Quantum Tour MG 100 Casting Reels

Weighing in at only 5.4oz, Quantum takes the definition of Performance Tuned to a whole new level with their first-ever Magnesium baitcast reel - the Quantum Tour MG 100. Loaded with Quantum’s latest PT features, don’t let its extreme lightweight fool you. It dishes out plenty of cranking power thanks to its ultra strong, ultra lightweight Hard Alloy Drive Gear.

It also stays incredibly smooth with the help of its 11 hybrid PT bearing system (10+1). Quantum’s sealed Hybrid PT bearings are the smoothest in the industry and feature a stabilizing polymer cage to significantly reduce friction. The internally adjustable ACS Cast Control also allows you to dial in your casting to a wide range of conditions and lures, and the machined skeletal spool not only lightens up the reel dramatically, it also provides greater line capacity. Offering tournament caliber lightweight precision, the Quantum Tour MG 100 Casting Reel is in a league of its own.

-Lightweight Magnesium Frame and Gear-Side Cover
-Internal ACS Cast Control
-Hybrid PT Bearings
-Continuous Anti-Reverse
-Ceramic Drag System
-Skeletal Spool
-Spool Click Tension Knob
-Aluminum PT Main Gear and Drive Shaft
-Laser-Etched EVA Handle Knobs

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
T100HPTMG..BX2 Right 7.0:1 5.4 10PT + 1RB 12/120 In Stock: 3+ $279.99
T100SPTMG..BX2 Right 6.3:1 5.4 10PT + 1RB 12/120 In Stock: 3+ $279.99
T101HPTMG..BX2 Left 7.0:1 5.4 10PT + 1RB 12/120 In Stock: 3 $279.99
T101SPTMG..BX2 Left 6.3:1 5.4 10PT + 1RB 12/120 In Stock: 2 $279.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: What an awesome reel Super light, bearings go forever, I own two of these and have used them for a season now and wish I had the money for more LOL.. In all seriousness I've used this reel for frogging, pitching, swimbaits and it never fails. As for the side cover I can unlock it with ease.. Put your finger on the button and turn the side plate.

From: Shawn: Gatineau, Canada 3/11/15

Comments: after owning this for a few months and half a dozen tournaments this thing just keeps getting better. I paired mine with a 6'9 mh smoke rod for spinner baits. I can't believe how much I love throwing spinner baits now. Every time out I loosen up the brakes and cast even farther. Without a doubt the best reel I have ever used. Would not hesitate to put one on every rod and throw every style bait I have. Great job quantum.

From: Joe: Eubank, KY 5/9/14

Comments: As far as the Tour MG. You really need to get your fingernail into the release button on the cover to open it. It's a bit tough. Maybe it will get easier with more mileage. The braking is super simple. The spool is super light, and this would make a great finesse reel, but it'll cast anything equally as well. I like this reel it's fun to use.

From: Gary: PA 4/30/14

Comments: Don't worry about the sidecover release button. Its the same as on Quantum's Energy and Accurists reels. I have never had an issue with my Energy, don't know how you could with the Tour Mg. The button itself is sprung fairly stiff.

From: Nathan: IL 3/9/14

Comments: This thing is absolutely awesome!! Great Job Quantum!! Have it paired with a Falcon Cara headturner...great soft plastic set up!! Can't wait for the warmer weather!!!

From: Whit: Memphis 3/4/14

Comments: absolutely love this reel. I have had other quantum reels but none were the pt. Really easy to adjust and cast extremely far. Would definitely buy another and would tell anyone to buy one

From: Joe: Eubank, KY

Comments: PROS: Feels PERFECT in my hands, light as a feather, casts a mile (literally I can fling this sucker), smooth reeling and SMOOTH drag. CONS: Adjusting the brakes is kind of cumbersome. OVERALL: I will be buying more of these reels. It's a perfect pair on a Shimano Cumara -- SOOO Light!

From: Unknown: Monroe, LA

Comments: I have to applaud Quantum for taking a bold step to make a mag reel at the most competitive price among the major dealers. But, there are a couple things that already stand out as design flaws. From their own video they describe an ACS braking system which is great, but you have to take the side plate off every time you want to adjust the setting. Even Shimano's new CI4 has an external control, and they are no longer on the cutting edge of reel technology innovation IMO. Also, the side cover release is located on the palm side cover and near the back where you could possibly engage it as you palm the reel and maybe drop the cover in the lake. Quantum has been a leader with innovations like ACS and the flipin' switch, so I am surprised their designers didn't pick up on some obvious flaws.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL

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