Featuring some key upgrades and improvements, the Quantum Tour KVD Casting Rods have been redesigned for the upcoming Elite Series season. The same models KVD fishes with in every tournament, each rod now comes equipped with ultralight PacBay micro guides to further reduce weight and increase casting accuracy. Optimally balanced, lightweight HSX64 high-modulus graphite blanks also furnish the sensitivity, power and technique specific actions that Kevin VanDam relies on to dominate the highest levels of competitive bass fishing, while genuine Fuji ACS reel seats and EVA split grip handles deliver proven, ergonomic comfort for long tournament days on the water.  Get your hands on the rods that the all-time BASS money winner and 3-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Kevin VanDam uses every day. The new Quantum Tour KVD Casting Rods are now available at Tackle Warehouse.

-Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Packed with performance and new technologies, the new Quantum Smoke Casting Rods feature new micro guides, new actions and a new patent-pending line weight indicator.

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  • Delivering some key upgrades and a new look, the new Quantum Team KVD Casting Rods feature the very same actions Kevin VanDam uses on the Elite Series tour - now at a lower price.

  • Kevin VanDam is one of the best in the business when it comes to fishing a crankbait, and the new and improved Quantum Tour KVD Cranking Rods have all the features and attributes he needs when he is on tour.

Customer Reviews

Comments: KVD designed these as a spinnerbait rod and I love to throw spinnerbaits so I had to have one.  I love the length of 6'10" rods.  This is my go to rod for spinnerbaits and some smaller plastics like t-rigged 5" grubs in the spring. 

From: Kirk: Roscoe, IL

Comments: After having my med hvy 6'10" model today it finally snapped in half. I was just throwing a hack attack 1/2 ounce jig with a trailer, mild wind resistance maybe 10 mph as I was casting out over my shoulder it snapped in half. I will try to send it in but not much of a fan now on Quantum durability. I like the reels but not sure on the strength of their rods.

From: TAB: Ohio

Comments: Overpriced and has a cheap red painted overcoating.  It chips off and it scratched way too easily.  By the way, it's white underneath! Can I trade?

From: Mike: FL

Comments: I own several of these rods. I have experienced no failures as yet, though I must admit I have a slew of rods, and that being the case I may not fish these as often as others with fewer rods might. Understanding that these have glass in them, I use them to compensate for fluorocarbon line. I have lost a lot fish due to head shakes with stiffer rods and fluorocarbon line, so I purchased these to compensate for using fluorocarbon, and I have lost many fewer fish with this combo than I had with strictly graphite rods. Some here complain about backbone, perhaps it is that they do not understand the nature of glass rods. For a composite rod, these have more than sufficient backbone, though you do have to set the hook harder than you would with a stiffer rod. I am not sure there are better rods for this kind of money, though I am sure there are rods better for this or that application at this price point. I believe I now have 6 or more Shimano Cumaras and have not had issues with head shakes using fluorocarbon with them, but then they are quite a bit more expensive, if one does not have Cumara money, I got mine here on sale for considerably less than retail, this is a nice rod. It may not be the best at any one thing, but it's a pretty good rod for cranking, and head shakes are not a major issue with them. I am switching from a boat with tubes for rods to one without, so I too may be having issues with durability soon, time will tell. Anyway, these rods have worked well for me, and I fish as often as I can, which is usually 3 times a week weather permitting, meaning a time or two a month in winter when there is no ice on the lakes.

From: Lou: Middletown, OH

Comments: I want to update on my review below. After a few weeks I finally got through to Quantum and was told to send the rod in. Finally relieved my new rod today. It was about a 2 week turnaround which is not bad. I retract what I said about their CS.

From: John: CA

Comments: Just to verify on the comment before....I broke my rod setting the hook on a fish, then cut my rod in little pieces and sent it to quantum.

From: Luke: AL

Comments: John...I broke one of my rods in half, cut my rod up, and sent it to quantum and received a new rod in the mail in less than two weeks. They have incredible customer service. The shipping address can be found on the quantum website.

From: Luke: AL

Comments: This rod is decent for the price but there are better deals to be had in the $160. 2 major cons regarding this rod is that is very brittle and Quantum's CS is probably one of the worst of any company that I have dealt with. There is no point in marketing a life time warranty on these if their customer service is this bad. So far I have not received any emails and they will not answer any of my calls to resolve the issue that I currently have. Anyways the rod I purchase broke in half while setting the hook on a fish. Never had this happen to me before and I certainly not very happy after forking $160 onto the rod. As of now I still playing the waiting came but it does not look good since their customer service cease to exist. Although I normally never boycott company, at the moment Quantum is pissing me enough to boycott them.

From: John: CA

Comments: great rod, sensitive, lightweight and well balanced. one downside... the guides. 2 guides have already chipped away within a month of use. very good guides, just not durable. i really like the semi micro design, just wished they were more tough

From: Mike: So Cal

Comments: just recently bought this rod to pair it up with my kvd tour 7.3.1 reel and must say not that impressed for 160$. I bought the 6'6"med med/heavy and jus doesn't seem to have any backbone to it. have a cheaper shimano med/heavy paired up with my curado and completely out performs this kvd. just purchased a g-loomis from tackle warehouse so we'll see how that goes.

From: Ryan

Comments: great rod! i got mine on sale for 50% off at the cabin bait and tackle when kvd himself was doing a meet&greet there, i love this rod i have the 7'10" mediumheavy and have it paired up with a quantum smoke 150 and 12pound vicious pro elite flourocarbon and i can throw anything from a strike king kvd 1.0 to a rapala DT20 and not get fatigued at all. i know the price is a little expensive if your not a serious tournament angler but believe me you will not be disappointed! everything is perfectly placed on this rod from the length of the butt of the rod to the reel seat and trigger as well as the number of eyelets and the perfect balance of these rods!

From: fishinkentucky247: KY

Comments: I have the 7'10 MH and 7'4 MH...Best crankin rods money can buy

From: Andrew: Piedmont, AL

Comments: this rod is perfect for everything!!!!!! it is light, sensitive, holds a lot of weight and has micro guides get it.

From: David: Cali

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