Quantum PT Team KVD Spinning Reels - $119.99

The Quantum PT Team KVD Spinning Reel delivers the lightweight performance Kevin VanDam demands - now at a lower price point. Its Zero-Flex aluminum frame provides a lightweight rigid base of operation that won’t fold under heavy cranking, and it’s also packed with 8 PT bearing (7+1) - far more than other reels in its class. The high bearing count ensures super smooth casts and retrieves, and the lightweight Razor Rotor also helps reduce weight and improve functioning. Back that up with an indestructible Titanium Bail wire, and you have a real that KVD would be happy to fish. Lightweight, affordable and packed with performance, the Quantum PT Team KVD Spinning Reel is ready to tackle any bass you come up against.

-Aluminum Body and Side Cover
-Continuous Anti-Reverse
-Lightweight Razor Rotor
-Indestructible Titanium Wire

Offering tournament caliber performance at a reasonable price, the Quantum PT Team KVD Spinning Reel delivers lightweight performance and features Kevin VanDam would be proud to fish.

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Quantum PT Team KVD Spinning Reels

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
KVD25PTIA Right/Left 5.2:1 7.5 7PT + 1RB 8/150 $119.99
KVD30PTIA Right/Left 5.2:1 8.6 7PT + 1RB 10/150 $119.99
KVD40PTIA Right/Left 5.2:1 8.9 7PT + 1RB 10/230 $119.99

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  • Offering tournament caliber performance at a reasonable price, the Quantum PT Team KVD Spinning Reel delivers lightweight performance and features Kevin VanDam would be proud to fish.

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Comments: I was very surprised to see there were no reviews on this reel; it made the decision a little tougher to go ahead and buy it. But I did decide on the 25PTIA model. This reel was purchased to use for soft jerkbaits; wacky worms; tubes and small stick worms. I can say that this reel does not disappoint. Very smooth with all of the bearings; very light weight (but made of quality materials) and the drag is flawless. I have this matched up with a Veritas 2.0 6-6 M Spinning Rod and it is an unbelievable combo.....and it also LOOKS great! After owning this reel for about a month now I can certainly recommend it to anyone. I am typically an Abu-Garcia Guy but purchasing this awesome Quantum Reel did not disappoint.

From: Gary: PA 10/27/14

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