The Quantum Smoke Casting Reel Series is quite possibly the smoothest casting reel series in Quantum history. Weighing in at only 6.8-ounces - the Quantum Smoke PT 150 Casting Reel boasts a larger spool for fishing scenarios requiring greater line capacity, while remaining extremely lightweight for those long tournament days on the water.  A solid, lightweight, one-piece Aluminum Frame with Aluminum Side Covers, rather than Magnesium, also ensures that the Smoke PT doesn’t sacrifice on durability like similar lightweight reels.  The reel’s rigid aluminum construction not only helps keep all the internal components ultra flush with no sloppy play, it also provides a solid base under heavy winding pressure. 

A Micro ACS nine-position Cast Control System allows you to fine-tune the amount of centrifugal braking to match exact casting conditions, and whether you choose a lock-down Tommy Biffle-tough setting for pitching heavy cover, or a looser KVD setting for treble hook baits - the patented, layered Quantum Ceramic Drag System can take the heat.  It doesn’t warp like lesser quality drags and stays smooth for years.  Featuring seven Performance Tuned bearings for excellent corrosion resistance and fluid, reliable functioning, the super lightweight Quantum Smoke PT 150 Casting Reels are packed with Quantum’s Performance Tuned features - and available for a great price.

Additional Features:

Titanium-Nitride Coated Line Guide

Lightweight Skeletal Handle with EVA Knobs

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  I will not be buying another Smoke reel. Unfortunately, I own four of them. On one the spool will not engage and on another the spool squeals loudly when cast. I have an old Revo that still works great for half the price. I bought these reels because they looked great but they do not perform like they should.

From: Brandon: Fort Knox, KY 1/20/15

Comments: Bought this reel a few years ago in a 7.3:1 gear ratio for frogging and thought it was amazing. AT FIRST.  First season was great, casted insanely smooth and far. BUT after just a single season, and living in ontario our seasons only about 5 months, it crapped out on me just before the season ended. I regularly greased it and always undid my drag after every day on the water. But the drag stopped working and you can pull it off the reel with little to no force no matter how tight the drag is with the exception of when it is fully tightened. Which even still requires less force to pull off line than it used to need. As much as I love how light it is, I wouldn't buy it again as in reducing weight, quantum sacrificed durability. Wouldn't recommend spending $200 on this ON SALE and I paid more for mine.

From: Tyler: Brelau, Ontario Canada 1/3/15

Comments: I have had enough with this reel, putting it on one of my rods with braid for up close flipping in cover only. The older breaking system are not good compared to their newer ACS internal dial adjustment such as on the Energy PT 6. Had this for 2 1/2 years now and been nothing but birds nests in the wind and going through good line and money. I have a pretty good thumb but spooled it with flouro and used with light plastics. Put it on a moderate St Croix rod for square bills and went out yesterday. Started giving me problems. Not getting much distance with a 1.5 casting so I tried to adjust for some more distance but then the birds nests started back up. Do not recommend this reel and its older breaking system. I have an original KVD tour with same breaking system and it also has some similar problems but not quite as bad this reel. Retrieve is fairly smooth and drag is decent.

From: TA: Akron, OH 10/25/14

Comments: bought this reel last winter and after one season this reel is giving me some serious problems. After a cast the reel will not engage and will not crank, it just gets jammed. After taking it apart giving it a thorough clean and lube everything works fine again until half way through the day the next time out the same thing happens. I will not be buying another quantum product.

From: Josh: Brampton, Ontario Canada 10/13/14

Comments: I absolutely love this reel! I got it for Christmas and I can cast lures a mile, with a 3/4ounce jig I can cast it 40-50 yards, the reel is incredibly nice weight and can cast any size lure, from the 6 inch Huddleston to a weightless worm. It is an incredibly tough reel too.

From: Cade: NJ

Comments: nice reel overall had it for two years and fished heavily.  Still like my lews speed spools better. Plus they are half the price and perform equally as well just not as light.

From: Rogers: GA

Comments: This is a great reel I've had mine for 2 years going into 3. Just make sure u give it regular maintenance. Quantum is offering a all metal reel at 6.8 oz not even daiwa zillion is all metal with their cheap graphite side plate and it's a 320 reel. I've been able to cast a 1/16 oz shakey head with a roboworm at least 30 feet get this reel.

From: Antonio: md,USA

Comments: I beat these reels up and they keep on giving back to me.. Yeah the paint scratches a little... but the components are solid and it continues to fish like a dream . Light , dependable and comfortable... this is why I only use quantum. All reels need routine maintenance take care of your investment and it might give you the double digit day.

From: Thomas: holly springs, NC

Comments: great reel I have the 151hpt on a lamiglas si,I originally looked at these reels because they match the rod perfectly but I am a shimano guy.when I got my hands on one though I had to get it. Extremely light,plenty of power,good line capacity,consistent drag,cast really far(farther than my curado) and once you tune it it resists backlashes quiet well.overall I am very happy with this reel.it has a season under it's belt now of very heavy use and works just as it did out of the box.

From: C: WA, USA

Comments: I have to admit, I'm not a Quantum fan overall.  After sending a spinning reel back twice within the first two months, the last time with no return address so they couldn't send a replacement, I swore I wouldn't buy another Quantum product again.  However, I took a chance on the Smoke when it first came out.  I was taking a trip to the Amazon for Peacocks and needed a light, high speed reel with good line capacity to work the big prop baits fast.  The reel has now been back twice and after thousands of casts and hundreds of Peacocks, it's still a terrific reel.  I use it all the time for bass in Florida on the weekends.  Aside from a bit of a noisier retrieve than some other reels I own, it's a fine tool for catching fish.

From: Rick: Wellington, FL

Comments: I have purchased many reels and different combos and the smoke just blows my mind. This thing is so light in the right rod combo it's ridiculous ! It's smooth and feels great... in cast and retrieve, just what any angler wants .. plus it has a## in a good fight. If you can't oil a reel you can't land a hawg. I have completely given up my combo selection to quantum and have ordered two more of these in diff gear ratio's. This reel won't disappoint.

From: Thomas: Holy Springs, NC

Comments: i've used quantums all my life. i love them. but today i got a surprise. i was doing a final cleaning before i put my reels away and started on my 7.3 smoke that i bought two years ago and noticed that the reel foot was bent. turns out i had sheered the frame and bent the reel foot. also on the other side of the reel foot it is sheered on the frame as well. so it is only being held on my the front part of the frame where the reel foot connects to it. it was probably my fault but i know this shouldnt have happened. im only 16 and dont have alot of money so when i lose a reel like this it puts a huge dent in my wallet. i will still use quantum products because they are indeed great products but i now know the limits on these smokes

From: Joe: Spokane, WA

Comments: Purchased the 7.3 model and put it on my Falcon Bucoo Micro 7'MH rod. So light its not even funny. Caught a nice 6lber on my first trip out with it, along with many others. Total Cake Walk. If you are thinking about buying this reel without having held it before, just do it, you will not be disappointed! I plan on buying another soon.

From: Don: Ft. Worth, TX

Comments: GOOD! It's my first Quantum and it worked much better than an other reel I wont name. It's extremly smooth on casting, makes no noise. the drag is very very very smooth too. enough light too, the design fits perfectly in your hands, And I had no problem with backlashes, When you try out a reel for the first time, you don't cast it out like your other reel, take time to tune it slowly by making short casts at the begining, I might quit Shimano and get on Quantum now, sorry curado :(

From: Victor: Quebec, Canada

Comments: BEST reel money can buy i received this reel 6 days ago and spooled it up with 12 pound vicious pro elite fluorocarbon and slapped it on my kvd tour cranking rod i 7'10" medium heavy and man this would have to be the best reel that i have ever had i own 2 kvd tour reel in 7.3:1 and a 5.3:1 and i love this reel more than both of them these reels are very smooth and tremendously light weight i am planning on buying at least 3 more before my tournament on kentucky lake august 18th and 19th hope to see some of you guys there and buy some quantum reels!

From: fishinkentucky247: KY 

Comments: Not a bad reel.  Definitely agree with Josh about loosening the cast control for better performance.  If you're fishing any reel with the breaks set all the way you are not getting the full potential of your reel.  Holds plenty of line, and casts great even with slightly lighter baits.  Thinking about getting the 5.3 to 1 for cranks. 

From: Andrew: AR

Comments: love it have  it on the 7 ft smoke rod medium heavy have the 6.6.;1 sL 151 spt left hand retrieve and by far one of the best priced and best over all rod and reels

From: Daniel: Nashville, TN

Comments: These reels are great and once people stop turning the cast control knob too tight, they will realize just how good they cast and retrieve. I repair, clean , super-tune reels for people in all of my bass clubs and others and I notice that every reel that I receive have the cast control knobs so tight that the reels seem to not cast or retrieve the way they are intended ( you have to get used to feathering the spool or you do not maximize the reels potential) and if you are getting a lot of backlashes try having the cast control more free and practice with your thumb more often. I believe the new ACS3 is one of the best cast control systems available.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome if you try these suggestions.

From: Josh: MI

Comments: Made the first comment on this reel. The reel started to not engage at all from free-spool so i sent it back to quantum and they replaced it for free. This one feels MUCH better and more sturdy than the last. Judging by the diversity of comments on this reel im am guessing that they had a bad batch or something. The one i have now is definetly of the quality quantum reel i have come to know. 5 out of 5 stars for the reel i have now.

From: Ray: Texas

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