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Quantum Smoke PT Micro Guide Casting Rods - $118.88

Quantum Smoke PT Micro Guide Casting Rods

Significant weight reduction was the driving force in the creation of the Quantum Smoke PT Micro Guide Casting Rods. Featuring lightweight Micro Guide technology, the Smoke Rods are also available at a much lighter price point than comparable rod models. Almost six times lighter than traditional aluminum oxide guides - a total set of Micro Guides weighs next to nothing at only 0.025-ounces. Along with greatly reducing weight, the Micro Guides also help increase rod sensitivity by positioning the line closer to the blank, while at the same time improving casting distance by eliminating line-slap.

Super-sensitive HSX70 high-strain, million modulus graphite blanks keep the weight down as well, delivering the ultimate blend of quality, reduced weight, and strength, while Split EVA high-performance Grips balance out the rod perfectly and provide ergonomic, all-day comfort. Lightweight, sensitive and affordably priced - with the latest Micro Guide technology - what more could you want from a rod series? The sleek and stylish Quantum Smoke PT Micro Guide Casting Rods also pair up perfectly with the Quantum Smoke 100 & 150 Casting Reels - for a combo that weighs in at only 8-9 ounces.

-Backed by Quantum's 5-year Warranty

Comments: well update to the last one I did and I had 2 of these rods, well I now have 3. I added the 7'6 heavy, WOW these rods are hands down unbeatable. My Shimano Crucials are nice (I have 8 of also )but are not as lite or have the feel that these do in hand. Match it with a  Shimano Curado or a lews and you can cast to the moon. I fish 3 to 5 days a week and they get used, so I can speak from time on the water. I highly recommend these for crankbait rods and top water popers (7' Med/Mod Fast -- 6'6" Medium). Buzzbaits, Jig and small swimbaits (7'6" Heavy) Love em.

From: Kevin: KY 6/27/14

Comments: I own three of these rods: 2 - 7'MH and 1- 7'4H), with that said I like the sensitivity and the light weight these rods offer. I pair all of them with EXO 100 reels. The one complaint I have is the micro guides bend easily and the glue cracks easily as well. But overall, I am very happy with them, especially the 7'4 H. I use it as a football jig rod and it has improved my presentations and hook up ratios. It says Heavy but it is a tad on the MH side in my opinion with the softer tip. Just wish Quantum would use the same type of micro guides that the Dobyns Savvy Series uses.

From: Steve: IL 6/18/14

Comments: I recently bought a 7'6"H and I've paired it up with the new KVD reel spooled with 65# PowerPro braid and absolutely love it! I use this rod for frogs and it has plenty of back bone to get fish out of thick grass! Will definitely purchase another one soon!

From: Patrick: Natchitoches, LA 5/4/14

Comments: These rods are pretty good and I think they are worth buying. However after I started buying some other brands of rods that have micro guides, I started to notice that these didn't let leader knots go through the guides very well at all. It's been one of the most frustrating things about these and I thought it was just normal with ALL micro guide casting rods. Well I bought a Lew's micro guide tournament rod and the same leader knot goes through the eyes flawlessly. I don't know why because the guides are just as small and look the same. These are plenty stiff for the action; even the medium action rod is much stiffer than other brands I own. If you are using straight braid or straight fluorocarbon or mono then no worries, they will work great!

From: Unknown: USA 4/29/14

Comments: Just got done fishing the 7'4"H all day, casting and pitching jigs in gnarly cover. The thing is a broomstick, not in a good way. No, I dont have weak arms. Wanna wrastle? Even with the micro guides, it's still heavy!. 

From: Jay6: USA 4/10/14

Comments: Got one for free, the 7'4" H to be exact. I wanted to hate it, as I really dislike Quantum and their smart-mouthed CS folks (I own two Smokes and they fell apart QUICKLY). But this rod is legit. The micriguides are cool, and the rod isnt a tank. That means it isn't heavy. Sorry but I gotta translate sometimes. Its a solid rod but I would never give Quantum another dollar...thats my opinion though.

From: Meatwad: Basswipe's dock

Comments: Got the rod in 6'9" MH for 100$ and its my first "real" rod paired with a Lews Tournament Pro. From what I've gathered so far the action is supposed to be XF but feels more like F. However I don't believe it takes away at all as the rod just feels so solid and is unbelievably light. Would certainly recommend this exact rod to anyone looking for an all purpose beast.

From: Ryan: Doylestown, PA, USA

Comments: These things are just sick. They are light and have a great tip I have 3 casting modles and 1spinning and they all are great, and match with a Energy PT lures they are flawless

From: Turner: SC

Comments: 7' MH is an awesome spinnerbait rod.  Throws a 1/2oz on 12# flouro like a dream excellent bite sensativity and backbone for setting the hook and getting them to the boat.

From: Eric: Naperville IL

Comments: My favorite!  Absolutely love this set-up and my smoke reel, got the MGX and Revo Winch but this set-up has caught me so many hawgs!  I use it strictly for senkos which may be why I catch so many fish but this thing is indestructible!  It's all graphite and very durable.

From: Jimmy: Chicago, IL

Comments: I have owned the 7' medium/fast for a few years now, and it is my favorite by far in my boat. I have had my hands on most of the more popular rods in the 100-150 dollar range and this is the lightest and most most balanced of them all. I see some people are have problem with the breaking theirs. Either they got a lemon or arent taking care of it. Because I bring the pain when I set the hook. I fish a fluke and senkos mostly with this rod and have literally caught hundreds of fish on it, pulled 6 pounders out of heavy grass, and set the hook into a million stumps with a chatterbait.   All you need is the $100 Lew's reel and it feels weightless, and turns your bait into a fish seeking missle.

From: James: WE

Comments: I just got 2 of these , 6'6" Medium and the Smoke 7' Med/Mod Fast and these things are bad to the bone .They are super lite and the feel in hand is amazing . Have not fished them yet but have casted them a lot and just pure awesome . The best $129.99 rod any were . no competition out there for the price. report back later after tourney this next week .

From: Kevin: KY

Comments: I purchased the 7'4" M spinning rod while on sale at 89.99. The rod is light and well balanced for a long rod but there are two things I don't like. The hook keeper is above the reel seat, which I knew ahead of time, but plan on moving. The other is the amount of threads showing after you attach the reel to the reel seat, I put a Shimano 2500 on and there is still a half inch of threads showing. For me, this not not good because I keep my index finger on the rod blank. Overall, this is a decent rod worth 89.99, but I don't think it's worth 149.99.

Comments: I have all kinds of high end rods. These are as good as you will put your hands on

From: Josh: KY

Comments: I bought the 6'6" Med and i am in love! Crazy light with my smoke reel and i love the flexibilty. Its a super fun rod to fish with. A 2 lber fight like a 5. I fish everything from t rig to senko to ika it gets the job done!

From: Big Rob: So Cal

Comments: Purchased the 7' MH and have been very pleased.  I have this rod rigged up for pitching LM on Lake Champlain and it has exceeded all of my expectations.  Solid back-bone, responsive tip and the micro-guides cut down on backlash.  Great rod for the price.

From: Rob: Burlington, VT

Comments: I love to sight fish, and this rod 6'9"MH with the 100 series smoke reel is the best iv ever used for pitching light weight soft plastics accurately to spawning fish up on these northern lakes!!!

From: John: WI

Comments: i dont understand why everyone seems to have problems with these rods. i am a fairly stong person and i really set the hook when i get a bite. this rod has handled every hook set and every fish very well. i ripped a half pound bass right out of the water on a hook set nothing is broken.

From: Kiel: Hutchinson, KS

Comments: I have two of the 6'9" rods in mh and the 7'4" heavy rod and they are the best rods I have used. I have a friend that buys only Gloomis rods that are 2-3 times this price and he couldn't believe how light weight and balanced they were. I have used braid in heavy cover and lilly pads and pulled bass out with no problem. I have to wonder if the people that are having all these breaking problems haven't accidentaly stepped on their rods while on the deck of the boat? I have only had one Quantum rod break in my whole life and it was because of user error.

From: Brandon: OH

Comments: First rod came in mail and was broken. Fished with second rod 2 weeks and the tip broke on a 2 lb bass. Fixed the tip and not even a year later it broke in the middle from a 2.5 lb walleye. great casting rod!!! just need to fix the issues with it breaking!!!

From: Abram: Topeka, KS

Comments: When i buy 2 of these rods and both break with in acouple trips out there is a problem with the rod....Not the fisherman. i have alot of other poles that never have broke but these deff have a flaw in them.

From: Brett: Inverness, FL

Comments: I have to chuckle a little bit when people talk of breaking rods. You don't know how to fish. Take the time to realize it's not an iron cast rod in your hands. Any rod will break if you abuse it. We are fishing with graphite rods, not a fiberglass deep sea boat rod.

From: Pat: San Jose

Comments: At this price point category, nothing can really beat it.  Its light, sensitive and well built.  I have a 7ft MH fast action and have pulled lunkers out of weed beds no prob.  People who be hatin cause its made in CHINA, dont act like you've never bought stuff made in CHINA.  Not that many things out there that is purely made in the US anymore.

From: MN

Comments: I Posted earlier on my 7'6" heavy rod snapping on a fish wrapped up in some heavy cover. while waiting for my rod to be replaced by quantum after i sent it back. i went to bass pro and bought the same rod cause i had a tournament coming up and needed my rod for it. well got home set it all up and headed out fishin acouple days later and what do you know. SNAP! set the hook on a 4 pounder and the rod broke 2 inches from the top! these rods are garbage. save yourself the money and by a different rod.

From: Brett: Inverness, FL

Comments: I had the 7'6" Heavy rod. i used it for flipping heavy cover and mats. i had it paired with the smoke reel and while it was very comfortable and super light weight i dont think they hold up well for pulling fish out of the heavy stuff. i just snapped mine in half today on a fish while flipping heavy cover. the rod is good in the weight, and feel department just lacking in the strength.

From: Brett: Inverness, FL

Comments: I bought the 7'4 heavy rod and matched it with a quatum kinect reel and it is awsome this rod is well worth the money

From: Mifflinburg, PA

Comments: I buy one rod 7 mh and i am very disapointed that the rod material comes saying made in china. because i buy a rod that is 100% usa and not a rod that comes from china. Very disapointed with quantum.

Comments:  I currently own 2 of these rods with 2 more on the way. Working on replacing all my rods with this series. These are super lightweight, extra sensitive, and have plenty of backbone.. Get yours while there still at a good price.

From: Fan of Ott: Knoxville, TN

Comments: I own a 6'6" med.heavy smoke rod and it is fun to fish with.It is very light making it a joy to cast.No ZBONE,but for the money,well worth owning one!Very accurate also.GET you one here at T.W.

From: Banks: Kimberly, AL

Comments:  These rods are hands down the best on the market. quantum does it right everytime

From: A.W.: MI

Comments: Matched up with a smoke 100pt. It is the lightest set up I have ever used.

From: Hitch: TX

Comments: I have th 7'4'' heavy with a energy 7:1 and it is sweet, all i use is quantun and i have not been dissapionted yet.

From: Antony: Ohio

Comments: Best Quality of shipment ever!!! Very fast! Received 1 day before quoted date.  Rod in perfect shape.  Haven't gotten a chance to use it yet but I am impressed with Tackle Warehouse and their efficiency and care.

From: Xay: Minneapolis, MN

Comments: Great rod.  Very light and sensitive with lots of backbone.  Looks great too.  Micro guides really work for longer casts.  Best rod available for this price.

From: Kenny: Shepherdsville, KY

Comments: Purchased the 7' medium-heavy at the beginning of the 2011 season.  I was shocked at how light this rod is and even more impressed by the power it has during hook set and landing monsters.  Sensitive enough to feel the lightest tick but powerful enough to land the big girls.  And to top it off, the microguides are pure ingenuity!!!  Nice job quantum!

From: Bonz: Vermont

Comments: I purchased the 7'm/h paired it with a 100 smoke reel and flat out love it!Super light and sensitive.

From: Giblet: TN, USA

Comments: I really like the look and feel of this rod. It's very light and sensitive but has plenty of backbone to haul in lunkers. My only complaint is the placement of the hook keeper. They placed it exactly where I like to hold my rod, causing the metal piece to dig in to my finger, which normally wouldn't be a problem, but after using it all day, it can start to hurt. Other than that, it's a good quality rod at a good price, especially paired with a curado.

From: Tom: North Charleston, SC

Comments: This rod is so light and sensitive, it's not even funny. I can feel the pinchers flapping on a zoom ultravibe speed craw from way out there.

From: Joe: St Augustine, FL

Comments: Awesome pair with the Smoke 150 reel and smoke rod.  Light and comfortable.  I got 3 and plan to replace all my Shimano Cumara rods.  Go get you some!

From: Hawaiian in Texas: Lone Star State

Comments: Receive my Quantum smoke combo and boy I have to give it to Quantum! This is by far the lightest combo you will ever have. I paired a 6'9 rod with the 100 series reel and it's as light as my Revo SX. Micro guides are so tiny you almost cannot see them. A great plus!! The metal wrap on the butt tells you the action of your rod and that's even better for the organized guys! I'highly recommend the smoke series if oyu are an avid all day fisherman! Off season now so I don't have an actual test review but the setup gives me high hopes for June!!!

From: Damian: Minnesota, USA

Comments: Awsome rod that brakes my wildest dreams.  However, broke it in half on a 20lb striper.  

From: Eric: Rio Vista, CA

Comments: I had the privileged of fishing wit bill dance and he had a few of these rods and they are super sweet light weight rods, can't wait to get mine!

From: Blade: Tennessee, USA

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Quantum Smoke Casting Rod 6'6" Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 8-17lb 1/4-3/4oz 10+Tip Smoke Cast A
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12-1/2" $118.88 3+
Smoke Cast A

Quantum Smoke Casting Rod 6'6" Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 8-14lb 1/4-3/8oz 10+Tip Smoke Cast A
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12-1/2" $118.88 1
Smoke Cast A

Quantum Smoke Casting Rod 7' Med Hvy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 10-25lb 1/4-1 1/2oz 10+Tip Smoke Cast B
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13-1/2" $118.88 3+
Smoke Cast B

Quantum Smoke Casting Rod 7' Medium

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 8-17lb 1/4-3/4oz 10+Tip Smoke Cast B
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13-1/2" $118.88 3+
Smoke Cast B

Quantum Smoke Casting Rod 7'6" Heavy

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Extra Fast 12-25lb 7/16-1-1/2oz 12+Tip Smoke Cast E
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16" $118.88 1
Smoke Cast E

Quantum Smoke Casting Rod 7'6" Med/Mod Fast

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Moderate Fast 10-17lb 1/4-1/2oz 12+Tip Smoke Cast E
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16" $118.88 3+
Smoke Cast E

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