is what i was looking for.  But it you looking for something smooth you might wanna look somewhere else.

From: Josh: IL

Comments: I bought this reel with great expectations.  I have used many different brands and was thinking this would be my last upgrade.  Disappointment! It seems that I have to lubricate the reel after fishing just a few hours.  It is not as smooth as I hoped it would be.  I have recently replaced this reel with a Lews and there is a BIG difference.  The Lews is much smoother and it casts so much better.  I would not recommend a Smoke, they can be bad for your health.

From: Grandpafish: Idaho

Comments: I really like the foam handles on this reel. After buying the 100 series I would really suggest purchasing the larger spool. There are only 4 brake settings on this reel, and it takes a while to get everything set up properly. Overall a good reel

From: Sean: Bloomington, IN

Comments: Please stop the 'buy this other reel' type of posts. This is about particular reel. If you bought one, used it and have something intelligent to say about it then post.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: UPDATE to my OG post . After a year of fishing 3-8 times a month with this, a huge chunk of the paint on the side came off. It looks like doo doo! And then today, while playing a fish, one of the knobs came off in my hand, costing me the fish. Quantum says this hunk o junk is covered by a year warranty. Really? A year? For a 200 dollar reel? What a little piece of crap.

Comments: I'm not really a big fan of this real. Yes it is light and smooth, but it is really loud on casting a retrieving. Plus the paint chips really easy. I Would the Lews tournament Pro over this any day of the week for the same price point. Ended up selling the Smoke off after just half a season of fishing.

From: Walker: Maryville, TN

Comments: Have owned many Quantums in the past and this was one of the few that was total junk.  Straight out of the box it was noisy and rough casting.  I had to oil the spool, worm gear, and internal gears.  Problem was fixed.  After 6 months of steady use the drag was completely toast.  Besides being lightweight, this reel had very little going for it.

From: Travis: DE

Comments: This is one sweet reel. I will be buying more.

From: Hitch: TX

Comments: Wording is a little misleading.  My non-crank side plate is NOT aluminum.  Don't know what it is but is some type of graphite/composite.  I was expecting all-aluminum.  I still love the reel.

From: Larry: Charlotte

Comments: put it on a duckett some 20 pound suffix braid cast a country mile but other than that nothen specail

Comments: quantum does it again and will keep making amazing reels i just got on on the black Friday sale and next year planning on getting an exo!!! or something new they come out with!!

From: Kyle: Itasca

Comments: Amazing reel, after a full year of hard working my Smoke 100SPT is still going strong. I do swap my spool to a shallower version and man, that's even better for my application.

From: Tony: Chicago

Comments: thank you bassman the revo is the sorriest reel on the market. quantum is an amazing manufacturer and the 100 size smoke is amazing. light,strong,and feels amazing.

From: Key West, FL

Comments: To Bassman the revo is not the sorriest reel on the market this is the quantum reel that i have for more than a month. I have had several pt's and they all broke ina month

From: Illinois, USA

Comments: Excellent reel! I love the weight reduction on this reel, i was a little skepitcal at first on whether or not a light reel would make a difference or not....truth is it makes all the difference. I was originally going to have this reel for pitching and flipping but ended up putting it on my fluke rod. This reel is the best that i have ever used for throwing light baits. I toss out caffiene shad jr.s all day with out backlash. And because of the light weight i have better feel over my baits= more fish in the boat. Go out and get yourself one, youll enjoy it

From: Matt: MN

Comments: Great reel for the money! Nothing bad to say about it. Outcast any reel i have. will be buying more and the 150 smoke also. Why people complain about this reel telling you to buy the sorriest reel on the market (revo) ill never understand when they complain about the best!! Nuff said

From: Bassman

Comments: if you turn your brakes on the third setting and then loosen up the spool knob quite a bit then you can throw whatever bait you want into whatever wind there is and not backlash it.  and you can still launch then downwind.. i havent backlashed my reel in several months of fishing.. great reel just have to mess with the brakes

From: Peter: OH

Comments: Reel looks great, feels great, smooth!  BUT, after a couple of months the brakes on it went out.  Didn't matter if you put it "max" it will overrun.  Every cast had to be "thumbed" in order to minimize the backlash.  I returned it to Quantum and they replaced it with a 2nd reel.  Again, it started out fine.  A couple of months later, brakes went out again.  It's in transit to Quantum as I'm typing this.  There's a lot of positive reviews here.  I'm wondering if I'm in that .01% that got a bad reel (two times in a row) or those who posted commented too early (haven't put it to the test yet). 

From: WI

Comments: Accustomed to Shimano reels Curado, Calais and Caenan decided to venture off into the Quantum Smoke and have no regrets. I cant handle the reel on free spool its pretty fast. The casting distance roughly 10 to 20 yards further than the Curado with good line "Sufix Elite." The braking system is great I have no idea why there is a review of a bad braking system. All baitcasters have a basic setting either magnetic or centrifugal on one side and the fine tune on the other. Click and release the reel when your bait falls the reel should stop spinning when the bait hits the ground. If it keeps spinning you will get backlash that simple. You will get backlash from time to time even with the right settings so take it as nature of the beast. This thing casts smooth and with 10 LB Sufix Seige or Elite you can make a very loooooooooong cast with no problem. I mean an eye opening long cast. The quality is great the frame is all metal no plastic and not to mention looks super cool in person. High Quality reel here. I fish alot of heavy cover in Gibson and Catouache here in Louisiana and this reel does not back down from it.

From: CJ: Baton Rouge, LA

Comments: Best casting reel I have ever owned, I can't believe how smoot this thing is.  Took me a half hour so to get use to it found it took less effort to make the same pitch's that I had been making prior to using this reel.  I had switched out to Revos a couple years ago when Quantum redesigned their product line this reel has brought me back into the Quantum family and I'll never stray again.

From: Travis: Rio Rancho, NM

Comments: Best baitcasting reel I ever owned.  Very light, smooth operating, easy to adjust and looks awesome.  A great buy!

From: Kenny: Shepherdsville, KY

Comments: BAD BAD BAD Cast control is the worst i have ever used. Buy a revo

From: Doug

Comments: I won't even spend time elaborating on this reel. It is truly the finest baitcaster I've ever owned - smooth as silk with enough muscle to wrench the biggin's out from under any dock/slop. You would be committing a travesty if you went with anything else besides this reel.

From: Bud: West Islip, NY

Comments: I like the smoke so much i bought 2 of them to run.  I couldnt get enough of only having one of them.  I couldnt stand having to tie on over and over, wasting valuable time fishing and casting this great reel.  I have caught well into the 200 fish range on my poles for the season and love every minute with them.  I run 1 on a 6'6" bass mojo fast action medium and 1 on a 6'6" bass mojo fast action med-heavy.  Both are great setups for sure!  I def like the weight of these alot more than any other.  They are the lightest of any pole combo any of us have. would i buy again?  if i had another 300 for another setup it would be in my boat already.  :D  enjoy and good fishing!

From: Steve: WI

Comments: Best reel out for the $200 and under price. And you can find them for under 199.99 if you shop around which makes it even better. Best reel i have ever bought and may be the only one I ever will buy again.

From: J: Nashville, TN

Comments: Pretty nice reel, but my thumb always hurts after a long day of fishing.  The reel requires you to push the line release button down to far in my opinion.  Quite a bitter farther down than my Curado reels.

From: Dave: Milton, NY

Comments: This reel can cast very far, even farther than my Abu Revo Premier.  Its super smooth. I've got mine paired up with 7' MH smoke rod. 

From: Minnesota

Comments: out of the box the reel is kinda stiff and needs oil on the bearings at least mine did plus the side plate is super hard to remove, an issue that some users have reported. it appears on certain not all quantum reels. there are some differences between the 100 and the 150 series 100 series only gets the acs II braking while the 150 has the new acs III braking with more adjustments tabs. in addition the cast control knob on the the 150 clicks while the 100 doesn't. just wanted to point out some differences but i like how the 100 looks. its way sexier than the 150.

Comments: This reel just SMOKES the curado. it is so light i can bomb any bait I want where I want with this reel! Try it you will not be let down

Comments: SMOKE...I aint trippin! Yeah, that sa line from the movie FRIDAY but it sums this thing up. SICK. The 100 size is just...SICK. Light, out casts all my other reels (I tried them all one Friday night) the only thing I can see neg is it is a little noisy. But thats with me winging a 3/8 oz practice plug on a 7' rod as far as I can, with the wind. I use reel grips, but they really arent needed on this mofo. I might say DONT get one, only b/c you will want more.

From: Meatwad: Out of lootski

Comments: smoke blows the curado away, thats forsure and im a shimano guy

From: Thai: Tokyo

Comments: Core is twice the price, why bother comparing the two?  The smoke performs nearly as well for $170 less!

From: Jason: Irmo, SC

Comments: you must not be buying a core if you think this is a good reel lol

From: Matt: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments:  These reels are TIGHT!  I wish all of my reels were like this.  I love mine.  A great buy!  There is no need to spend more than $200 on a reel now that these have come out.

From: Hale: Middle, TN

Comments: Omg this is totally the best real ever

From: Creighton: Des Plains, IL

Comments: This reel is amazingly light and smooth. Quantum did a very good job with this one and thats coming from a Shimano guy. Paired with a St. Croix Mojo Bass rod and some Berkley 100% fluorocarbon you have a winner! Highly recommend this product to anyoneeeeee.

From: Ryan: Alexandria, VA

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