It’s hard to find a better reel for the price than the Quantum Q-Vex Spinning Reel. Sleek and lightweight, its built with a smooth-cranking 10-bearing system (9+1) unheard in its price range. Its smooth front-adjustable drag system also offers the reliable performance you need for fighting big fish, and its aluminum Long Stroke spool design ensures longer casts and better functioning. Also featuring a durable stainless steel bail wire and solid composite frame - for the price - you can't go wrong with the new Quantum Q-Vex Spinning Reel.

Additional Features:

-Double-anodized aluminum spool
-Continuous Anti-Reverse
-Backed by a Limited One-Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: used this reel today for the first time. Gotta say a great buy at $40. Casts smooth and drag is great.

From: Jacob: Canyon Lake 3/7/15

Comments: I've dropped mine a few times on the rocks & in the water. Since its plastic its a little banged up now but works ok. A little noisy when reeling right out of the box but considering the price it's ok. i think its good for beginners.

From: Nathaniel: Woodland State, CA 12/1/14

Comments: Hands down the absolute worst spinning reel i have ever purchased within 1 year i have sent back 2 of these both for stepped gears. i have my 3rd Q-VEX and its already started giving me problems the first time out. i have a problem with reeling it but it won't retrieve any line. I'm throwing in the towel for this reel and for all quantum reels.

From: Luke: Knoxville, TN 10/17/14

Comments:  I have owned this reel for around two years. I have to say I have gotten my moneys worth. I have used this reel religiously for a while and when I bought it I just threw robo worms and now I am throwing drop shot cranks and light jigs. This reel is great for a beginner or even the experienced fisherman. Has treated me well but for my friend that bought this reel had a different story his was defective out of the box. But my theory is that its hit or miss and if its a hit it will treat you well if you use it properly. I have taken this thing to the beach, lakes vacation and it has standed the test of ware and time. Personally I believe for the price you cant beat this reel.

From: Connor: CA 8/14/14

Comments: Ordered 6 times in the last 2+ months. Everything I bought no prob , but yesterday's Order was a diff story. I purchased the qvex 20 and it looked good out the package. When I looked closer there was a dent on top of the bail entry and on main handle. I opened it up and there's a mini hole on base of reel, a missing washer/bolt , and it's rough/squeaks when I turn it.... Seems like I got a used reel or defective one. :(.    Buyers beware!

From: Reeves: SF


From: Kung: Japan

Comments: It is a amazing reel for the price. I have the 40. It seems as if the smaller models have issues rather than the bigger ones.By what the people on the Bass Pro website. I have had the Q-Vex size 40 for two years now and no problems.

From: Matthew: KY

Comments: amazing reel for the price,i own one and paired it with a abu garcia vengeance,i will be purchasing another,great job quantum.

Comments: I own and am very please with my 3 Quantum Catalyst PT spinning reels and 4 Quantum Accurist baitcasting reels. But my experiences with the Q-VEX are entirely another story. The Q-Vex 10 reel I purchased was defective right out of the box: the drag washers were falling out of the cylinder, the spool was crudely machined, and the main shaft moved in and out very roughly when turning the reel handle. I sent it to Quantum and they sent me a warranty replacement. Unfortunately, that one had one of the same basic problems: every couple of revolutions of the reel handle, the main shaft would stick. This is not acceptable performance, even in a $40 reel. I own numerous reels in this price range by Mitchell, Abu Garcia, Cetus, St. Croix, and Shimano, all of which work smoothly. After notifying Quantum, they paid return postage for the second reel then repaired and returned it. Now it seems to work correctly, but my overall cost escalated due to paying postage upon the original purchase plus the first warranty return ($15 total). I requested a free spool as compensation for my troubles and additional cost, but they did not comply. Unfortunately, the quality controls on these reels seem to be sorely lacking.

From: Vince: Tucson

Comments: AWESOME REEL for price this reel is incredibly smooth and has a super smooth drag love this reel

From: James

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