Custom designed by all-time BASS money winner and three-time Bassmaster Classic Champion Kevin VanDam, the new Quantum Tour KVD Cranking Rods have been redesigned with some key updates and improvements. The same rods KVD uses in every tournament, the series has been fine tuned to offer all of the attributes he needs for his no-nonsense style of power fishing. Now equipped with ultralight PacBay micro guides for reduced weight and increased casting accuracy, they also feature strong yet lightweight EGC glass/graphite composite blanks with the ideal parabolic actions and backbones for his go-to cranking applications. Genuine Fuji ACS Reel Seats and lightweight EVA split grip handles also offer all day ergonomic comfort and balance out each rod perfectly, and each Quantum Tour KVD Cranking Rod is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Take your cranking to the next level with the new Quantum Tour KVD Cranking Rods.

-Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Delivering some key upgrades and a new look, the new Quantum Team KVD Casting Rods feature the very same actions Kevin VanDam uses on the Elite Series tour - now at a lower price.

  • Kevin VanDam is one of the best in the business when it comes to fishing a crankbait, and the new and improved Quantum Tour KVD Cranking Rods have all the features and attributes he needs when he is on tour.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I recently purchased a couple of these rods and they are as good as any on the market today! My favorite is the 7'10" Crankin model.I own several rods from Falcon,BPS and Wright & McGill and they are every bit as good. I have mine rigged up with a Quantum baitcaster and 15lb Seaguar flurocarbon and chunk DT14's with it. A sweet set up that don't wear you out after fishing it all day! Thanks T.W!

From: Michael: Ripley, TN 2/28/14

Comments: Great crankin' stick....7' 10" - I know there are others who swear by their crankin' sticks but I LOVE my 7'10"...gonna likely get another!  It handles deep divers but I really love squarebills and suspending lipless as well...sensitive yet I don't feel like I'm working hard.  I still use my Powell crank stick but I now prefer this one.

From: Nate: Folsom, CA, USA

Comments: The 7'10 MH rod. I used this rod all the time last season, literally tens of thousands of cast on it. The butt of the rod eventually fell off, but a little epoxy has it snug again. It is heavy and can be a workout, but if I didnt want to work I would be a salmon or cat fisherman. The rod is super slinky at the tip which allows you to know exactly what your bait is doing, and the backbone is solid as a rock for hauling in big fish and big baits. Caught an 11 lbs steelhead last year on a 5XD with this rod and I honestly thought it was another 4lbs smallmouth until it surface!! I basically just horsed the thing in. I don't have any major complaints about this rod and would recommend it if you are looking for a huge crankin stick.

From: Nathan: Pasco, WA

Comments: This is the best cranking rod out there, I'm able to throw any crank bait from a 10XD to a KVD 2.5 with ease. Its light, not tip heavy, and does not break the bank.

From: Ron: Northern M.i

Comments: By far best cranking rod on the market I have two 7'4's and two 7'10's uses from lipless cranks square bills and the big plugs. Thanks Quantum and KVD!!

From: Tyler: Fayetteville,NC

Comments: Just purchased a 7'MH for throwing 1.5 and 2.5 around the shores.  WOW!!!  What a rod.  I can throw the 1.5 with one hand and with ease and very accurately. I am going to have to try it with red eye shads and series 3 and 5 strike king cranks.  Always wanted one and no I have it.

From: Kirk: Roscoe, IL

Comments: other than my girlfriend hooking it and launching it out the boat and chipping the paint i lve the rod. i got the 7'10" MH it handles all my cranks great from my red eyes to my 6xds. ive hauled in a good thrirty fish that went three pluss in the month that ive had it i love the rod and i dont want to crank with anything else

From: Richie: Dallas, GA

Comments: If you are wanting a great cranking rod go with the 7'M for ALL size crankbaits if you don't like the longer rods. KVD used the 7'M in the Classic 2011 when he broke the Classic weight record and had 28 lbs on the final day. The 7'MH is very tip heavy. It feels like you could use it for a spinnerbait or even a texas rig. The 7'4"MH is really great as well for traps, square bills, topwater baits. The 7'M is WAY easier to fish cranks than the 7'MH. I sold mine as soon as I felt it and bought another 7'M. I see now why KVD was using the 7'M in his last two Classic wins.

From: Markell: Marshall, NC

Comments: Perfect for all cranks. I got the 7'4''. With the micro guides, you can launch baits a long way. The composite construction is great as the tip is soft but still has the backbone to bury those hooks. Just a sweet rod

From: Greg: Braselton, GA

Comments: Love this rod!!! First day out on the water, caught a 5 lber. Handles the fish awsome and launches baits. Mine is the 7'4 and is actually pretty light for its size. Quantum improved this rod greatly from the last series. Put the tour on it with 10 lb test for deep cranks and 17 for rattle traps and it launched them.  One other thing i admire about it is that every fish you catch engulps the bait and has it in the back of their throat. It gives the fish the opportunity to eat the bait good before you snatching it away from them.

From: Dudley: Valdosta, GA

Comments: bought the 7'4'' mh because shimano does make a crucial in a a model i felt comfortable with for throwing deep cranks.  lakes are almost frozen here so i took it out in the yard and it threw a 5/8's bait a country mile.  I am happy w/ my choice, i do think its a little heavy though

From: Jeff: Jersey

Comments: buy the 7, medium heavy it«s a rod that handle any crankbait. good fishing

From: Joao: Portugal

Comments: Just an amazing rod, got the 7,4 ans it performs awesome so far,caught about 100 fish with it and man this thing cast far, unloads well when you hit a rock and is fairly light... bought this because I like KVD, will buy some more because that rod is an amazing rod

From: Alexis: Canada

Comments: sam in Nc i would go with a mh   if your throwing deep cranks mh is the way to go

From: Matt: MN

Comments: Looking to buy the 7' 10" but not sure what action to get. Medium or medium heavy? I want to throw 3XDs, 5XDs, and 6XDs.

From: Sam: NC

Comments:  Just got this rod 2 day ago the 7Med Hvy. Works perfectly well with the exo reel. It also is very good for all of the strike king crank baits

From: Alex: Detroit, MI

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