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Now available for a great price, the Quantum Tour Edition PT Casting Rods are high-performance rods built with the touring professional and avid weekend angler in mind. Featuring lightweight, sensitive HSX62 Hi-Strain Graphite blanks, which also have the reserve power to steer big bass away from trouble, each rod comes equipped with premium components as well, including Pac Bay Guides and Fuji Reel Seats. Strong performers at a price that’s hard to beat, the Quantum Tour Edition PT Casting Rods also feature super comfortable natural specie-grade cork handles and fore grips.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This rod is absolutely amazing! I can't say enough good things about this rod for having the price it had! I went to the lake with 6 rods... and only used this one! I found that this rod can do anything you want any of your other rods can do, and do it better too! Quantium has just created another rod that i couldn't live with out!!!

From: Logan: hot springs ARK

Comments: Got the 6'6" and have had no issues with it whatsoever. I love this rod and i use it for drop shotting.

From: Matt: Castaic

Comments: I got the 6' 10" Heavy thinking I would throw 1/2 oz spinnerbaits with it. My mistake - it's much too stout for that application. Not much 'give'... Plus it's an old-school type rod, quite physically heavy for a 6' 10".... I'm using it to throw down-sized AL rigs now & decent for that...

From: MidwestBassGuy: Gardner, KS

Comments: I got the 6'6" medium. Be aware this is a fairly stout rod. I was hoping to use it for jerkbaits or topwater, but its more like a small spinnerbait or jig rod.

From: Erich: WI

Comments: I got the 7'4 Heavy rod and the guide's on this thing are WAY OFF! You can hold the rod straight with the reel on it and the guide's are almost a quarter inch off from being inline with the reel.I guess you can expect this type of thing for a cheap price.BE WARNED,If you buy one of these your's might be off like mine was.Quantum need's to make there rods here in America and not in some third world country that dosen't care about Quality!!!!!!

From: John: Virginia Beach, VA

Comments: I own the older Tour Edition that was $149.99, the only difference is the these have pac bay guides were as my older one has alconites along with gudebrod thread but it is still the same HSX62 graphite blank which is great. I just got a 6'10" heavy and will get the 7' medium in a week or so and hopefully it is still here. I'm amazed they are still here as these are not just good but great rods and at this price it feels like stealing.

From: Dan: NY

Comments: Great rod, so glad tackle warehouse got some in. Just got the 7'4 heavy and I'm about to buy the 7'0 medium. Hope they keep these in stock because I personally will buy at least 4 eventually. The handles could be a little longer but that's not too much of a draw back. The forgrip isn't too bad, would be great if quantum would cut that off but it doesn't screw anything up for me. Again great rod, great price!

From: Jonathon: TN

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