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The Quick-Slip Motor Guide is an aftermarket depth collar adjustment that allows anglers to raise or lower their Motor Guide trolling motor quicker and easier than ever before. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, the Quick-Slip Motor Guide holds your trolling motor shaft securely in place and releases pressure once the knob is engaged. After pressure is released, simply adjust your motor to the desired height, tighten, and get back to fishing – it's that easy.

To install the Quick-Slip Motor Guide, just remove the existing manufacturer knob, washer, and spacer (make sure to take note of the orientation of the spacer when removed). Insert the Quick-Slip Motor Guide into the trolling motor housing and replace the retaining washer and spacer back into their original position. Thread the Quick-Slip shaft in or out as needed to adjust the cam locking tension. 

A must-have for anyone who fishes ultra-shallow or anglers with an extra-long trolling motor shaft, the Quick-Slip Motor Guide provides increased function that will make any fishing trip more enjoyable. 

Check out video of BASS Elite Series pro, John Crews, taking us through some of the benefits of the Quick-Slip.

Made in the U.S.A.

Backed by Quick-Slip limited lifetime warranty 

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Quick-Slip Motor Guide

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Comments: I run a 50 inch shaft on the Great Lakes,and the quick slip is a must have for stowing the long shaft tm.I liked it so much,I ordered one for my small 9.9hp boat.

From: Matt: Sunbury, OH 6/10/14

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