Kevin Van Dam’s go-to crankin’ reel for the 2011 Elite Season, as well as his 4th Bassmaster Classic victory, the Quantum Tour KVD Cranking Classic Casting Reel features a tough matte-black finish and sleek styling. Its powerful 5.3:1 gear system, ideal for KVD’s style of high power crankin,’ delivers consistent performance thanks in part to its hardened alloy main gear, which is stronger than brass or steel, yet incredibly light weight. The drag system also includes ceramic, carbon fiber and stainless steel discs. In addition to the use of these high-tech materials, the positioning of the discs within the stack is designed to provide the highest level of heat dissipation, ultra smooth control and greater durability.  Delivering the performance that KVD uses to dominate the highest levels of competitive fishing, the Quantum Tour KVD Cranking Classic Casting Reel has what it takes to get the job done day-in-and-day-out.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Man this thing is Junk! I have had mine for over a year now and I have been trying to sell it for the majority of the time. It seams like after you spend hours of dialing it in, after a few cast its all out of whack. This reel has cost me more money from fishing line from deep backlashes than the actual reel is worth. Trust me buy an EXO instead. SOOOOOO much better than this piece of junk!

From: Will: White House, TN

Comments: Awesome reel other than the durability factor. Will throw fat free shads a mile on a cranking rod. I have used it for about 3 months now with various crank baits it is really easy to dial in for longer casts unlike many deep cranking reels on the market. it seems like it was made with too much plastic though. 

From: Alex: Martin, TN

Comments: when you use any reel for a while you have to clean it. give it a try.

From: Chris

Comments: Update on initial Review, have used this reel for a few months now, it performed well for the first months and then has developed bearing noises and crunchy gears. if you were not going to use it much this reel would probably last a while but as far as durability goes its very lacking. if had known this would happen when purchasing it, i would have been interested in other brands.

From: Mick: Australian Capital Territory

Comments: Just had the KVD Cranking classic turn up and spooled it up with matrix power pro braid and took out for a test run. Ive had a quantum Catalyst for a year now matched to a Wilson live fiber 4kg class rod, so i had great expectations of this reel. On initial appearance and feel the stunning thing i noticed first was the weight reduction and smoothness compared to the Catalyst. Amazing to feel the difference in launching the twin colorado 1/2 inch spinner-baits that's a staple of the fishing i do for cod & golden Perch in Australia. Strait away the cast is smoother with amazing line control coming off the spool equaling softer landings on touching the water. on hitting the water with the new cast control mechanism the spool stops perfectly but gives enough free play to sink the lures further into the water column without exerting any effort to feed line out. the smoothness of the retrieve is amazing, allowing feel and sensitivity back to the handle you can nearly feel the blades wallowing at slow speed. After owning a burner model ratio the new 5:3 is going to mean spinner baits and crank-baits in the strike zone for longer with more feel from the moment the slack is taken up. On the first expedition out this afternoon already a few big hits from the local Redfin Perch. on adjusting the drag pressure, you notice strait away the smoothness of the drag setting and the lightness of the handle. the reel is doing all the work for you with its lower gearing allowing you to think in the water rather than of battling with a high retrieve. this Reel is going to change the way i fish in spades...Looking forward to testing this out on a meter long Murray cod  

From: Mick: Australian Capital Territory Australia

Comments: I used it a ICAST, and this reel is awesome.  I'm big on cranking and this reel is made just for it.  I've been using the KVD Tour 5:4:1 for my cranking, but now I'm going to this reel.  The Cranking Classic is very smooth, has alot of power, and is a must have for any crankbait fisherman!

From: Blaine: Baton Rouge, LA

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