The revolution continues with the Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Reel. One of the lightest and best performing spinning reels that Quantum has ever created, it's constructed with the latest advancements in reel technology and materials, including Quantum’s advanced C4FL Carbon Fiber Rotor, which minimizes rotor arm flex under heavy drag loads, and is 80% lighter than standard rotors. The Smoke's LMS Line Management System also offers superior line management for better line lay, smoother winding, and longer casts. It's designed specifically to allow the line to be captured by the spool with less friction, while the Titanium Nitride-coated ball bearing line roller reduces line twist. The reel's exclusive EXO CSC Drag System also features a series of carbon, stainless steel and ceramic discs for an extremely smooth drag that can take the heat of any fishing situation. Sleek, stylish and loaded with features, the Quantum Smoke Spinning Reel has it all.

Additional Features:

-Lightweight Aluminum Body and Sidecover
-Indestructible Titanium Bail Wire
-Continuous Anti-Reverse
-PT Longstroke Spool Design
-Lightweight EVA Handle Knobs

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Not a bad reel for the price and it is very light however two small issues: 1) regardless of line I spool ,it wants to layer the back of the spool more than the front. 2) no way to unlock-- can't back spool for fighting larger fish.

From: Rick: Ontario 9/7/14

Comments: bought this reel to pair up with my 701 dobyn champion series, caught over 50 fish in 2 months, biggest was a 13lbs catfish while dropshoting for smallies, this reel feels solid, I'll give it 8.5/10. It holds more line then what it says..

From: Andre: CA 9/5/14

Comments: got this smoke a couple weeks ago as a replacement for my ol shimano sahara on my st croix legend extreme. the old combo killed dropshotting smallies in erie last year, so looking forward to this years trip with the smoke. tried on our farm pond and this reel is smooth, casts fairly well, and amazingly light. the drag is a lil confusing about the tightness u need cause it always is tight and u can pull line right off the spool.once u find what u like u will enjoy burying hooks in the mouths of largemouth and smallmouth every bite

From: Kevin: OH 6/30/14

Comments: The quantum smoke is the real deal. It's the only reel I use anymore. It's light, smooth and gets the job done. I am a tough critic when it comes to equipment but I don't have any complaints when it comes to the quatum smoke. It's certainly worth every penny!!!

From: John: South Central, KY 4/1/14

Comments: Got this reel a few months back and have caught a ton of bass and alot of big catfish too the drag holds up nice and the bail is good to i would give this reel an 8/10 it is worth the money for sure

From: Logan: Dallas, TX 3/5/14

Comments: I never realized how great a reel could feel until I fished the Smoke PT. AMAZING!!!!! Light strong plenty of power. Very smooth reel. Paired with Kistler Carbon Steel 6'9'' MH. Killer setup!!!

From: Corey: Gettysburg, PA

Comments: Another junk spinning reel with a two piece bail to snag your line!

From: Adam

Comments: No wonder six-time US Bass Angler of the Year Kevin van Dam has won more than $4 million using only Quantum reels and rods! G'day from Down Under!

From: Gordon: Australia

Comments: I have used this reel on dozens of trips over the last year. I don't have one bad thing to say about it. I am buying 2 more right now! Amazing reel!

From: Theo: WI

Comments: Amazing reel. I have it on a bps carbonlite rod and its a great combo. Smooth drag and works great with 10 lb braid. Highly recomeend this reel.

From: Greenville, SC

Comments: I have the same problem with my smoke 25 spinning reel with the drag the clicker stoped working, after i set the hook and my drag pulled out a short fast burst and it no longer clicks it still works but i can get the clicker back. I tried doing what you said about turning the opposite and it didnt work. As for the line gap at the top and bottom i have no problem with that.

From: Clay: Davie, FL

Comments: This reel is great but two things trouble me for the perfection of it.  While on trip to the lake the drag clicking noise stopped but drag still worked.  I ended up finding out that turning spool opposite direction fixed it. The line lay on the spool is even however there is a gap at top and bottom of spool. Please comment if you noticed these things. Thanks

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: I recently received my smoke reel. I've had it out fishing for 3 trips now and it functions well. I especially like the drag system and how it adjusts. My poor old Okuma just didn't stand up to 3 years of frequent fishing. I hope this reel lasts longer.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: I love this reel its super smooth cast a mile i have it on the smoke rod and its crazy how lite they are

From: Mike: Akron, OH

Comments:  Incredible reel compared to others in ths price range. I had recently received a Shimano CI4 2500 as a Christmas gift and the Smoke is Much Smoother, Bail Trips Easier and in my opinion has a better High Tech look. The drag is smooth on both. Granted, the Shimano has a 6:1 ratio, weighs slightly less, the Smoke has become my favorite, "Hands Down". I put this on a Loomis NRX, 6 - 10 lb class worm and jig spin rod and cannot believe the performance of this set up. 

From: Tom: Somers Point, NJ

Comments: having a light weight spinning set up is sooo much better!

From: Chris: Oceanside, CA

Comments: It does not matter where Quantum reels are made, they are still going to be the best reels on the market for the price. And when I say that I'm not implying that they are not as good as the higher priced reels. A corvette is just slightly slower or almost identical in performance as a ferarri, however a ferarri is 4 times the cost!

From: Brandon: Fort Jennings, OH

Comments: very high quality product. wish i could have bought it from TW, they're a lot more reliable. to the comment before me, if it was made in america it would probably run up near the 250 dollar range because of higher labor costs so they would have to compensate by using lower grade materials. by making them in china they can spend more on quality and less on labor. ardents are made in america, yet they are extremely overpriced and poor quality. same with the loomis nrx.

From: Colton: TX

Comments: I just bought the 25, really nice and light ! loaded it with #6- 832 braid.  it was a tough choice between this reel or a Stradic 2500,  i like the overall feel of the Smoke a little better. but i'm getting sick and tired of seeing the Made in China sticker on quantum rods and reels !!  its us American fisherman that keeps the company running !!  at least Shimano is made in Japan...

From: Chuck: Ohio

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