Designed by 5-time B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, Kevin VanDam, and engineered with the latest Quantum Performance Tuned technologies, the Quantum KVD Series Casting Reels deliver the performance KVD requires to continually execute at the highest level. Featuring increased line capacities, these lightweight, low-profile reels are also now available in three (3) unique gear ratios tailor-made to fit KVD's aggressive style of power fishing.

The Quantum KVD Casting Reels notably benefit from Quantum's new ASC3 Self-Adjusting Centrifugal Cast Control, which allows you to launch extra long casts, in the worst wind, with the lightest baits, and not have to worry about back-lashing. Quantum compares it to the anti-lock braking system in your vehicle - you may not always need to use it, but when you have to, its there to save you.

All Quantum Performance Tuned reels, including the Quantum KVD Casting Reel, begin with a solid one-piece aluminum frame, machined with computer-guided precision to hold all critical components in perfect alignment. To further reduce weight, KVD designed a carbon-fiber crank handle and a strong aluminum main gear, and delivering the power and precision to control the battle, a layered PT carbon/ceramic drag system dissipates heat to stay smooth throughout its range. Designed by the best in the world for use by those who are as serious as he is, the Quantum Tour Edition KVD Casting Reels are what VanDam uses when it's all on the line.

*Polymer-Stainless Hybrid PT Bearings
*Dual PT Continuous Anti-Reverse
*Super Free Spool Pinion Design
*Scratch-Resistant Titanium Vacuum Deposition Finish
*Titanium-Coated Line Guide
*MaxCast Skeletal Spool Quick-Release Side Cover

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Reel Specs
Bearings: 11BB
Line Cap: 12/145

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Nice reels I own 18 of them.

From: Will: Lake Worth, FL

Comments: I have 3 of these reels one in each gear ratio and I can honestly say that I have never had any problem with anyone of them like other people are claiming. I had and still have other brands, but I love my Quantum's. Everyone has their own opinion on what brand is better, but no matter what brand you buy you can get a bad egg. If you read some other reviews on other brands you will read some of the same things you're reading here about Quantum. So if you like Quantum then buy one and you be the judge.....I like the 1/2 price for XMAS deal. And Tacklewarehouse.com is the BEST! Love'em

From: Mike: New Castle

Comments: I just got this reel and I love it.. I don't know why everyone said that this reel its bad.  I had problems with handle but I figure out what it was... U have to make sure that it clicks and than u know u got it right..... Overall it's a nice reel but if u want a better performance baitcast I will go with the Shimano chronarch 200E. Those reels are the best and easy to used I own 7 of them an I wouldn't change them for anything..!!!!

From: Eugenio: AR

Comments: this reel is garbage. If u like being on the water and pulling rats nests all day long then this reels for you. Paired it with the tour rod and is the biggest waste of 450 $ in my arsenal.  Abu, daiwa, shimano are far superior

From: Ryan

Comments: bought one of theses reels love qauntum but his signature series is much better the handle falls off of the real if i start to real in a fish piece of junk dont waiste the money

From: Frankie: Kingman, AZ

Comments: Its hard to understand why a smoke is such a good reel and the tour edition 7.3.1 is junk. Anything under 20 pound line and you get your line snapped in mid flight and the birdnests are often and ugly. Save your money if you want a good quantum product buy a smoke reel. If you want an excelllent product buy a shimano core.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: Quantum makes good reels. I used them for years but I started a family so I went to the bass pro brand b/c it was alot cheaper. If I had the money I would still be using Quantum. Bottom line is that it doesn't matter what brand of reel you perfure every reel has it good and bad points. I know b/c I have bass fished for 25 years and have owned just about every brand that is on the market.

From: Randy: Wynne, AR

Comments: i love this reel it can cast a mile and i love to use it for swim baits and crank baits

From: Trevon: Big Cypress, FL

Comments: i used to be a quantum guy but the 2007 tour edition made me give up on the company!! the finish starts to melt away and chip the reels will lock up mid cast as you watch your favorite red eye shad fly away. you will hear clicking noise as you turn the handle. I know this because i had 4 of them. based on the comments looks like they fixed it up a bit but still some of the same issues. shimano curado's are better and for the half the price !!

From: Tom: NY

Comments: just recieved my ne kvd yesterday. real nice looking reel, only made about 5the cast with it today with a popper and was extremely impressed with how smooth and the distance u can get out of this reel. I also just recently purchased a shimano curado 300 which is a great reel as well but I think the kvd might just be a few steps ahead.

From: Ryan: Lowell, MA

Comments: Good reel but for 300 bucks i think the finish would last longer bought one in February and side plate has 3 big bear spots on it and no help from the folks at quantum resolving the issue

From: Wes: West TN

Comments: I had to update my review after using this reel all spring and putting it through everything you can imagine. This reel is still like brand new and it fits in your hand so well and feels so right on the quantum smoke rods it can't get any better than this. If I have ever seen a reel that will make you a better angler this is it, when you get it adjusted right you can cast any lure out there without backlashing. If i could afford it I would buy 100 of these so someday when they get discontinued I would always have them for life.

From: Brandon: OH

Comments: I have used the 6.6:1 for a year, and it has performed flawlessly. Casting distance is amazing if you have to brakes set correctly. It's buttery smooth even when there's extreme pressure on it. This is overall an amazing reel.

From: Kyle: MI

Comments: man i love tthese reels. i got one in 5.3:1 for cranking(when they had this gear ratio) and it is smoother than any other reel i've tried. i've tried the mgx,the core, the steez. and they dont even come close, i absolutely will not say a bad thing about these because there is nothing bad about 'em!!!!

From: Joe: WA

Comments: I found this reel in the RH 7.3:1 gear ratio brand new in the box matched with a new KVD Tour cranking rod on ebay for $285 total for $20 shipping. Saved a lot of money and the reel is so awesome. Its by far the best reel I have ever owned!

From: Brandon: Fort Jennings, OH

Comments: Best reel Quantum makes!  All three gear ratios cover cranking, spinnerbaits, and plastics/jigs.  A must buy if your a Quantum guy, and can't wait to get some more of them.

From: Blaine: Baton Rouge, LA

Comments: The reel is by far the best in the business. The best reel for $300. Quantum should wait about 5 years before they build another reel

From: Michael: GA

Comments: The New KVD is Awesome....  I am a huge Quantum Fan and catch a lot of Greif over it, but all I can say is this reel is great.  I have the 2008 PT tour 1160 Blue and the Smoke and the KVD blows them away.  Very smooth reel and not near as loud as the others during a cast.   Still has noise to it when casting but 3 times quieter than the smoke or the PT 1160.  My brother has the Chronarch by Shimano and gave me a bunch of trouble for not puchasing the Chronarch.  Hopefully this reel will be around for a while!  the only downside to quantum is they change their reels every 2 years and it hard to find parts..  Hopefully this one will be around forever!

From: Matt: Saint Louis, MO

Comments: I have one really impressed with it the rest of my reels are Shimanos it rates with them.Will buy more

From: Frank: TX

Comments: unbelivable reel. i am a quantum guy. I have all the quantum reels...the smoke, the tour edition, etc... this is by far the best one i have ever used. i can make long bomb casts with a 1/4oz spinnerbait INTO the wind. the cast control is awesome

From: Joe: Deer Park, NY

Comments: This reel is a good improvement over the 2007 Tour. Reels SO SMOOTH. Casts like a dream very easy to setup. Oh and don't listen to that negative comments because there crazy and prob quantum haters. I been using the LH Tour KVD since it was released on TW AMAZING its perfect

From: Sonny: Wareham, MA

Comments: Good reel but I would go with the regular tour edition or energy.

Comments: These reels are Horrible, They are definately in the 100 dollar reel catagory not the 300 dollar reel catagory.   My shimano citica's have it all over these things and my curados are hands down twice the reeel that this is.  very cheaply made, "looks nice" but thats about it what a dissapointment for this kind of money

From: Jeremy: Punxsutawney, PA

Comments: Man I hate to say anything bad about this reel, but people deserve to know about the junk finish.  My reels finish started to oxidize and turn green in spots.  It has small pits all over it and honestly it looks like garbage.  I might sound like a hypocrite but I will be buying more because everything else is awesome.  Fugly but awesome

From: Tom: St. Joe, MI

Comments: Just pick up a left handed been waiting for it for so long now and I tell y'all.  It is freaken smooth like my baby's but.  the braking system so easy to use once you get use to it.  When you have to adjust it for quick response for the fish its easy not like others. It sits so low on the reel seat and its perfect on my average size hand.

From: Mang Vue: Green Bay, WI

Comments: seth knows wat he is talking about. these reels are terrible. i have 8 of them, and i would give them all away.

From: Bob: USA

Comments: worst reel ever.

From: Seth: Owensboro, KY

Comments: The KVD Tour reel is the first Quantum reel that I have ever used. It is a great reel, very smooth and long casting. The only issue I have with the reel is the dial cast control. It turns off with ease just by the boat ride or my palm touching it when fishing. I have to continue checking it before I make a cast with it. Other than that, it is a great reel!!!

From: Charles: Asheville, NC

Comments: Hands down the best reel I've ever used.  Tight, smooth and effortless to use.  The cast controls perform flawlessly without over-braking.

From: Ronnie: Asheville, NC

Comments:Best reel I've ever had, its so smooth. Paired with the 7'11(launcher) I can get cast a series 6 55 yrds easily. Worth the money!


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