Designed by 4-time Bassmaster Classic Champion and 7-time Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Kevin VanDam, the Quantum PT Team KVD Casting Reels deliver Elite Series performance - for a reasonable price. Featuring an easily palmable, one-piece aluminum frame with a lightweight graphite side plate, its eight bearing system (7+1) keeps operations incredibly smooth.

Also equipped with Quantum’s exclusive CentriMag Dual Cast Control System to accommodate a wide range of conditions and lures, its advanced Ceramic PT Drag System starts up smooth and stays strong to tame the hardest fighting fish. Available in both a versatile 6.3:1 and a high speed 7.0:1 gear ratio, the Quantum PT Team KVD Casting Reels deliver the performance KVD needs when he’s on tour - at a price anglers can appreciate.

-One-Piece Aluminum Frame
-Lightweight Graphite Palm-side Cover
-CentriMag Dual Cast Control System
-Ceramic PT Drag System


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Customer Reviews

Comments: Pick up this reel couple days ago. It a nice looking reel. But I to have a lot of backlash problems. I guess I just have to keep messing with it to see what works. 

From: K-Dogg: Sheboygan, WI 12/18/15

Comments: this reel is a waste of time and money! I have 1 shimano aldebarans 1 shimano core and 1 revo mgx and a revo mgxtreme. Them reels i listed are a lot better than this reel mine is very difficult to dial in and dont cast good at all i was skeptical about buying a quantam anyway looks like my gut was right...

From: Trey: USA 7/3/15

Comments: I've only been using this reel for a short time but so far like it. I bought it as a jig setup, I wanted to try the flip control and though not 100% convinced I will use it that often plan to keep trying it. I'm not sure why people keep having backlash issues but think that is every fast, smooth bait caster. The trick is even after dialing in, you have to keep light pressure on the spool. I run them as free as I can and can only do so by applying light pressure.

From: Chris: VA 7/1/15

Comments: I honestly don't know what people are talking about saying its a "bad" reel. I just got mine and on the fist day I took it out I caught a hog. So to me it's a great reel for the price. The only minor issue I seemed to have was a bit of backlash ing but that's just a matter of getting used to a new baitcaster. To me it deserves a 8.5/10 rating

From: Shane: NJ 4/29/15

Comments: I bought the Quantum reel about 3 months ago. I was new to baitcasters so I was getting frustrated. I asked my neighbor and he taught me how to adjust for not only the bait you are using but your casting habits. When casting the trick is don't try to cast hard just to reach the distance you want. You are sure to get a backlash then. The distance will eventually come around when you find yourself casting smoother.

From: Cary: Gonzales, LA 2/6/15

Comments: Those talking bad about this reel are insane. Now it does take a minute to get configured and dialed in but when it is it casts anything from big swimbaits to weightless flukes like a dream! I have always found quantum reels annoying because you have to fool with them a lot before they work right but I love this reel! The Eva is kinda cheaply made but dang the real only cost $119 so what do you expect it won't be a steez or an abu metanium. 

From: Chris: GA 1/14/15

Comments: I personally love this reel! I love throwing frogs and I have teamed this reel up with a 7'6" smoke rod with 65# braid and absolutely love it! I have caught some monster bass with this reel and can't wait to get another one!

From: Patrick: Natchitoches, LA 5/10/14

Comments: I recently ordered this reel to match my KVD Tour crankin rod. I spooled it with 15 Seaguar Fluorcarbon. Set the reel up with the centifical adjustment for the lure weight i was using and set the magnetic brake to 6 and began casting it.7 out of 10 casts the reel would either back lash or try to.After many adjustments with it i gave up and returned it T.W. It looks good and is smooth,but the performance from it when it is casted is very poor.

From: Michael: Ripley, TN 3/28/14

Comments: Quantum has been going downhill a lot lately and this reel really is one of the worst reels for the money you can buy, grips are way too soft for me, and really has no power in it. This reel looks good but has 0 performance skills. Definitely  not recommend. Pick yourself up a lews if you want a decent reel for under $150

From: Brent: FL

Comments: i bought this reel thinking it was going to be a decent little reel. i tried to fish A finesse worm but it felt like a brick. when i first had a fish on it, i thought it would be a 6 plus but ended up being barely a pound. also don't let the picture fool you. the reel is made of very cheap quality material,and the EVA foam grips are the worst  density in the world. i am afraid of them getting compressed on one fish. just putting it out there for people just starting with a bait caster. look in a different direction.

From: Unknown: USA

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