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Functional, durable, and easy to install, the Quick-Slip RAM Mount is a quick-release lever that replaces the existing hardware inside of your RAM mount to allow for quick adjustments. Made from super-strong stainless steel, the Quick-Slip RAM Mount provides a secure hold that reduces slippage and releases pressure once the lever is engaged. After pressure is released, the RAM mount can be adjusted to the desired position and then locked back into place within seconds.

To install the Quick-Slip RAM Mount, just remove the existing hardware (except the spring) and then slide shaft through the housing and tighten the micro-adjustment knob on the end. To adjust the pressure of the handle, simply thread the bushing in or out as needed.

A great way to quickly eliminate glare or disengage your graph while trailering, the Quick-Slip RAM Mount will make you wonder how you ever got along without one.

Check out video of BASS Elite Series pro, John Crews, taking us through some of the benefits of the Quick-Slip.

Made in the USA

Backed by Quick-Slip's limited lifetime warranty 

Ram Mount 2 1/4"
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Quick-Slip RAM Mount

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  • Ram Mount 2 1/4"
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    5+ $69.99
  • Ram Mount 1 1/2"
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